October 2016 Klout Social Media Rankings

October 16, 2016

[Written by Don Burgess]

There is no change to the names in the top 10 Bermuda Klout rankings but the deck was shuffled with Bernews moving up five spots with a five-point gain.

The media company joined Collie Buddz on joint third.

WWE and FOX Business commentator John Layfield remains number one since our last report in June, but his score dipped one point to 84.

Singer songwriter Heather Nova moves up to second as the Bermuda Tourism authority slipped to fifth. Joining the BTA on 74 points is Premier Michael Dunkley and PowerGirl Trina.

Klout October 2016

Shari-Lynn Pringle and Don Burgess are tied for eighth with Bermemes locking down the 10th spot.

Joining the rankings this month for the first time this year are the Royal Gazette [11th], Gosling’s [15th], Nhuri Bashir [29th], Courtney Bushner [34th], and Bermynet [34th].

Rejoining the Top 50 include the Fairmont Southampton [26th], Graham Maule [34th], Susan Thomas [40th] and Dudley Freedom [40th].

Dropping out were Chris Famous, Victoria Isley, Alexander Green, Clifton Webb, Kennette Burgess, Forever Bermuda, coral Wells, Velina Whealey-King, Bite of Bermuda, Jeremy Deacon, Patrick Caton, Meredith Andrews, Alastair Jack, Nothing To Do In Bermuda, Lexy Correia, Catherine Burns, Hamilton Princess and Emily Ross

The next Bermuda Klout rankings will be in January.

All scores were recorded from October 8-9, 2016.

Klout attempts to quantify a person or business social media influence through a variety of platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, among others. The scores run from one to 100 with 40 being average.

You can check your Klout score at www.klout.com.

If you have a Klout score of 60 or higher and were not on this list, please e-mail him at dburgesspb@gmail.com or Tweet him @DonBermuda.

  • 1. John Layfield 84
  • 2. Heather Nova 79
  • 3. Collie Buddz 78
  • 3. Bernews 78
  • 5. Michael Dunkley 74
  • 5 PowerGirl Trina 74
  • 5. Bermuda Tourism 74
  • 8. Shari-Lynn Pringle 73
  • 8. Don Burgess 73
  • 10. Bermemes 72
  • 11. Jefferson Sousa 71
  • 11. The Royal Gazette 71
  • 13. We Are Bermuda 69
  • 14. Jamel Hardtman 68
  • 15. Mike Hind 67
  • 15. Diallo Rabain 67
  • 15. Ledrew Fox 67
  • 15. Gosling’s 67
  • 19. Tony Brannon 66
  • 19. Clare O’Connor 66
  • 19. Charles Doyle 66
  • 22. Alessandro Belvedere 65
  • 22. DJ Rusty G 65
  • 22. Glenn Jones 65
  • 22. Jason Sukdeo 65
  • 26. Carla Zuill 64
  • 26. Grotto Bay Resort 64
  • 26. Fairmont Southampton 64
  • 29. Today in Bermuda 63
  • 29. Lou Matthews 63
  • 29. Hannah Collins 63
  • 29. Nhuri Bashir 63
  • 29. Laurel Burns 63
  • 34. Courtney Bushner 62
  • 34. Bermunchies 62
  • 34. Bermynet 62
  • 34. Janson Cross 62
  • 34. Marc Boden 62
  • 34. Graham Maule 62
  • 40. Kristin White 61
  • 40. John Manderson 61
  • 40. Susan Thomas 61
  • 40. Husayn Symonds 61
  • 40. Taja Fox 61
  • 40. Devaune Ratteray 61
  • 40. Karolina De Costa 61
  • 40. Dudley Freedom 61
  • 40. Duane Jones 61
  • 40. Chewstick 61
  • 40. Tina Nash 61

Don Burgess is the former deputy editor of the Bermuda Sun newspaper who has earned certifications in social media and inbound marketing through Hootsuite, HubSpot and Lern University. If you have a Klout score of 61 or higher and were not on this list, please e-mail him at dburgesspb@gmail.com or Tweet him @DonBermuda.

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