Jeff Baron Steps Down As Special Advisor

April 24, 2016

Senator Jeff Baron Bermuda Dec 10 2015 generic Cbvhaxy6Premier Michael Dunkley announced today [April 24] that Senator Jeff Baron will step down as Special Advisor to the Premier.

Senator Baron submitted his notice on April 1st and it will take effect on May 1st. He will continue as Senator and Junior Minister of National Security.

A spokesperson said, “As a result, Ms Jannell Ford will be seconded from the Department of Communications as Special Aide to the Premier, responsible for logistical support.”

In accepting Senator Baron’s resignation with regret, the Premier said: “Jeff has been an important presence in the Cabinet Office in multiple ways. He has carried out the important and consuming job with professionalism and dedication.

“He will continue with his Senate and National Security responsibilities, and I will continue to ask for his views and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities we face across the community.

“Jeff is one of Bermuda’s next generation leaders, and I am impressed by his deep commitment to public service and the well being of the Island.”

“Senator Baron’s resignation will enable him to focus more time on his responsibilities in the private sector, in the Senate and as Junior Minister of National Security”, the spokesperson said.

In his letter of resignation, the Senator thanked the Premier “for the tremendous opportunity and thoughtful guidance you have offered me with this role, which commenced two years ago.

“I hope my advice, counsel and logistical assistance to the Office of the Premier was an asset to you and the Government of Bermuda.

“It is a true honour and privilege to serve my community in this way and I look forward to continuing my public service as a Senator and the various roles within the Ministry for National Security.”

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  1. me says:

    Jeff is such great guy! He will do great things for Bermuda!

    • Its me again says:

      Or hell be dunkley part 2

    • I think he’ll do MUCH better on the cover of a GQ magazine.

      • Positive Pessimist says:

        I don’t know…I think that song “I’m Sexy and I Know It” plays in his head when he walks around. He has a look of “I know I’m cute” about him.

  2. Chivas says:

    Premier Michael Dunkley not paying attention?

  3. Tax payer $$$ says:

    He’s overzealous – that is why the swizzle inn incident judge ruled against him. Now the government is paying for the Premier’s assistant – a secondment means that the communication ministry minister will be paying mrs. Ford salary.

    • JPL says:

      No one can question his committment and honesty. Government needs to clone him. Peace.

      • mixitup says:

        why can’t his commitment and honesty be questioned?

      • frank says:

        We don’t need. Another Jeff just like we don’t need. Another Mike. Or fahy

    • IslandTeacher says:

      I believe it’s called civic duty. Quite rare and in short supply.

    • Positive Pessimist says:

      I actually thought he was Dunk’s personal bodyguard all this time-lol.

  4. Grassy one says:

    Big props to you Jeff. Stay the course though- this Country seriously needs your integrity.

  5. Terry says:

    Oh let it go folks.
    Let it go.

  6. JustSayin says:

    The Premier has a fully capable Permenent Secretary in Mark Telemaqe- why all these special advisors? Let Mark do what he’s overly capable of doing…

  7. Coffee says:

    Can’t say that he was the right fit for the job from the get go . Special advisor incorporates sound decision making .
    When he snatched that mans keys outta his car and illegally attempted to detain him showed poor judgement …
    After the court rulings ,Baron should have been sacked , but Dunkley yet again rewarded bad behavior , just like he did with Cannonier .

    • DUI says:

      Someone prepared to stop a drunk driver is a sound decision maker.

    • kathy says:

      Gee do you want the a coming right at you with a drunk ass driver behind the wheel?? More people should intervene and do something to stop DUI’s. But most people are afraid!! Shame on anyone for not stopping a well know runs from driving away with his family in the car…… Or kill something innocent person!
      You all have big mouths but do nothing. It takes action my man…… He may have saved a life!

    • JY says:

      And what if that guy wasn’t stopped and drove off and killed your child or another family member? I would have snatched the keys as well.

  8. Marge says:

    The Premier,has let his ego take over…like most politicians…what a mess we are in.

  9. I thank you Senator Jeff Baron for your commitment to the One Bermuda Alliance Government and the people of Bermuda.
    Of course there were them times when jokes were made of you in reference to, “Batman & Robin” but in reality it was no-more than a complement:-) Please continue fighting for peace and justice!

    • Its me again says:

      I thought he took the superhero thing too far when he overstepped his boundaries at swizzle

      • DUI says:

        Boundaries of stopping a drunk driver should be crossed!

        • Its me again says:

          So the magistrate ruled that the man was not intociated and that Mr Baron was wrong in the first place.

          Sound judgement right..

      • For what reason would anyone tic Dislike :-( ?

        • Fighting for Peace and Justice ?????????????????????????????
          Never seen him OR anyone like him on the Front Lines in Bermuda’s History for Peace and Justice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          What a F!@#ing JOKE.

