May 2016: Top 10 Bernews “Photo Of Day”

June 1, 2016

Giving readers a look at Bermuda’s varied beauty to start each morning, Bernews features a “Photo of the Day” in our email newsletter, social media and app every day, helping our readers to begin each day on a positive note.

Always popular, May’s top photos attracted tens of thousands of likes and shares on social media, and judging by the number of readers’ “likes”, the month’s most popular photos included several shots of Flatts, the island at night, a look at our crystal clear waters, and more.

Photo of day collage May 2016-1

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1] Contrasting Boat

Offering a lesson in contrast, this shot of a docked boat  in Flatts was the most popular photo of the month, attracting over 2,500 shares and likes across various social networks.

23262 Shipping Vessel Bermuda Generic May 2016

2] Flatts Inlet

This photo of Flatt’s Inlet garnered almost 1,000 likes and shares on Facebook, taking second spot on May’s list.

983 Flatts Inlet Bermuda Generic May 2016

3] Flatts #3

Flatts continues its dominance by rounding out the top three positions, with this photo earning nearly 950 likes from our Facebook followers.

940 Flatt's Beauty Bermuda Generic May 2016

4] West End Bridge

The sun sparkling off of the water beneath a west end bridge came fourth with about 870 likes and shares.

872 West End Bridge Bermuda Generic May 2016

5] Magical Waters off the West End

The island’s magical waters off of the west end are the focus of this photo, which nabbed nearly 750 likes and shares on Facebook.

746 Blue Sea West End Bermuda Generic May 2016

6] Flatts #4

Continuing the earlier trend, a fourth photo of Flatts made the cut with 725 likes and shares from Facebook users.

725 Flatt's Bermuda Generic May 2016

7] Pink Sands, Clear Waters

The pink sands and clear waters in this photo earned more than 650 likes and shares, taking the seventh spot on May’s top 10 list.

658 Ocean Bermuda Generic May 2016

8] Bermuda at Night

Undeniably beautiful by day, Bermuda continues its unique allure after dark, with this photo garnering about 650 likes and shares on Facebook.

650 Night at Bermuda Generic May 2016

9] North Shore

This photo of a lone boat off of the North Shore earned itself more than 630 likes and shares on Facebook, claiming ninth position.

634 North Shore Bermuda Generic May 2016

10] Warwick Long Bay

The water, sand, and rocks of Warwick Long Bay rounds out May’s list after earning about 600 likes and shares on Facebook.

604 Warwick Long Bay Bermuda Generic May 2016


As far as photos on our sister site, this photo below of a pink sunset was the number one photo for May 2016. Dedicated fans of Bermuda photography can also view great images of the island on the ForeverBermuda Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Pink Sunset Bermuda Generic May 2016 ForB

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