List Of Areas BELCO Crews To Work On Today

October 23, 2014

[Updated] BELCO said we begin today [Oct 23] with approximately 3976 customers waiting for power to be restored following the double hit from Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo.

This is broken down by parish as follows:

  • Pembroke 650
  • Paget 351
  • Devonshire 619
  • Warwick 685
  • Southampton 396
  • Sandys 92
  • Smiths 495
  • Hamilton 297
  • St. Georges 391

BELCO added, “The planned areas of restoration work for Thur, Oct 23, in the aftermath of Hurricane Gonzalo are below. Please bear in mind that some jobs take more than a day to complete, while others may involve replacement of just a few pieces of equipment;, while crews are working on these major jobs, other crews are out, working on the many, scattered smaller jobs that exist across the entire Island.”

The planned areas of restoration work for Thur, Oct 23:

  • Ferry Reach
  • Cottage Hill
  • Zuills Park
  • Ramgoat Hill
  • Smaller jobs in St. Georges
  • Winton Hill
  • Heron Bay Marketplace
  • Valley View Crescent
  • John Smiths Bay
  • Jennings Land
  • Hillside
  • Tankfield
  • Seabright Lane
  • Mill Reach Lane
  • Shelton Road
  • Crestwood Crescent
  • Bluck’s Point
  • Ingham’s Vale
  • Vaucrosson Crescent
  • St. John’s Hill
  • Clarence Dale Drive
  • Mermaid area
  • Harbour Road
  • Tribe Road #3 Southampton
  • Coral Acres
  • Witchery Lane

For all our coverage of Hurricane Gonzalo click here, and for our live blog on the aftermath of Hurricane Gonzalo click here.

Update 1.47pm: BELCO provided an afternoon update, it follows in full below

At 1:00 PM Thursday, 23 October, we can report that last night, due to the rain, we had two pole fires, one in Flatts and one in Spanish Point. This is an expected occurrence after two hurricanes that have produced widespread damage to our system, as equipment is covered with salt and debris.

As a result of the pole fires, two circuits were taken out last night that had previously been restored. Crews are working to reinstate these circuits. We also have one additional main circuit still out. Please note that the remaining outages are primarily small jobs and they are widespread across the entire Island.

Today, crews are catching up with yesterday’s work which was slowed by an accident on Dock Hill that saw a truck take out one of our poles and associated equipment. Work to restore this area diverted resources from other jobs. Crews are also tackling new work, all of which was outlined in this morning’s list of work areas for today.

The rainy weather today should not have a material impact on crews’ ability to work. They have appropriate equipment and are accustomed to working in inclement weather.

BELCO is aided today by having 14 linemen from CARILEC-member utilities in the field, working with our staff. They are from Bahamas, Barbados, Belize. Tonight, an additional 5 linemen will arrive from Cayman Islands. They are all tackling small jobs.

We are also supported by the Bermuda Regiment. The Regiment are assisting with transporting the visiting crews, as well as directing traffic at work sites. The support of the Regiment enables us to keep all of our staff on critical restoration work.

There is a team coordinating efforts to replace the 170 poles that we currently have reported as down. This team includes not just BELCO staff, but also representatives from Bermuda Telephone Company and Bermuda CableVision, which also occupy the poles. The team’s efforts include meeting daily to ensure that all equipment is transferred efficiently to new poles.

Back at BELCO headquarters teams of people are looking at priority issues, such as businesses that are still without power, customers with urgent medical needs, and those who have been without power since TS Fay.

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  1. Keanbda says:

    Twin Lane Dr. , Mount Hill Is not on list. Please tell them don’t forget us.

    • In the Dark says:

      I am in the same neighbor hood. If you look at the pole on Mount Hill, two fuses are open. Is this all we are waiting for BELCO?

      • Still waiting says:

        this was the case on a pole near me. It took BELCO 10 minutes to fix. They just took out a long pole and pushed the fuses back into place. Unfortunately my house was not on that line.

    • Fact Finder says:

      Thanks to Belco, Digicel and Cellone for their updates! Has Cablevision organized a similar plan of action and provided press releases? I personally don’t care about TV but many of my colleagues that have children are complaining not so much that they don’t have cable TV or internet but more because they just can’t get an answer, press release or update from their facebook and websites.

      it would be helpful if Cablevision provided updates showing their targeted plan of action. If they have done so, I apologize in advance and would ask someone to direct me to that link so that I may pass the information on.

  2. tubbster says:

    Once again…the tiny area in the dark opposite Coral Beach isnt on the list. 2 houses that have been without power from BELCO for 11 days.. The transformer didnt blow and no poles or lines are down…… We have called, emailed, vented/informed online and used thr 955 number without any results. How many of the above listed locations have been in the dark for 11 staight days?

