DofE: 200 Young People Trekking Across Island

March 6, 2015

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Bermuda [DofE] said that approximately two hundred young people from various Duke of Edinburgh Award Units will be trekking across the island from Friday morning, March 6th to Sunday afternoon, March 8th.

A spokesperson said, “The motoring public is asked to please slow down and use caution when you see these groups of young people on our roads this weekend. The groups are participating in their qualifying adventurous journeys for the Bronze and Silver levels of the Award programme, which has seen each of these dedicated young people undertake months of training in preparation for their journeys this weekend.

“Training for the Award’s adventurous journey includes understanding the adventurous journey; technical skills in the mode of travel; route planning; navigation; first aid and emergency procedures; necessary equipment and how to use it; camp craft [including food and cooking]; team building and leadership training; and observation and recording skills in relation to the group’s purpose.


“Each group must choose a meaningful purpose for their journey, and will report on the results of their purpose study upon completion of their expedition or exploration. What’s the difference? An expedition is a journey with a purpose, where the primary focus is on the journey [more physical exertion]; and an exploration is a purpose with a journey, where the primary focus is on the purpose [more research based]. Both an expedition and exploration have certain requirements for travel distances and times, and both require an overnight camping element.

“In addition to training for their adventurous journey, individual participants have been consistently working through their three activity requirements to meet the criteria for their Award qualifications. These activities require a minimum one hour per week commitment in three areas of developing a personal skill; maintaining fitness levels through organized physical recreation; and service to others and our community.

“In order to always keep the Award programme relevant to young people, each participant chooses activities that are of personal interest to them. Through this structure, young people foster a sense of independence, self-reliance and personal discovery of themselves; and through their service to the community, the Award programme instills a sustainable sense of philanthropy. DofE participants carry these strengths and skill sets with them throughout their developmental years and into their adult lives.

“Teamwork is a key element for the success of the Award. While the programme promotes and supports individual growth and development, it also fosters team-building skills. There are natural positive outcomes of young people working in groups of four to seven to collectively plan and successfully complete their adventurous journey together.

“Positive communication, effective listening, negotiation, planning and critical thinking are just a few of the many character development skills that participants gain through their participation in the DofE programme.

“The Award is one of Bermuda’s leading youth development programmes and is available to everyone between the ages of 14 – 25 who wish to participate. Our participants thrive as they overcome personal challenges; enhance employability skill sets; increase self-confidence; learn much needed critical thinking skills; and establish positive peer relationships through team building opportunities.

“All of these combined lead to the production of well-rounded global citizens who take pride in themselves and in their communities. Get involved! Contact us for additional participant information, volunteer positions and sponsorship opportunities via”

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  1. Karma says:

    The rest of the pedestrian population would appreciate a bit more care and caution from our drivers as well. I nearly get hit by cars on a daily basis while walking…and HAVE been smacked by wing mirrors twice.

    Good luck and happy expedition to all the young people taking part in the D of E.