18 Year Old Male Injured In Motorcycle Crash

August 2, 2014

[Updated] An 18 year old male received what has been described as “life threatening injuries” in a motorcycle collision last night [Aug 1] in Southampton.

A police spokesperson said, “At 7:42pm police received a report of a single vehicle road traffic collision on Middle Road Southampton near Granaway Heights Road, involving a motorcycle.

“The cyclist was travelling east on Middle Road when it appears that the rider lost control and struck the nearside stone wall.

“The cyclist, an 18 year old man, was unconscious at the scene. He was taken to the hospital with what are being described as life threatening injuries.”

Update 9.16am: A police spokesperson said, “The 18 year old in the collision from last night has been downgraded, he condition is not life threatening. He is being treated for facial injures and he should make a full recovery.”

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  1. BobTheBuilder says:

    Easy on the Alcahol peoples…

  2. Maddog says:

    Help us God!!!!

  3. Da plumber says:

    Hope he recovers I pray God will do a healing for this young soul have mercy on him in Jesus name (Amen)

  4. i and i says:

    Does this young fellow have a name?Are there any other vehicles involved?

  5. Left arm spinner says:

    Hope he’s okay!

  6. bornb says:

    Hope he makes it out ok. Now!!…. what the hell is wrong with our males… is it the salt surrounding Bermuda that are corroding their brains.. ?? How many accidents and deaths does Bermuda need for these guys to pay attention?? They all think they are riders but the best are 6′ under. Females ride the roads jus as much as males and there are just as much female riders as there arw males… so yes the males seem to have no concern for their lives… their childre or their family… ppl are going to stop feeling sorry for their silly butts…. its jus too much now!!! No matter how much uou preach to these hard heads.. nothing is getting through. Argh!! Disturbing!! Yes i know a lot of factors can cause an accident but most times its speed and or under some kind of influence… going the speed limit sanely CANNOT wrap you around a pole, a tree..etc… we are not going to have enough males for women… sad!!!

  7. Ashley says:

    My grandson was hit by a hit & run just before Cup Match in the Ferry Reach
    area but was able to make it home with a few bruises and scrapes thank you
    JESUS he’s okay after hospital visit.

  8. i and i says:

    There was another bang up accross from Astwood park at the bottom of tribe road number three, so much debris they probably left a bin number there.I hope their ok.