Terceira Continues In Vilamoura Tour In Portugal

March 1, 2016

Bermuda’s Jillian Terceira concluded the second week of a six week participation on the 2016 Vilamoura Champions Tour currently going on in Portugal.

Terceira and Escalada finished 56th in the 1.30 Table A Against the Clock Class, they recorded a time of 80.46 and they had 8 Penalty Fault Points.

equestrian bermuda feb 29 2016

Terceira and the Duke of Somerset finished 69th competing in the 1.40m Two Phases Class, they had 16 Penalty Fault Points in a time of 50.34.

During the 1.10m Time Delayed Class, Terceira and Chakalada finished 29th with a time of 42.28 and they had 17 Penalty Fault Points.

Terceira closed out the week with a 4th place finish riding Amarulla in the 1.30m Table A Against the Clock Class, they recorded a Clear Round time of 54.77. Terceira and Escalada finished 84th in the same Class, they clocked a time of 76.68, but they had 12 Penalty Fault Points.

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