Photos: New Food Court Set To Open In Mall

April 23, 2015

“Eateries”  – a new Bermuda food court — will soon be opening in the Washington Mall in Hamilton, with mid-May set as the target date.

Two existing restaurants, Delicious and China Grill, which are under the same management, will be relocating to the new food court with the addition of several food stations each with their own theme.

Paul Slaughter, General Manager of Washington Mall said, “We decided it was easier to have one operator even though there are seven different food stations.

“It keeps everything under the same management, so they will be responsible for cleaning and security. They will also have a single production kitchen serving the various food stations”.


Cafe Liquiteria will offer a variety of cold press vegetable and fruit juices, smoothies, protein shakes, fruit salads, coffees, cakes, glazed donuts, cupcakes, delicious homemade cheesecakes, and more.

Around the World will offer buffet style foods from all over the world, while Delicious will be in a new location with state of the art equipment.

Bowls and Burritos offers Mexican style cuisine with naturally raised meats and organic vegetables; while Fresh N Chopped will offer a variety of organic custom salads, tossed or chopped, with a variety of healthy toppings and dressings.

In addition, Pasta Fresh is a live pasta station providing whole wheat, gluten free and the Divella range of Italian pastas which will be served with a daily choice of four different sauces.

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  1. Topaz says:


  2. wakeupbda says:


  3. K9 says:

    Bring back mcdonalds! Lol

    • Remember says:

      Remember that’s what got you FAT.

      • NEXT says:

        I guess your mother drinking made you STUPID then!

      • Say What? says:

        Not everyone who eats McDonald’s is fat. It’s called eating it in moderation. It should be a treat-not something you eat every day. I saw a friend of mine who is a physician in KFC (a place I visit only once or twice a year and then I’m good for the year) and I teased him about eating KFC and he shrugged guiltily and said the same thing-it’s o.k. to eat it in moderation…and then a few days later I spotted him going in there again! Everyone is guilty of craving fast food now and then. I get so sick of people like you who get on your high horse and challenge what other people put into their mouths.

        Some of the stuff people cook at home is just as fat and salt laden. I have a relative whose five-cheese mac n’ cheese should give you an instant coronary. I don’t see why we can’t have a McDonald’s here as long as it’s in a discreet place where all the huge signage won’t be seen by tourists. BTW, I have seen many a tourist walk past KFC and point it out excitedly-they actually like recognizing stuff they see in the U.S. so I don’t even know where this notion came from that tourists would be turned off by seeing a McDonald’s here. Where did that piece of propaganda even come from???

    • ya right says:

      +1 for McDonalds

  4. Shar says:

    Love it! I’m assuming this is going to be on the next level up?

    • PBanks says:

      Nope, it’s on the lower level, near to where the sushi place is.

  5. B Rech says:

    very nice but the smell of food while walking through the mall disgust me and stinks

    • Say What? says:

      Maybe there’s something wrong with you. Most people like the smell of food and it certainly doesn’t stink. Are you pregnant, by chance? That would turn you off of food.

  6. stunned... says:

    happy to support if prices are reasonable. BUZZ, L’Oriental Express and Nona’s way overpriced.

  7. Huh says:

    Next to Beluga Bar

  8. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Bring in Chipotle! Bye bye Cafe 4!

  9. I think it is a great concept and i just hope that the pricing is not outrageous, after all it is a mall and not a five star hotel.

  10. Vote for Me says:

    This appears to be a good idea overall but there is a strong liklihood that some of the existing eateries in the mall will fail as a consequence.

    • watching says:

      not necessarily as two of the existing ones have actually moved into this space. In other malls, there is the food court plus standalone eateries as well. it all depends on what you are providing.

  11. Wires says:

    @ Stunned….. Buzz, L’Oriental and Nonas are NOT overpriced. They have high costs- payroll & rent to start off with. This Food Court will be the same. I am afraid it’s the price of dining in Bermuda.

    • stunned... says:

      wires…all relative. those restaurants have high costs as you say despite using mainly foreign imported labor. these restaurants are still in business because they are getting the profitable return that they want. simple. when that dynamic changes they will close up and move on. it may well be the Bermudian price to dine but consumers need to remind themselves that they don’t have to support those businesses and prices.

      • Zevon says:

        Well set up in competition to them then. Employ only Bermudians, offer better food and service, charge lower prices. Easy. Can’t possibly fail. Show us how it’s done.

