Logic, CellOne Combine: ‘One Communications’

November 1, 2016

One-generic-3233423CellOne and Logic have today revealed the unified brand that will represent the two companies – One Communications.

“The name marks an exciting new beginning, as millions of dollars will be invested in hundreds of miles of super-fast fibre optic cabling across the Island, a much improved TV experience and increased staffing and training for customer care,” the company said.

“Last week it was also announced that 4G LTE mobile coverage is set to be rolled out to the rest of the Island, giving customers ultra-fast data speeds.

“A new all-in-one retail store on Church Street, across from City Hall, opens today where customers can explore all their communications needs with a state-of-the-art showroom demonstrating TV and Internet services.

“Technical assistance now has a dedicated ‘geek bar’ and the Payment and Service Centre, on Victoria Street, allows customers to pay for all One services in a single location.

“A new website www.onecomm.bm has also been created for easy access to information on mobile, TV and Internet services.”

One Communications CEO, Frank Amaral [pictured below] said: “A lot of hard work and planning is being put into simplifying the delivery of services for customers, and we are on the verge of making some huge improvements.

one Bermuda November 2016

“We acknowledge that there is work to be done, not just with network investments but also in terms of customer service, which we know we will get better.

“Changes of this magnitude will not happen overnight and there will be a planned roll-out of all service improvements over the coming months. We will be making sure that we communicate our plans with all our customers.”

Mr Amaral estimates that the total investment will be in excess of $20m and added: “We firmly believe that the announcement today will drastically improve the quality of what we do every day.”

Last May, CellOne and Logic announced they would move together under a single brand, bringing together mobile, internet, TV and home phone services.

“Currently internet speed for homes and small business customers tops out at 25 mbps, but with new fibre investments those speeds – and reliability – will increase dramatically,” the company said.

Mr Amaral added: “The word ‘one’ has several meanings for us, but mainly it represents the singular focus that all of us have at One – our customers.

“One represents our promise to provide the very best in services that keep customers entertained and connected to the people and the things they love.

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Comments (46)

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  1. Um.... says:

    ONE bad network. ONE bad customer service experience. ONE aptly-named company.

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      and ONE owner who doesn’t care about the people.

      • Skytrain says:

        It seems they are also cutting their own senior staff to save money.

      • Lualaba says:

        Funny… at least they have Bermudian investors… digicel has NONE!!!

        • Fact Check says:

          Wrong. Digicel does have a local investor.

        • Hurricane says:

          @ Lualaba, when your paying for a service that your not receiving , that it is a Bermudian investor really doesn’t matter.

    • FedUpinSmiths says:

      ….to sum up – ONE completely useless company.

      Perhaps if staff were properly trained the service may be better, but at the present time just stringing words together seems to be a challenge for some of them.

  2. TimBuc says:

    We don’t care about all these mergers!!! Just make internet
    Affordable for the common people.

  3. 1st says:


  4. Family Man says:

    They have the nerve to use the word Communications in their name?

    For anybody that’s ever tried to reach them the irony is inescapable.

  5. Revelations says:

    Couldn’t care less about your re-branding. We just want consistency in service and that we get what we pay for.

  6. Not the Um Um show says:

    I did not realize that this was the ” Not the Um Um show”

  7. CommonCents says:

    Ok a new name, and promises of much needed investment in technology. But what about getting back to the basics – like taking care of your customers? Better, more proactive communication is needed. Having adequate staff on hand to deal with walk in & telephone customers.

    My recent attempts to contact your company through conventional channels all resulted in dismal failure – dropped calls, unanswered voice mail (when I could leave a message), being transferred to remote call centers that couldn’t help, I could go on ad infinitum.

    I know I’m not alone in being on the receiving end of very poor customer service.

    • wassup says:

      To be fair, the story does say that they will communicate with customers over the roll-outs and it does state that there will be increased customer service staff. at least they are trying?

  8. somuchless says:

    If it is called One there shouldn’t be an ‘s’ on Communications. They should’ve asked me to help them pick a new name. I had more than One idea.

  9. Shag says:

    Where does Northrock and Cablevision come in this reorganization

    • Response says:

      Northrock and Cablevision were already Logic.

    • wassup says:

      they both became part of logic ages and ages ago

      • Peter shaw says:

        And crappy service from north rock and poor reception from cable vision

  10. Glowstick Tracker says:

    you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.
    there is absolutely no customer service from logic and everything they touch goes the same way. No warnings, no service, no explanations, no apology over charge and underdeliver.
    they should save money and be more accurate by calling themselves No instead.

    • Family Man says:

      I think they missed the ‘N’ off the front of the one.

  11. oh dear says:

    I contacted by telephone the ‘help’ desk last Saturday and spoke with a lady who introduced herself as Kim of Spectrum. That was the first call- the second upon enquiry she said she worked for Logic – but the story is that– both calls ended with she abruptly putting the phone down – with no response to my enquiry. Will this ‘service’ continue, Mr. Amaral?

