Photos & Videos: Boat Recovery Operations

October 21, 2014

[Updated] Dealing with the daunting task of recovering boats that were damaged, sunk or grounded during Hurricane Gonzalo is underway, with marine contractors and boat owners busy working to save the many watercraft that were affected.

From the west end to the east end of the island, numerous boats can be spotted at rest on the coastlines with evidence that others succumbed to the high winds and waves, with some sitting low in the water or submerged completely.

The act of recovery is not only important to save the stricken crafts but also helps protect other unaffected boats from damage resulting from any unsecured vessels. Yesterday saw the recovery of the fishing vessel ‘Mess Around’ which was sunk at a St David’s dock and returned to its berth in St George’s.

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Update 4.17pm: The slideshow below shows work underway today to raise the MV Longtail in the Harbour Road area earlier today.

Update 5.30pm: Quick video of the Longtail being raised

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  1. metro says:

    looking at the pictures, it looks as if there was another boat involved in this wreck