Canadian Accreditors “Impressed With School”

May 14, 2016

Canadian accreditors inspecting Saltus Grammar School were “very impressed with the total school environment”, according to Head of School Ted Staunton.

Although the school has not seen the full report, the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools Accreditation Committee [CAIS], which has just finished its inspection, has confirmed that Saltus was re-accredited.

Mr Staunton said: “No doubt, the report will contain numerous recommendations and suggestions to improve the School, but overall, the Visiting Committee was very impressed with the total school environment.”

He said the committee members met with every Saltus employee and with diverse groups of parents, students, alumni, faculty, staff and trustees.

“I cannot speak for the committee, but the Chair and On-Site Coordinator frequently mentioned the happiness, vitality and decorum of the student body,” added Mr Staunton.

“I have mentioned this to all Secondary and Upper Primary students at their assemblies. Their friendliness left a lasting impression on the CAIS Visiting Committee.”

The CAIS website says it is a “community of independent schools; we explore and pursue exemplary leadership, training, research and international standards of educational excellence”.

The website adds: “CAIS Accreditation drives each school to be accountable to all of its constituents, to be more intentional in its practices, and to constantly strive for excellence.

“The CAIS accreditation process is designed to achieve the dual purpose of accountability and school improvement – holding schools accountable to the highest National Standards while guiding them through a continuous whole school improvement process, which combines both an internal self-evaluation and an external peer review.”

Accreditation of a school by CAIS indicates that it meets or exceeds the 12 National Standards: Mission, Vision, Values and Strategy; Co-Curriculum and the Learning Environment; Academic Programme; School Leadership; Human Resources; School and Community; Enrolment Management; Governance; Finance; Physical Plant, Health and Safety, Commitment to School Improvement and Boarding, if applicable.

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  1. K Peters says:

    It should be impressive, especially after the 4.5% increase in fees!

    Social unpleasantness, which plague public schools, is evident at Saltus.
    Ask some of their students.
    EXAMPLE: THE BERKELEY INSTITUTE ENVIRONMENT IS terrific. It is clean, spacious, modern, has outstanding teachers there. If a student chooses to learn, he/she can function/learn in ANY environment.

    • archy says:

      @Have Some Backbone – it is not a ‘tour’ it is an inspection and maybe all schools on the Island SHOULD be subject to them. As for your other allegations, my outlook is that Saltus not only attains excellent results for students who go to universities in the US, Canada and the UK, but that it is very inclusive, socially aware with none of the unpleastatness you mention, just the opposite IMO

  3. stunned... says:

    good news… perhaps the government schools could attain these results.

      A portion of YOUR PAYCHECK supports the sustenance of public schools.

      Public schools were NOT visited.
      Perhaps YOU could encourage these persons to visit public schools.
      REMEMBER: A portion of your paycheck supports public schools.Support them!!!!!!!

      • Happy says:

        It wasn’t just a visit the school is going through re-accreditation with CAIS. Why would they be visiting public schools?