‘Winds Of Change Blowing Across Caribbean’

May 14, 2017

“The winds of change are blowing across the Caribbean,” the PLP said, adding they are “confident that the winds of change will blow across Bermuda when the failed minority OBA government chooses to stop stalling and take it to the people by calling a general election.”

In a statement this evening, the PLP said, “The winds of change are blowing across the Caribbean. In December in the Turks & Caicos Islands, the Opposition People’s Democratic Movement [PDM] won a convincing victory and Premier Rufus Ewing lost his seat.

“And, just last week in the Bahamas, the Opposition Free National Movement [FNM] won a landslide victory with Prime Minister Perry Christie losing a seat which he held for nearly 40 years. The PLP conveys congratulations to the FNM for their stunning victory.

“In both elections, governing parties were vexed with struggling economies and immigration concerns. Here in Bermuda, we see those same issues mirrored as the divide between the wealthy and the working class grows considerably under an OBA government.

“The OBA failed to deliver their promised 2,000 new jobs for Bermudians. They broke their promises to emphasise public education and job training. And, by doing so, they made the gap between the two Bermudas grow even wider.

“Bermudians know that Bermuda can do better than they’re doing under the OBA. We are confident that the winds of change will blow across Bermuda when the failed minority OBA government chooses to stop stalling and take it to the people by calling a general election.”

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  1. Sheldon M says:

    funny 5 years ago PLP won in the Bahamas and lost in Bermuda. difference being what lost them the election this time was what cost PLP in Bermuda last time careful what you ask for

    • Torch says:

      What loses elections is the notion that elected officials forget they are serving the public and begin serving themselves. What wins elections is the hope that the next person will do better. All of the parties are guilty of self-serving, broken promises, OBA, UBP and PLP. All long on words short on character.

      The next winning party will be centered on moral values as well as monetary value. No matter how much money we have, we will always need more if we don’t address our moral and social issues.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      The PLP in The Bahamas is a conservative party. Once that is appreciated, it makes sense.

      • rich says:

        No, it’s not. It’s traditionally been the repository of socialist thought in the Bahamas.

  2. NCM says:

    The winds of change blew through Bermuda in December, 2012. If the PLP think they can save us with their return to borrowing and spending they clearly haven’t learned anything.

    • Kyle S says:

      If the OBA have done anything good for the people of Bermuda I would like to hear it, cause all I have seen is bad paying temporary jobs and large loans of our taxpayer dollars to foreign hotel corporations.

      • Double S says:

        Lies…a guarantee isn’t a loan.

        Alternative facts.

  3. wahoo says:

    That is the stupidest, most desperate couple paragraphs of drivel I have read since the last release from the plp. How dare you try to correlate what is happening in a couple islands 1,000 miles away to anything that happens here. You want my vote? You better come up with good policies I listened to your crap in 1999 and it will not happen again. My people deserve better from their government and you will not govern us again.

    Take what washed up on your beach from the UBP and reflect on what you did to us, we will not forget. The people voted you out and out you shall stay.

    • wahoo says:

      Oh yeah, can somebody put a name to this?

  4. Warlord says:

    The winds of PLP B$llsh$t

    • FUI says:

      what plp boo hoo cut the cheese this time

    • Kyle S says:

      I think its the smell of what the OBA has put on your chest….

      • John M says:

        The PLP is the only party that has lived up to any remote promises. It is the OBA that is setting Bermuda back!

  5. Onion says:

    Another juvenile press release from the PLP. This is embarrassing coming from a supposedly serious political party.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Actually, I think the PLP press team is far better than that of the OBA. The PLP press team is keeping the PLP in the news and usually in a good light (such as in this article).

      • wahoo says:

        Being in the press for the sake of being in the press is all it takes to win your vote? If the plp where issuing some common sense ideas about how to move Bermuda ahead and why we should vote for them then I would listen.

        Releases such as the above insult us, we expect more than fantasy politics, the plp are treating us like a market place where brand awareness is more important than quality. We are more sophisticated than that!

  6. Cedar Stump says:

    The PLP made the gap between the two Bermudas grow even wider. They will play the race card in the run-up to the next election because they have nothing. No plan, no ideas and definitely no solutions. Vote PLP and vote yourself into greater hardship. Look back over their 14yr reign of terror and you will see the past repeated. Commission of Inquiry revealed a lot about the PLP.

    • Cowpoly says:

      Bermuda simply can’t afford a change in government at this time with everything that is now in the works and coming down the pipe line.
      We have seen what both parties can and can’t do. While you may not agree with all the OBA has done to date surely you can see more good than bad.

    • ABM says:

      Actually, if the PLP did anything they actually brought the ignored 2 Bermuda’s to the forefront of our everyday lives.

      People like myself who have long witnessed the 2 Bermuda’s are actually glad it is in the spotlight like this because it showcases what a lot of Bermudians are going through on a daily basis instead of sweeping it under the rug as past governments have done and people like yourself have done.

      People are actually talking more about it. My hopes are that we all continue to converse about this topic until we can finally merge them and think of our country as 1! Its the only way forward for Bermuda. If we continue to ignore this problem and sweep it away, you will always have a large share of the population that feels left out no matter what they do. It will fester and show its head at the most unreasonable of times.

      • Stateside Bermudian says:

        You make a very very good point about light finally being shed.

  7. Madog says:

    Burt for Premier go PLP PLP PLP PLP ALL THE WAY!!!!!

    • de fence says:

      You nailed it Madog – PLP is all slogans and soundbites, no substance

      • Fredrick says:

        At least it isn’t the OBA selling the island piece by piece

    • Bumbling bear says:

      David Burt doesn’t lead the party, Zane is the real leader.
      PLP will lose the election

      • ABM says:


        Clearly you are not that well informed.

