Two Men Injured In Altercation In Southampton

October 16, 2016

[Updated: Police confirm that at around 10.30pm, an altercation took place between two groups of males at Southampton Rangers, resulting in two men being injured - one receiving a laceration to his face, while the other is in "serious condition" after receiving a laceration to his neck. Unofficial reports suggest that gunshots were also heard.]


The police can be seen in the Southampton Rangers area this evening [Oct 16] responding to some form of an incident. Confirmed details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Southampton Rangers Bermuda,October 16 2016

Update 11.29pm: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “Police responded to a report of disturbance that took place at the Rangers Community Club in Southampton.

“Details are sketchy at this time, however it appears that an altercation took place on the outside of the club which resulted in a man being taken to the hospital. At this time it is unclear how his injuries were sustained.

When asked about unofficial suggestions a firearm may have been used, Mr Caines said, “At this early stage it is unclear if a firearm was used,” and said he will provide more details as able.

Update 11.46pm: The police appear searching the area now, and the Fire Service arrived to bring lights.

Southampton Rangers Bermuda,October 16 2016-2

Update 11.50pm: Mr Caines provided further information, saying the altercation actually resulted in two men being taken to the hospital.

“One has a laceration to his face, and at this juncture the other man’s condition is unknown,” Mr Caines said. “Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone with information to contact police on 295-0011 or the confidential anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.”

Update 12.03am: Mr Caines confirmed the police responded at 10.30pm, and said the “altercation took place between two groups of males” and started inside the club and spilled outside.

“At present we have a team of officers that are forensically examining the scene to actually identify if a gunshot was discharged in the area,” Mr Caines added.

When asked about the reports that people heard gunshots, Mr Caines said, “That is information the police are aware of, but we have to have evidence to support those claims, so right now officers are forensically examining the area to identify if a firearm was discharged.”

Update 12.16am: Mr Caines added the second male received a laceration to the neck, and and is in “serious condition” in the hospital.

Update 12.34am: Audio statement from Mr Caines and footage of the scene:

Update Monday, 8.30am: At last check, there is still no formal confirmation of a gun being fired.

While neither of the injured men sustained gunshot wounds, there are numerous unofficial suggestions from those present and area residents that two gunshots were heard, however the police do not generally confirm gunshots until/unless they find clear forensic evidence of it.

Update 2.13pm: Two men — aged 32 and 28 — have been left in critical condition in the ICU following the incident outside the Southampton Rangers Club and a 29-year-old man has been arrested for affray, the police said today.

The police said that both men were stabbed, and also noted that, “initial reports suggested that shots were fired; however currently there is no forensic evidence to substantiate those reports.”

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  1. Time Shall Tell says:

    Either force them to beef up security & to screen their clients better or just pull their liquor licence already. Same for any other establishment with such a high records of violence & anti-social activity. In short, get serious or get out of business. Enough is enough.

    • Not solving the problem says:

      When they lose their license all its gonna do is move the problem to the next location. that happened outside in the parking lot not in their establishment.

      • What?? says:

        It started inside THEIR club and spilled outside to THEIR parking lot and was probably fueled by THEIR booze. They MUST share some of the responsibility!

      • Thinker says:

        Technically ‘the outside’ is still on ‘the grounds/property’(judging by the images capturing the Emergency Response Vehicles) of the afore-mentioned club!!!

  2. Global says:

    Boys will be boys. Fighting has existed before the development of societies and will continue for generations to come. Unfortunately the powers that be have allowed the importation of drugs and guns into the island and now what we have is something else.

    • Factual says:

      Did you just say “boys will be boys??” Ok, so instead of marching or protesting when the next shooting happens (and perhaps hits close to your home,) I’m gonna just say “hey, no need to march, protest or blame the police…it’s just Boys Being Boys.”

      Boys being boys people – nothing to see here, just boys being boys. Problem solved. What’s the big deal? I officially don’t care any more. It’s just boys being boys. Carry on Bermuda.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        Sounds like locker room talk to me smh…boys will be boys lmfao!

    • BeachBum says:

      Are you serious?

  3. TimBuc says:

    Go read a book… Bunch of morons

  4. brechii says:

    no one cares anymore.. they hear it and it goes over their heads…

  5. Uk forever says:

    Somtin wrong with the people up Rangers!

    • BeachBum says:

      No. There’s generally something wrong with all Bermudians

  6. Rangers says:

    nothing wrong with us you silly UK person!!!!!!! It’s the outsiders that frequently come up here and start trouble!!!!! So STFU !!! That’s why you moved your undesirable backside to the UK.