Digicel Prepaid Freedom Bundle, Data Boosts

May 6, 2015

Digicel Bermuda announced a new all-inclusive prepaid plan, which they said offers “more value, flexibility and control.”

“Prepaid customers can now benefit from unlimited talk & text and low cost data for up to 30 days, for one flat rate. With a number of options available, including a data only bundle, there is a plan for everyone,” the company said.

“The Prepaid Freedom Bundles offer customers four different bundles of local minutes, texts and data for one fixed price, starting at $10. For the first time in the Bermuda telecoms market, customers can also take advantage of free incoming calls and one simple local call rate, with the removal of peak time charges.

“The new plan also includes four Freedom Data Boosts. Catered to customers who want to get more value for money on data, a Data Boost lets you get up to 5000mg of data for 30 days, starting at only $10. The plans are a low cost way to ‘boost’ the data allowance of any of the Freedom Bundles or can be used on their own.”

Robin Seale, CEO of Digicel Bermuda said, “As Bermuda’s leading mobile provider, we’re committed to offering our customers exceptional service. The Freedom Bundles and Data Boosts, offer the best choice and value that we have ever had on a prepaid plan. We are proud to be the first provider to bring a prepaid plan with a postpaid feel to the Bermuda market.”

To activate a Freedom Bundle, dial *236# from your phone or *235# from a Blackberry, and follow the prompts. Alternatively, customers can call customer care on 500-5000. Customers can activate a Data Boost in the exact same way, expect by dialling *186#.

“The Prepaid Freedom Bundles and Freedom Data Boosts joins other offers currently in the market including: Prepaid Daily Plans, Phone To Go and Postpaid Data Plans, which include free access to Rdio music services.”

Full information on the Freedom Bundles and Freedom Data Boosts can be found online.


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  1. Pure Madness!!!!!! says:

    Digicel, how is it that you are always doing promotions and incentives for your prepaid customers. But for your loyal postpaid customers you do nothing…. Something is wrong with that picture, sort it out Digicel, shoots do something for your loyal, ontime bill paying clients………

    • Digicel Bermuda says:

      We appreciate all our customers, and offer promotions and incentives for both. We were the first to market with our new Smartphone Plans. The plan is similar to our new prepaid plans with unlimited Mins & SMS, but with up to 10 GB of data and access to millions of songs with free Rdio music subscription. More information on our Smartphone Plans can be found here bit.ly/1AIm5TV

      • Pure Madness!!!!!! says:

        I hardly see this as an incentive, its more like a ploy to suck more money from the folks who are already struggling. And nope I haven’t seen any apologies.

  2. Um.... says:

    1. Has Digicel issued an apology for that disgusting PR stunt they pulled last Friday to market this new service?

    2. When did Digicel get a new CEO? That’s not the guy that replaced Caines. I don’t recall seeing an ad being put in the paper for CEO. Seems like our failed immigration policy won’t even allow for a Bermudian to be considered for the top spot at that company.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      If you look on their website, it lists Alistair Beak as CEO and Robin Seale as CFO. Seems like Mr. Seale has been promoted without the job being advertised. I will be writing to immigration on this.

    • Anon says:

      Why should they issue an apology for this https://instagram.com/p/2JNCrJtr8C/?

      People like you are the reason we cannot have nice things. Stop being over sensitive and making links that don’t exist. Just because the stunt contained a faux protest does not mean it was insensitive to the protests in Baltimore. If you are going to call it disrespectful, do not attribute it to race, instead raise concerns about it cheapening the spirit of peaceful protests everywhere.

      Some people on this island must be colour blind, only ever seeing black and white.

  3. MM says: