BTC Updates On Gonzalo Restoration Work

October 20, 2014

BTC said their “team was on the road early Saturday morning assessing the damage and updating strategy plans before having a chance to recover fully from damages caused by Fay, only a few short days before. The team has been working not only to restore services, but also to ensure the roads are safe for travel by raising cables and securing poles.

“Coordinating with and assisting other utilities partners, wherever possible, is critical if service is to be restored in a timely manner. BTC have proven they are willing to go that extra mile, even if it means extending the use of its vehicles and working with other service providers to get all customers back in service,” the company said.

Mr. Eric Dobson, CEO of BTC stated, “Restoration of the island’s communications facilities are of paramount importance, and we are making every effort to get these services restored as quickly as possible.

“Over the past week we have seen more than 150 main cables impacted and extensive damage to infrastructure throughout the island. These figures do not speak to individual line damage and we believe as of Saturday morning, some 15,000 customers were without service. Many of those customers are now back in service, but it will be some time before all lines are restored.”

Mr. Dobson further stated, “We appreciate the challenges associated with loss of connectivity in a world driven by data and ask that everyone be patient, knowing that we are doing our absolute best to get you all back up and running. The teams have been working tirelessly since Fay hit despite challenges at their own homes as a result of these storms, and have been unsung heroes in their own right. Their dedication and commitment to get service restored has been inspiring and we couldn’t be more proud of them.”

“The public is encouraged to use alternate communications mediums such as Facebook [BTC BDA] to report outages and make enquiries in an effort to keep lines clear for emergencies and reduce call wait times. There is also the Contact Us option on the website at

“The public is asked to provide as much information as possible when reporting faults including name, number, address and nature of the fault to make the process as efficient as possible.

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