    • Tam says:

      I feel your pain as my area is going through the same thing. Been out since Fay. No poles/lines down nor any transformers blown. Gone through the whole nine with calling, email etc. And still no power. And of course we aren’t on the list either. And no one at belco can tell us what the issue is. Those that aren’t going through it will not understand the frustration. What gives belco?!!

    • Local Yokle says:

      Lol to the 2 dislikes……Belco management? My gripe isn’t with the hard working members of Belco but with management who direct crews etc….

  3. Crackatack says:

    It was 3281 customers without power yesterday! I thought the number was supposed to shrink

    • Stella Groove says:

      That number needs to be increased significantly as parts of the Smiths/Devonshire areas lost power last night.

  4. jmc says:

    No electricity for 12 days and supposedly BELCO read my meter in the past 24 hours and sent me a bill for almost $750, are you kidding me?????? How do you estimate a bill when you are aware that there has been no power for days????

    • Umm.... says:

      Trickonomics 101

    • Lu says:

      I received my bill yesterday too…also an estimate. Considering that for the past 30 days on my bill I have been out of power for 11 of them, I was surprised to find that they had considered my estimated kw/day to increase by 8% compared with the prior month…isn’t it fantastic when maths does not add up…

  5. why says:

    How many of the fay 1500 have been resolved, Where are the areas. I do not think Belco really knows where these areas are. Let the public know and lets see some data behind big number… Lets do some journalism and ask probing questions.
    Lets see some data:
    Number of Customers
    Number of Fay
    Change from Prior day
    Change to Fay number
    Not difficult unless BELCO are completely out of their depth and then we have another problem

    • why says:

      In addition to the list above how many of these areas impact fay customers and what areas have they actually worked on. I mean I can produce a list of items but really how many crews are working on these areas. The comms person needs to get some information out their and the Management need to help him/her

      • Tam says:

        Absolutely no crews working in these areas…well definitely not in mine. Seen not one Belco truck or van in my immediate area since we’ve been out

    • BELCO is a Joke says:

      The “prioritization” of the Fay 1500 was nothing more than a PR tactic. Truth is had others not expressed concern over the Fay 1500 after Gonzalo, BELCO wouldn’t even be mentioning us at all. They have essentially just lumped us in with everyone else which was probably the plan all along.

  6. stillout says:

    Longford hill – still without power since Fay! Please sort this out :)

  7. M.P says:

    I have yet to see at least 1 truck in my area near first church of god pembroke.

  8. Take A chill Pill says:

    Look bah, we have raw lines down on princess in the heart of the city since fahy, from then we havent seen any service vehicles since they erected a pole 2-3 days ago and that was it, this has us lead the people of the “back a town” area, to wonder if we really matter despite being in a central zone, where everyone around us from court street, Elliott street and even till’s hill have power, Saturday coming makes 2 weeks, also the people of paynters lane snady’s need to get some attention as well.

  9. watchfuleyes says:

    So where is Trinity Road on this list? Have not seen or heard that aread mentioned ever!!

  10. watchfuleyes says:

    I am not impressed with the restoration time frame,considering we have overseas help, things seem to be running slower than ever- is the help in Spring Garden or something? And neither do I consider the Belco workers to be ‘heroes’ like some people like to describe them-(over exaggeration at best) they are doing their job, that’s all! Only the people with power back would be praising their works.

  11. Jones village in kyper pass smiths avenue needs to have the transmitter fixed so it will be great to see some trucks in this area!!!! I’m sure its plenty of you to be split up!! And percentages off our bills will be appreciated!!

    • Sims says:

      Thank you! Have yet to see anyone come up to us. ANd here I thought maybe they have been and I’ve just missed them. Thank you for confirming ‘neighbor’

  12. why says:

    Why is the Governemnt not getting involved… OBA get us information becvause BELCO is obviously woefully unprepared. Ascendant group Board of Directors, what is up with your company, some help here:
    Board of Directors and Officers

    Board of Directors

    Peter C. Durhager – Chairman
    Executive Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer, RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd.

    L.A. Joaquin, J.P. – Deputy Chairman
    Retired, Managing Partner, Ernst & Young Bermuda

    Gavin R. Arton
    Retired, Senior Vice President, Global Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, XL Capital Ltd

    James B. Butterfield
    Managing Director, Butterfield & Vallis

    A. David Dodwell, J.P.
    President, The Reefs

    A. Shaun Morris
    General Counsel, Group Chief Legal Officer,The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited

    Donna L. Pearman
    President, People’s Pharmacy

    Michael L. Schrum
    Chief Financial Officer, HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited

