Video: Police Update Following Two Shootings

November 12, 2014

Three of the victims from last night’s shooting remain in hospital, while one person has been released, the police said today, adding that the injuries sustained by all the victims are not believed to be life threatening.

The police held a press conference to provide an update following the two shooting yesterday; the first shooting took place by the National Sports Centre in Devonshire, while the second shooting took place at 7.10pm outside the Somerset Cricket Club.

No one was injured in the first shooting in Devonshire, while four men were injured in the second shooting in Somerset. No one has been arrested in connection with the shootings at this time.

Assistant Commissioner of Police James Howard’s full statement follows below:

The shooting incidents that took place yesterday on Remembrance Day in Devonshire and Sandys Parish caused serious injury to four people and could easily have injured or killed more.

The public is quite rightly outraged at the callous actions of the criminals involved in firing bullets into groups of innocent people, with reckless disregard for those who might be killed or injured.

Outrage is an appropriate reaction to such despicable crimes and now is the time for those who know something to say something. Our community must respond by helping the police to catch and convict these few offenders who present such a threat to the safety of us all. These criminal acts cannot and should not be condoned.

You can be assured that the Bermuda Police Service will use every lawful power available to:

  • Bring offenders to justice,
  • Suppress the violence and
  • Take opportunities to prevent current tensions from escalating further.

These enforcement activities will likely inconvenience many and we apologize for that and ask for your patience and support as we do everything we can to disrupt those few among us who seem hell-bent on violence.

We cannot allow these persons to shoot one day and walk amongst us the next as if nothing has happened.

The Bermuda Police Service has a good track record of successful prosecutions but we must have information to assist investigations. Together we can make Bermuda safer by rooting out these few.

To the communities affected by the cowardly acts of these persons, it is understandable that you are outraged. I can only reiterate that information is essential to our investigations and the advice “If you know something – say something” can only help.

Over the course of the next few days you will see an influx of uniformed officers who will be assisting with the door to door enquires, providing relevant information, and hopefully obtaining any information that you may have in relation to the shooting incidents or any other suspicious activity that you may have noticed.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the main police number at 295-0011, or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

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  1. watching from above says:

    these types of low life don’t care about anything or anybody,so don’t expect anyone else to care what happens to them when they are captured.

    I prefer they were all hung and so would many,it would free up much needed tax dollars for other more useful things and people that need help.

    • many feel the same way and there are those of us that would be in favor of hanging, but the reality is that we don’t have the power to go back to the old law that should have never been done away with.

    • Not Rayki Emery says:

      Youre an idoit who has no idea how the death sentence actually works. The worst part is you have fifty odd idiots who agree with you.

      research and realize that to execute a man cost almost four times as much as it would to incarcerate them for life and one hhundred times the cost of a decent education…..

      • watching from above says:

        as a matter of fact,I do know how the Death Sentence works
        you have no idea who I am,so STFU.

        • Not Rayki Emery says:

          Well you know who I am. You should just admit you’re wrong you’re starting to sound stupid.

          like I said earlier, RESEARCH.

      • Anbu says:

        No u twit! Thats when u use the lethal injection. Hanging equates to the cost of a rope and some plywood. Not very expensive at all. We r talking about hanging not the easy way out

        • Lots of idiots says:

          I guess you’re a twit, because the appeals for a death sentence can be very costly and go on for years.

        • not says:

          Ok you must be the head idiot.

          Do some research before making yourself sound like more of a ****

        • Not says:

          Right right right….

          1. Appeals fees $1,000,000
          2. Maxium security death row stay. $350,000
          3. Executioner 75,000
          4. Autopsy $2,000
          5. Cost of challening Brittish jurisdiction law.$1,000,000
          6. Medical doctor on site. $10,000

          Sounding like a **** on Bernews= priceless

      • Declan Harrison says:

        The dollar figure that is so often banded about in the wish to execute the human excrement like these people is really an aside. The overwhelming desire to execute is due to these violent criminals having no useful place whatsoever in society, and mostly, because it makes us feel better.

      • Lots of idiots says:

        Apparently 95 people would rather spend taxpayer money on legal fees in the appeals process for a death sentence than on education and rehabilitation.

  2. Um.... says:

    Legislation definitely needs to be seriously looked at to see if it is capable of appropriately punishing offenders. And we also need to look at if our police force are equipped (tactics and equipment) to tackle gang-related behavior. Ultimately, we need the public (relatives and friends) to step up and smoke these criminals out of your neighborhood. The fight is coming into your backyard because you hide these individuals. We have to take back our communities.

  3. Terry says:

    “I prefer they were all hung”.
    1977 revisited.

    Solitary confinement and basic needs works wonders.

    • watching from above says:

      if you think the threat of 1977 re visited scares anyone these days,you are sadly mistaken!

    • family first says:

      1977… I’ll never forget that year! Marks a serious history in Bermuda’s judicial system.

