BELCO’s Sunday Morning Restoration Update

October 26, 2014

[Updated] BELCO said that as of 12:01am today [Oct 26] there are 2816 customers remaining without power following Tropical Storm Fay, and Hurricane Gonzalo.

The company said today they “will continue to prioritize restoration of commercial customers, including those that have been without power since TS Fay, and the small branch lines with TS Fay residential customers. We will also continue to address customers with medical requirements and crews will be tackling quick fixes where they can.

“We will provide an updated list of work areas later this morning; crews will return to areas that were on yesterday’s list, where there is work to be completed.

“We understand how frustrating the restoration process can be, especially for those customers who have been without power longest. We know that it is difficult to cope when you are without proper lighting, showers and electric appliances.

“We can only assure you that the team planning the restoration work for each day, and our crews carrying out the work are doing so as safely, efficiently and quickly as possible to help everyone in Bermuda return to normal after unprecedented, back-to-back storms.”

The breakdown of the remaining 2816 customers without power is:

  • Pembroke 372
  • Paget 196
  • Devonshire 633
  • Warwick 429
  • Southampton 326
  • Sandys 49
  • Smiths 383
  • Hamilton 232
  • St. Georges 197

Update 9.55am: BELCO said, “In addition to the priorities of TS Fay residential and commercial customers, including TS Fay commercial customers, medical urgencies and quick fixes where possible, the major areas that BELCO will be working on today are:

  • Claytown
  • Cottage Hill
  • Crawl/Dub City area
  • Jennings Land
  • John Smiths Bay
  • Ramgoat Hill
  • Knapton Hill
  • Blucks Point
  • Third Avenue off Shelton Road
  • Woodbourne Crescent
  • Twin Lane
  • Grape Bay Drive
  • Spring Hill, Warwick
  • Easting Lane
  • Point Shares Road
  • Woodlands Road
  • Khyber Pass
  • Pearman’s Hill
  • Tribe Road/Camp Hill
  • Paddock Drive
  • Wreck Road
  • Heydon Gardens
  • Ord Road
  • Chaingate Hill
  • Second Ave East off Shelton Road
  • Harbour Road by Dinghy Club and Valley Road
  • Watlington Road West
  • Hibiscus Lane
  • Jones Lane near Darrell’s Wharf

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  1. Wow says:

    No power on spring hill yet …day 12 now

    • ClearView says:

      Sorry to say but someone has to be last. And I recently came back on, so I was one of the late ones as well.

  2. Not impressed says:

    Seems to me that commercial customers should not be prioritised over those residential homes who have been without power for ages. Unless you’ve lived with someone suffering from Alzheimer’s you cannot begin to fathom how difficult this period has been.

    • kangoocar says:

      I truly hope you get your power back today, what you must be going through is hard to imagine??

  3. um just saying says:

    I want to say that my lights were off for a week, and I truly sympathize with thoe who have been out longer, but BELCO have been working their butts off to get everyone back on. Some areas are worse than others, and equiptment has to be flown in, be patient, they are working very hard. THANK YOU BELCO!!! My only hope is that the rates dont go up, to cover the overtime these guys have racked up.

    • Micro says:

      Of course rates won’t be going up. Times like these are part of the reason why they’re so high in the first place, that and the fact people refuse to keep their vegetation a reasonable distance away from overhead lines. A little something people don’t think about as to what goes into their electricity bill.