    Richard D. Spurling
    Retired, Senior Partner, Appleby

    Dr. Wilbert N.E. Warner
    Specialist Consultant, Internal Medicine

    W. Edward Williams
    Sales Representative, Coldwell Banker (Bermuda Realty)

    Alasdair Younie
    Director, ICM Limited

    Ascendant Group Executive

    Walter M. Higgins, Director, President & Chief Executive Officer

    Open Position, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

    Cheryl-Ann Mapp, Corporate Secretary & General Counsel

    Michael D. Daniel, Senior Vice President and President & Chief Operating Officer, AG Holdings Limited

    Denton E. Williams, Senior Vice President, BELCO Chief Operating Officer

    Judith Uddin, General Manager & Chief Operating Officer, Bermuda Gas & Utility Company Limited

    Robert B. Steynor, Senior Vice President, BELCO Fuel, Logistics, Environment & Safety

    Linda C. Smith, Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations

    Ascendant Group Officers

    Abayomi S. Carmichael, Vice President, Treasury, Risk Management

    David Faries, Vice President, Group Controller

    Carol Ross-DeSilva, Vice President, Internal Audit & Process Improvement

    Zehena Davis, Vice President, Human Resources

    Caroline Rance, Vice President, Information Technology

    • why says:

      I am sorry Ascendant group, this maybe a little over the top but I feel like there is such a gap in real details being communicated and along with the constant set backs it feels like it will be 8 more weeks before some of the issues are fixed. When does someone step in and say enough is engough get more help if you need it.
      Belco can’t even give us time frames at this point, 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks?
      More importantly there is no visable plan to get lines underground.

  13. sasha says:

    Half of Friswells Road still out. Will we be making the list anytime soon?

  14. The Forgotten says:

    Pine Ridge Lane – no power for 12 days now and not a single mention by Belco. No phone either for that matter.

  15. Oh Well! says:

    My current has been out since Fay. While it may be frustrating, I don’t complain. I have my roof, I have a full tank of water and I can go to work and charge my tools. And I go to work to a job that is leaking and my office is like a swimming pool. I truly believe those fellows from BELCO has been out working hard since TS Faye, they have not slept and they have not had a day off…other than Hurricane Gonzalo. I am still alive, and while I hate being in the dark…I hate coming home to darkness and I hate waking up in darkness, but I don’t complain. Why, life is too short and it could be much worse…They are doing their best and quite possibly are putting more of an effort into what they are currently trying to do than most people have done all year. So hats off to the BELCO workers, the Regiment people, PARKS – Wow! am I ever grateful to them.
    I don’t think I will have lights even this weekend, because of the nature of our issue- pole fire, blown transformer, but I am alive and I have a full roof…unlike others.
    I am thankful

  16. CNB says:

    Good Day BELCO,

    Just wondering if Kings Lane North is on the list (Off of Khyber Heights). Been out since Fay!

    Thanks BELCO, I do understand that y’all are doing the best you can.:)

  17. Watcher55 says:

    BELCO you suck, pick up your damn phone!

    • Promised but no delivery.. says:

      Yeah – BELCo, whatupwitdat?

      Press 1 for…., press 2 for…. it starts ringing – but nobody answers!!!

  18. HMT says:

    Good day,

    Appreciate all the hard work Belco has done restoring electricity. As one of the Fay 100 can you advise when work will be done in Paddock Drive, Burnt House Hill – transformer is down. Just would appreciate some information – what the problem is and when it will be fixed. Communication is the key.

  19. HMT says:

    woops should have said Fay 1500

  20. Ringmaster says:

    It may seem a waste of time and energy to BELCO, but they have to improve their PR. Customers without power are frustrated and want answers. To be in the list of “places we are working today” for 4 days and not see one truck during those 4 days says it all. Come clean and explain what is happening. I understand there were over 20 pole fires today – why hasn’t BELCO come out and said that? People want to know what is happening. Say there have been delays because of these unexpected fires, but also say how they will now be in such and such area to morrow. They must know and plan their work schedule so tell us the long suffering customers. Regular updates during the day via radio and sources like Bernews would help.

  21. Promised but no delivery.. says:

    Hello BELCo, one of your guys came to my house on Sunday. Told me the transformer was loose and needed to be re-attached. The technicians told us, ten minutes and the power will be on. They re-connected the transformer and turned on the current, only to discover the transformer has blown (It clearly says “Needs Repairs” hand written on the underside of the actual transformer). The BELCo technicians then told the somewhat happy residents they will return before the end of shift to simply put in a replacement. That was Sunday, I called yesterday and the customer service department has said they do not have any records of the power being off nor that the technicians removing this or that they will return. If I didn’t call, what would have happened? SMH Soooo – I’m still in the dark at home AGAIN!

  22. Why me says:

    Belco, please, please come clean and answer the questions. I have tried everything. We just want answers not vague responses. By being evasive you are making the situation worse