    • Say What? says:

      Nobody forces anyone to eat at these places so the fact that they are still in business shows that people don’t mind paying whatever these places charge. I think most people don’t mind paying these prices as long as they are getting value for money, so people clearly believe they are. I personally think Buzz is a bit overpriced but I have a choice-nobody forces me to eat there.

  12. Great Vision says:

    Looks Bossy! Very Nice!

  13. Frank says:

    Sounds great! Where will it be and any other places closing in the Mall?

  14. God Bless America says:

    If the OBA wants my vote the next time around they need to get rid of that franchise law! Bring back McDonalds, bring in Chik Fil A, some Starbucks! I don’t see how those old fogies back then can claim it makes Bermuda like the United States when the UK and other places around the world have those franchises as well. Get with the times. Besides we already have KFC anyway. To those who want to ignorantly claim it will make our people fat, none of you complain when alcohol is shoved down your gullets which is worse! Moderation is key. All these drunks around here don’t worry about fast food.

    • PBanks says:

      I think it’s less about fears of obesity and more about trying to ensure local franchises have a better chance to survive and thrive. Would a DAngelini’s or Beans N Juice survive competing against a Starbucks or the like?

      Whether or not those theories still hold true in this economy, maybe that’s up for debate.

      • God Bless America says:

        What’s the difference when places like Buzz and Four Star have a million locations on this tiny island? Be for real not many have a chance to survive and thrive right now as it is. They can survive as many “mom and pop” stores in the States still do well.

        • PBanks says:

          Like I said, could be up for debate. Maybe the people on the Chamber of Commerce have some observations on this.

      • ya right says:

        Local franchises would have to provide better food and better service. When did competition become a bad thing again?

        Sears and KFC don’t hinder local businesses.

        • creating a business says:

          what type of restaurant would you want to see open in Bermuda

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      So you want to bring in foreign franchises to take more money away from Bermuda and Bermudians?

      • ya right says:

        But you want foreign workers to come here right??? Make up you damn mind.

        Foreign franchises also have “Capital” forgot that one didn’t you? They have something local businesses don’t have.

        Half of us order from those franchises online anyway. Having the companies here would create jobs!!! And the government would collect import duties on the merchandise and payroll tax on each employee!!!

        Did you forget that too?

      • kim says:

        thank u

      • God Bless America says:

        You don’t mind that Buzz does it. The law is absurd anyway, you can create knockoffs of other franchises and have ten of them, but so long as they aren’t American name brand then its not a problem? American/Bermudian they still aren’t sharing the wealth with you.

    • ya right says:

      God Bless America I agree with you 100%. This island has been stuck in its conservative ways for too long.

      • umum says:

        ” This island has been stuck in its conservative ways for too long.”

        that’s because the majority of bermudians are tea party republicans, you are conservatives and you love it.

    • Johnny says:

      The only money McDonalds and the like will spend in Bermuda is rent. All of their food and supplies would come directly from the US. Maybe they will hire Bermudians, but the fast food industry has some of the least paid workers in the US. Plus a Big Mac would cost $10 – who in their right mind would pay that for no meat.

    • umum says:

      ” Bring back McDonalds, bring in Chik Fil A”

      two of the worst fast food chains on the planet…you must be an american.

  15. I LOVE MY LIFE!! says:

    The HUGE question that i have to ask myself now is, HOW MANY BERMUDIANS ARE GONNA BE WORKING IN THIS NEW FOOD COURT! KITCHEN PORTERS AND JANITORS DON’T COUNT EITHER!! I wanna see BERMUDIAN MANAGERS in this NEW food court! ANd there are hundreds that are qualified so i don’t wanna hear that excuse! So I’ll give them a chance but if i don’t like what i see ( and i don’t care how good the food is) I aint coming back! Bermudians want to see Bermudians especially now with so many Bermudians out of work! Think about that before you open! And there are thousands of real Bermudians that share my ideology!!

  16. @God Bless America. Your an idiot!

    • God Bless America says:

      The correct word is “you’re”. If you are going to try and insult someones intelligence you should maybe have some intelligence yourself first. Idiot.

      • umum says:

        ” If you are going to try and insult someones intelligence you should maybe have some intelligence yourself first. Idiot.”

        the correct grammar would be “try to insult ones intelligence”, idiot.

  17. kim says:

    Bermudian culture gone out the door, thanks to the influx