Rodney Smith Jr Continues Charitable Work

December 6, 2015

Bermudian Rodney A. Smith Jr’s mission to offer free lawn mowing services to elderly people and single mothers has lead to the launch of ‘Raising Men Lawn Care Service,’ a charitable effort starting in Bermuda that Mr. Smith hopes will “expand around the world.”

His good deeds also caught the attention of WHNT news in Mr. Smith’s current home of Huntsville, Alabama, who decided to “pay it forward” by donating $319 toward his cause, which Smith calls the “Bermudian way of giving back.”

The WHNT story said “Many people consider cutting grass a cumbersome chore. However, one Huntsville man does it to show kindness. Rodney Smith Jr. is on a mission to cut 100 yards before winter for the elderly and single moms.

“WHNT News 19 caught up with Smith right before he started on another yard to give him $319.”

“It’s a huge undertaking for Smith, who juggles this service work with being an international student at Alabama A&M University.

“This will make 81,” says Smith on that particular afternoon in early November. “Right now, I’m cutting grass. At 3:00pm, I have to be in class. On the weekend, I just cut because I have no classes.

Regarding starting ‘Raising Men Lawn Care Service,’ Mr. Smith said, “As of now, the program is being started in Bermuda as well as Huntsville, AL where I am currently in school. Our goal is to see “Raising Men Lawn Care Services” grow. Starting at home in Bermuda and Huntsville, Alabama, it would be awesome to see it expand around the world

“We have also had many men come forward wanting to be apart of this movement. They will be doing the same thing as me, being a big brother figure/ role model to the young men that join the program. We will look to teach the boys the in’s and out of taking care of lawns.

“Our main goal is giving back to the community. In doing so we want to establish an inspiring program to keep our young men out of trouble while learning and understanding their value in society.”

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  1. mj says:

    cut grass not class! good going Rodney Jr.

  2. Something stinks says:

    Well done. Shows how bermudians are giving people.
    Keep it up

  3. somuchless says:

    Wonderful. Now this is news.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Such a great initiative and idea! Well done and best of luck.

  5. my view says:

    He is to be blessed because he has been a blessing to others. Plus he said” that is the Bermudian way”. We help others in need for thank you very much. We can learn from his good deed(s).I have.
    Young man ,you have made Bermuda proud. For the record, this is the 2nd news station that has featured him cutting grass.