          • WWatcher says:

            You mean apart from when he was a cop, out on the Front Line every day. or when he represented the country with the United Nations Peace Keepers in Kosovo. Yeah never been on the Front Line…..SMH

            • Full Fuulish says:

              All he/she sees is color. Don’t waste your time!

      • Derek A. G. Jones says:

        And yet we tell our kids every time they see their friends getting behind the wheel drunk to take the keys away. No?

      • Positive Pessimist says:

        I think he did the right thing at the time based on the conditions as he interpreted them-he meant well. Sadly, next time he may witness something and hesitate to get involved and that person could go down the road and kill someone.

  10. Average Bermudian says:

    fey ?

    where is fey on this matter ?

  11. Tax payer $$$ says:

    The Premier is UBP

  12. From UN peace keeper to govt… To private sector….

  13. oh no says:

    Really admired Jeff Baron for his professionalism. Can’t see Janelle Ford filling those shoes.

    • Hurricane says:

      Oh no, oh no, what was professional about him, do tell. And his looks don’t count.

      • Positive Pessimist says:

        Um, he always gave out the vibe of “If you want to get to Dunk, you’ve got to get through me!” That was kinda admirable.

  14. Coffee says:

    He should have been sacked after swizzle inn !

    • Onion says:

      Ah yes, heaven forbid he try to prevent drunk driving that could have killed someone. Shame on him for trying to save lives and make Bermuda safer!

  15. rhonda says:

    Batman without Robin, oh what shall I do.

  16. Charlie says:

    Hero complex. Good luck to him. Don’t forget your cape.

  17. Proud says:

    Only those who don’t know the real you are gonna hate, Jeff.
    So proud that you have stayed true to your morals, and character this whole time. I look forward to the many more amazing things you have in store for our community. Keep up the Great Work!

    • Grizz says:

      @Proud your comment is laughable! I WONDER HOW WELL ‘YOU THINK’ you know him. Morals and character? Let’s just say Jeff done the right thing. Please keep in mind WE ARE ALL HUMAN..these are not walking disciples or Jesus! Stop putting them on these pedestals cause trust me, some don’t belong there!

  18. Ms. Poli Tician says:

    Why do our Premiers, since the mid-90′s, seem to need “babysitters”?

  19. The Original Truth™ says:

    What difference does any of this make? Can anyone see the forest from the trees? Fahy is the one in charge not Dunkley. What Fahy says goes so Dunkley is just his shadow which makes Baron a shadow of a shadow. So sad we have to pay so much for shadows and dictators.

    • Terry says:

      Your referring to Ewart Brown of course.

      People are leaving.

      Who will be in charge of Haiti II.

      • The Original Truth™ says:

        I know your getting up to that age where things can get a bit cloudy in the ole noggin but Ewart has been out of the picture for a while now. I’m not a big fan of Doc EB but I have to give him credit for admitting that he felt he had to deceive.

        On the other hand we have that bye Fahy who keeps saying one thing then doing another without having the decency to admit the other was his plan all along. No admitting his deception just poor excuses to why he keeps going off the path.

        Of course people are leaving. They either get what they want and go or realize they will never get what they want and go. What do you expect people to do wait around to be replace by cheap labour? PLP started the fire and now OBA is stoking it. Neither care if BDA is the new Haiti because they know the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor there.

    • Positive Pessimist says:

      I don’t think Fahy is in charge, per se. I do think he’s the brains behind the operation but doesn’t have the needed charisma. He could be a nice guy but comes across as a bit cold. He’s highly intelligent and one you’d need to get up really early to outsmart, that’s for sure, and I think TPTB listen to him because of that.

  20. wahoo says:

    Original truth? Please elaborate on your name because there is nothing original about your political stance and nothing truthful about the crap which you post. I understand that politics is pretty quiet right now and you feel a need to make noise about something but try and find some original truth and let us know when you do.

    Oh yeah and Onion Juice called and said “it’s de not the”

    • The Original Truth™ says:

      Sorry if it’s too much for you to grasp but I don’t have a political stance. Unlike you and Onion Juice I don’t follow politics like a cheerleader. Maybe that’s why you can’t grasp what the words original truth mean and why you refuse to acknowledge what it is. Once you put your pom poms down and climb up on the divide and look at both sides you may be able to see that neither side is any different from the other and both are self serving.

  21. Gertrude says:

    It is of course possible that the Premier told him to resign… but even if not the case, it seems the Premier is becoming more and more isolated and inaccessible to common sense, as in how ordinary Bermudians see things. Couple this with the howlers coming from Fahy and Richards (some pretty bizarre decisions from the latter too lately, not only the airport but a few cases of possible fronting pretending it falls within 60/40. And all those hotels, they’re really condos… ) – and what we have is a Government in shambles.