  12. tree frog says:

    Bermuda is mixed up real bad. Company says, yep, we’ve been rubbish and says it’s sticking $20m into stuff that makes it better and everyone bad mouths it.
    What happens when there really is bad news?

    • FedUpinSmiths says:

      The problem is that no-one believes them. They have lost all credibility.

  13. Honest Steve says:

    Mobility. M3. CellONE. IBL. Logic. Northrock. Cablevision. Their business strategy appears to be to offer the worst service and when people start to realize, change the name, start fresh.

    “Mobility was a bad company. We are now M3 Wireless.”
    *1 year later – People seem to be complaining about M3 Wireless*
    “M3 Wireless was a bad company. We are now CellONE.”
    *A few years later – People seem to be complaining about CellONE & Logic*
    “Logic was a bad company. We are now One Communications.”

  14. hard at work says:

    Does this mean there will be ACTUAL cell service again? So many areas that are “dead zones” I have to step outside my back door, just to make or receive a cell call! Even then I spend most of the conversation saying “how about now…is that better? Can you hear me now?” FIX IT CELL-LOGIC-ONE!

  15. Hurricane says:

    ONE BIG Mess!

  16. Oppressed says:

    I’ve had NO northrock e-mail “service” since Sunday morning. A call to the “help” desk and I was told “they’re working on it, but there is no time frame available”

    Their pathetic web site doesn’t even list the northrock server as being in trouble . . . again. The whole mess hasn’t worked properly for at least the past three months.

    Please, please, my primo, can I have my e-mail service again??????

    • Hurricane says:

      Like I said, ONE BIG Mess! I too was without my northrock email for several hours on Sunday. I eventually got mine back but it’s getting so daym frustrating

    • CommonCents says:

      The answer is Gmail. Switch. Now.

  17. Rhonnda Oliver says:

    Aside from the continuing service downs and speed issues that seem to be almost constant these days, I had to contact Logic’s customer service not that long ago…and yes, they can rebrand themselves all they like, I will still think of them as Logic (or the lack thereof). I was dreading the encounter, but ended up speaking with a lovely man who was incredibly helpful.

    There is at least one there who gets what customer service is about.

  18. MWD says:

    Now I can have ONE company that provides bad service rather than the multitude I had before.. Brilliant :D

  19. frank says:

    no one at ketech seems to know what they are doing
    all they do is shuffle the deck with the same useless cards
    instead of creating a new deck with new cards.
    logic was your brand name so you brought on cellone
    all you had to do was to create a logo as logic / mobile
    I wonder what name they are going to use for logic cayman
    another waste of money.

  20. Pete says:

    OK I see, I guess u had nice party all day to celebrate it so u cant make the promised apointments for repairs after huricane!!! We were given NOV1 as a repair day, nobody showed up….useless, insted of joining another company, u should close the bussines!

  21. Warwick Resident says:

    Increased staffing and training for customer care are useless if the system doesn’t work. Since Logic took over Northrock and Cablevision the service has decreased. Northrock used to provide a pretty robust and reliable e-mail service. Cablevision TV was variable.

    Northrock is now regularly not working and not available via web-mail.

    Cablevision and the explanation for dropped channels, Spanish language programming, etc. are getting tiresome. Don’t keep telling us that it is because the satellite company considers Bermuda to be Latin/America. That is insulting.

    • tbt says:

      yet it is the truth. learn another language. The original Cable Vision was.. the TV you used to get. The company goes legit and you complain. Watch Netflix. Oh wait you can’t do that either cuz that’s in Spanish too, because Bermuda falls under the Carribean which in turn falls under latin america.

  22. the struggle is real says:

    It’s nice to know with all these mergers, that when you’re fed up with them you have even LESS alternatives than before. Will digicel and TBI be joining you next year?

  23. the struggle is real says:

    I remember my last call to Logic/Cellone/M3 wireless/cablevision/Northrock/whoever else, got sent overseas to an off-hours rep who didn’t even give a hint of an impression of caring about the issue, was abrupt, sounded disinterested, and the net result was I had to call in the morning after going through the trouble of explaining my issue. You better spend double what you’re quoting on improving the customer experience, because right now you flat-out suck.

  24. You Do You says:

    New Logo, new website which underwhelms and under performs, same outrageous prices for internet speeds I had in 2004, TV channels that don’t fit my screen OR don’t work at all…Awesome news.

    Great Job on the logo though!

  25. somuchless says:

    I saw a bus stop ad today. It said: 1 + 1 = ONE

    No wonder our kids are so bright. I def do not understand their marketing ideas.

  26. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Used to pay Cablevision online through the bank. Never missed a payment. Now I’m getting a bill for two months and a late payment from One Communications even though I paid already. Frank Amaral and Co. get your freakin’ act together. I’m gonna raise hell at your offices tomorrow!