Local Students Traveling To Lusaka, Zambia

July 5, 2019

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, Bermuda is seeing a number of its Gold Level Award participants travel to Lusaka, Zambia from July 4 to July 19 to take part in a four-day Adventurous Journey and two residential projects.

The traveling participants include:

  • K’ari Bean – The Berkeley Institute
  • Jair Eve – The Berkeley Institute
  • Iziah Tucker – The Berkeley Institute
  • Shomari Watts – The Berkeley Institute
  • Bryana Bell – The Bermuda College
  • Treiana Zuill – The Bermuda College
  • Natalie Calderon – Bermuda High School
  • Sierra Pacheco – Bermuda High School
  • Cree Dun – Bermuda High School
  • Natalie Lightbourne – Saltus Grammar School
  • Jessie Marshall – Saltus Grammar School
  • Emma Mayor – Saltus Grammar School
  • Robin Stempel – Saltus Grammar School
  • Taj Lowery – Warwick Academy
  • Anthony Webb – Warwick Academy
  • Finn Smith – Trinity College School [TCS] – Ontario Canada

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A spokesperson said, “Robert Thomas of The Berkeley Institute is currently completing his Gold Adventurous Journey on the Spirit of Bermuda, sailing from Bermuda to Portland Maine and Camp William Hinds [Raymond, ME], June 27 – July 5, 2019.”

Programme Director Karen Simmons said, “The participants have been working hard to prepare for the trip. They have been taking part in regular physical training sessions including walking with the Bermuda Walking Club and have completed two practice journeys. In addition, they have attended theory classes to learn skills in navigation, compass reading and how to be fully self-sufficient on a four-day long trek.”

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“The Walkin’ Wild Zambia Gold expedition route will take participants on a journey down the Muchinga Escarpment and into the Zambezi River Valley. Along the way they will see wild places, rural life and amazing vistas as they descend into the valley along the “Leopards Hill Road” that follows a route first used by hunters and prospectors. The evening before departure groups will camp at Lusaka National Park on the outskirts of Lusaka.

“The groups will start their walk just past Na’ngombe School at the top of the Muchinga Escarpment. Here the tar road ends and they will follow a rugged 4 x 4 track to their overnight camp at the summit of ‘The Mother’. They have an overall descent of about 500m the terrain is rugged and the day ends with a stiff climb to their overnight camp.”

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“On day two the groups will complete their descent onto the valley floor. From the edge of the escarpment they will get their first glimpse of the Zambezi River. They will camp out on their second night near Chisomoka Hill, a small mesa that rises from the otherwise flat valley floor.This is the longest day of walking on the trip, but the terrain is not demanding as the route follows the old road down through gentle hills past the rural communities of Shikalomo and Chitambo to Chiawa Village.

“Chiawa is the largest settlement on the area and home to Chieftainess Chiyaba’s Royal Palace. At Chiawa, the groups will rendezvous for a boat pickup to transfer them to their overnight camp – an island in the middle of the Zambezi River.”

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“The final day of walking will be quite relaxed and will start with a boat transfer to Muchichili Campsite. As there is a chance of encountering large game during the first part of the walk, the groups will be escorted by a wildlife scout as far as Chiawa Village. They will complete the remainder of the day independently from Chiawa to Wildtracks to enjoy a well-deserved rest before starting the rest of their residential programme.

“The residential component of the journey comprises working within two schools, one in a child youth centre in Lusaka and the other in a school within a rural community. Part of this experience will include building much needed desks for the school. The group will also be visiting an elephant orphanage to learn about animal welfare and conservation in Zambia.”

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Chair of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Jovanna Douglas said, “I wish the Gold Group well on their adventurous journey and residential projects. As an Award Tri-Holder, I know first hand how excited the group must be to embark on such an adventure. I would encourage the participants to go with an open mind and embrace this experience along with the culture exchange. It will be life-changing.”

“I would also like to thank all of our generous donors and supporters whose support enables us to offer the Award Programme free of charge to young people in Bermuda ages 14 – 24. In particular, I would like to thank the 100 Women in Finance and the Argo Foundation who have made recent contributions to the Programme.

“The Award develops well-rounded global citizens who take pride in themselves and their communities. If you are interested in getting involved in the programme, please email fiona@theaward.bm or call 737-8959.”

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