  4. The Reactive Police Service says:

    Once again average Joe Public is subject to reactive policing. Typical of the police in bermuda

    • watcher says:

      what utter nonsense! what would you have the Police do in response to these incidents. Just ignore it? If you had any clue you would realize that the BPS has been incredibly proactive in the community since the real start of the gun play in 2009. Their work in the schools with the GREAT program and the work they’ve been doing alongside the Family Center have been leading the way in tackling the youth coming up. THis is a community issue we’ll never arrest ur way out of it, it requires people to speak up and take some action to address the behavior of our children and family members.

  5. b.c says:

    Yea yea yea…you all say “hang them”…what happened the last time bermuda hung a murderer??!!!the entire island rioted! Cant have the system hang a “brother” lmao… instead of saying the same crap over and over again suggest something realistic….if they hung these guys,you all would be making a fuss…because thats your worthless son…nephew…”bra”…or “bredren”….

  6. D says:

    Those brats shot 4 innocent people that is just beyond crazy! What new drug is out…

  7. bermudA says:

    CANCEL this game! Nobody goes in honor of Remembrance Day! The girls go to be in a fashion show, and the guys go to start drama! Something always happens after the game! Why hasn’t anyone caught the pattern yet? Cancel the game!!

  8. What Ever says:

    “If you know something say something.” Well let me say something, round three is coming so get ready. Don’t sleep on it, be ready for them when they come.

  9. Coffee says:

    While in opposition the current premier and national security minister said that if the OBA were elected , they would end this gang , gun violence , instead we are being traumatized as a country every month by double murders and multiple persons being ambushed and shot by persons intent to kill . I ask, what the devil is the occupant of the cabinet building doing ? Is he peeping out from under his desk afraid of the gun toting thugs ?

    No matter what happens on the street , the buck stops at that desk in the cabinet building , we need someone with testicular fortitude to throw the hammer down on the people cocking the hammer . That person doesn’t exist in the ranks of the ruling party . Empty words and threats ring hollow after nearly 24 months of OBA sleeping at the wheel and calculating lives in dollars and cents ,the thugs have figured it out , the OBA keyboard heavyweights online haven’t .

    Bermuda deserves better than this , we need a caring government , we need a government that walks and talks with the people !

  10. DCS says:

    Bring back the death penalty. Our prison is too luxurious and it is NOT deterring these individuals from this gun play or send them to the prison in South Afriica and let them meet John Mongrel….!!! Bet their whole outlook on life will change …..Seriously

  11. memory lo$$ says:

    I think the police should stalk them. They have a pretty good idea of who they are, and they have all the camera footage, so go camp out in front of them. follow them, put a bunch of plain clothed police on the job, harass them raid their family houses, start applying pressure. if the police show up more often than the kid with the cash, the allegiance will change and the truth will come out.

  12. Judge says:

    Maybe they should be made to wear pink skirts and high heels in public.

  13. Real says:

    @ bermudA Hope they don’t shoot christmas time you would want to cancel that to! Haven’t we canceled enough for these brats ! Let’s take are island back we give them to much power !

    • Anbu says:

      Legalize guns then. These idiots would think twice if someone pulled a gun on them in retaliation. The police are not doing the job effectively. They know whos doing it bit will not kick in doors. Im not saying theyre doing anything but for christ sakes their plan is not working. Put these idiots down. Id rather pay to have them buried then pay for their incarceration.

      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        That’s what we do in the states!! The “bad guy” does NOT know if he is going to get blown away first – especially in TX and AZ!!! Case closed!!

  14. aceboy says:

    Such good boys. Right after they shot people they turned their lives around. They are good fathers and salt of the earth Bermudians. They only do what they do because society has left them behind. It is not their fault (or their loving parents’ fault), it is everyone and anyone else’s.

  15. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Bring back the “rope”!!! That would scare a lot of these so-called tough guys away fast!!

  16. swing voter says:

    so now that the general public are potential targets, what are the parents of these donkeys gonna do. Personally I would prefer if my tax dollar was spent on permanent rehabilitation of these boys somewhere off island, with no return ticket.

  17. Puma says:

    Again…this is an act of do.estic terrorism by definition and gives police regiment ,and national securuty,and magistrates and prosecuters extra curricular measures and powers….this is why you should think before you act!

  18. ghost says:

    It amazes me the crazy suggestions that bermudians come up with….the bps will only do so much because it’s beneficial to them…it’s 25 miles they have to police so u really think they can’t do it or are told not to….if there is no crime there is no need for so many police it’s that simple…. so Yes the bps do know who the bad guys are but it would be futile to do something cause there jobs will be at risk….it’s a catch 22 but it’s clear to see they will only do so much hence they hope the public call in and give them clues….at the end of the day guns are not made or sold here so again do u really think it’s impossible for bps to crack down and stop the guns from coming….if u smuggle drugs u can make it ininto any shape u want and bring it through guns u can’t so it’s obvious they are being let in