40 Year Old Man Stabbed In Hamilton Parish

August 15, 2014

A 40 year old man was found in an unresponsive state following a report of stabbing at a Hamilton Parish residence early this morning [Aug 15] and a 29 year old woman is “assisting Police with inquiries into this matter,” the police confirmed today.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 12:34am today, Police and first responders received a report of a stabbing at a Radnor Road, Hamilton Parish residence.

“Upon arrival police found the victim, a 40 year old Hamilton Parish man, lying on the floor in an unresponsive state. He was rushed to KEMH via ambulance where he is now believed to be in stable condition on a general ward.

“An investigation into this incident is underway and Police are appealing for anyone who may have seen this incident or may have any information that may assist us to contact on 295-0011 or the confidential Crime Stoppers Hotline 800-8477.

“Currently a 29 year old Paget woman is assisting Police with inquiries into this matter.”

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    When things get heated…TAKE A WALK!!

  2. Karma says:

    So….no shootings lately, but now two stabbings within a week? Nice going, Bermuda…why don’t we just COMPLETELY screw our island up..???!!!

  3. Grizz says:

    @karma You do realise there is violence all around the world?! We are not immune to bulls*** here on out tiny island…you want a perfect world, visit heaven

    • Redo says:

      Hey at least this means there are fewer guns now. That’s positive news. Maybe someday these losers will duke it out with their fists like real men used to do.