  8. JH says:

    Pathetic grabbing at straws by plp. No plan, no nothing, just moaning usually about race. The pathetic leech party at its best.

    • Ash says:

      And the OBA isn’t doing any better right now either. Economically, socially, etc. Change needs to happen and the PLP is going to bring it, while the OBA continues to stay the same

    • TH says:

      Calling the PLP leetches while the OBA sucks money out of the poor and caters to the rich.

  9. Truthhertz says:

    The Bahamnian PLP was largely voted out because of various corruption scandals and insider contracts being revealed.

    Not much different then our own PLP. Read the auditor general and commission reports to see the glaring comparisons between the two PLPs.

    But if the bermuda people want to put such alleged underhandedness back in power the you will get the government and the consequences you deserve.

  10. Kevin says:

    It amazes me to hear that they the PLP want change …the scary thought is , is that can not compare to the job the OBA have done in getting us back on track sure there will be the Nay sayers but deep down they … you .. all of us know we are moving forward and the future actually looks better yes you may want to listen the negative ploys of the plp but there is no doubt we are in a better place and getting better …and i will put my futures hope and my childrens hope to the OBA no they are not perfect but they are getting the job done …Thank you OBA

    • Markus says:

      Yeah the OBA sure does a good job at giving large amounts of money to big business and destroying the education of our children. Thank you OBA for taking away any future the children of my country have and providing such wonderful jobs like, garbage collector and street cleaner and giving my money to hotel lines and not schools

      • Double S says:

        PLP cut the education budget by over $10mn in the 2011/12 budget whilst still paying $100mn+ to foreign consultants and paying millions in so called ‘cost overruns’ incapital projects that were awarded to their insiders.

        Education has been broke for decades. The UBP couldn’t fix it, the PLP couldn’t fix it and the OBA is facing the same issue.

        And once again no monies were given to hotel developers. Every island now offers incentives as a means to entice hotel development. But for some reason you think that the most expensive island in which to do business can sit back and pretend like we are special and that any developer are clamoring to set up a business here. Completely clueless.

        I just wish for once you PLPers would actually use real facts when debating instead of made up nonsense.

    • Kathy says:

      Agreed, Kevin. OBA is not perfect but getting the job done. This article is again dividing our country into two different Bermudians, which I don’t like. We are one Bermuda and we are all Bermudians. We are all in this s$%£ together. White, black, tall, short, big, small. Yes, there is inequality in Bermuda. Yes, the OBA needs to do MUCH MUCH more with education, energy, environment. However, to put a statement out like this is a complete embarrassment for the PLP. They are inferring that the people will vote just to get the OBA out instead of putting out a sensible platform saying what the PLP WILL do if the winds of change blow them back in.

  11. asampson says:

    There’s definitely a lot of wind blowing…

  12. Lois Frederick says:

    The winds of changes already blew through Bermuda in Dec 2012 when the PLP were voted out because we wanted a change from their failing policies. Bermuda was the leader and the others are following us. Note how the release never mentions the Progressive Liberal Party or PLP in the Bahamas at all. Because they lost with the same name…

    • Francis says:

      voted out the plp to put in the oba and see what happened? a worse economy and a worse country. we’re failing all because of the oba

      • Double S says:

        Guess you don’t know the meaning of worse.

        Stemming the losses of jobs, cutting the PLP $400mn deficit in half, numerous hotel developments and refurbishments happening, a major sports event attracted to our shores, increasing tourism numbers etc.

        Yeah sure is worse.

        Facts surely don’t matter anymore in a post-truth world.

    • Kyle S says:

      I pray for the day the PLP come back so that the people are actually represented and the large foreign corporations the OBA represent are not.

  13. Whop ting ting says:

    When will they unleash there big plan they have…..
    more hot air

    • rider says:

      complaning about the plp while the oba has been tooting its own horn, blowing hot air and total s#!t

      • Whop ting ting says:

        Still didn’t say when they unleash there plan…

  14. Cowpoly says:

    So PLP/Brown party still think we are struggling economy or are we just not taking the jobs available? Bermuda has rebuilt people and will continue to build. Don’t buy into this negative behaviour Burt spouts.

    • ABM says:

      You sound ***** and privileged. Correct me if I am wrong, but your handle says it all

  15. Sherbet man says:

    Must be a fart…

  16. Infidelguy says:

    This is nothing but wishful thinking on the part of the PLP. The OBA has given this economy the boost that it needs and it will only get better over time. Why would anyone want to change the government at this point?

  17. Zevon says:

    I like the way when the PLP “promises” things now, they’re in 2025. Basically so far away it’s meaningless.

    • Roy says:

      rather have a long term plan than a short term, unworkable one

      • Onion says:

        Don’t worry. The PLP’s long-term plans are unworkable too.

      • serengeti says:

        There is no ‘long term plan’ with the PLP. It’s just a list of empty promises that they have no ability to keep, and no intention of keeping.

  18. Rocky5 says:

    If this is all the PLP can up with- good luck Bermuda! If PLP win, it’s a wind of lost jobs change – left & right as businesses simply “get outta Dodge before PLP drops em in de toilet!”

    • Kyle S says:

      Remember when the OBA brought stable, high paying jobs to Bermuda? Me neither.

  19. steve says:

    winds of Charge to what? The way is was 6 years ago? No thanks.

    • george says:

      and the change now? you see none, not from the oba

    • Jony says:

      Rather have that than the way things are now… The OBA has failed Bermuda and its time to have the people in charge again!

  20. A' mon says:

    I knew this story sounded familiar. In 2012 the reigning plp lost the election and the premier of that party also lost her seat. Who is following who here . Looks like they are copying us…..Bermuda created the winds of change..

  21. Janice says:

    And the PLP fairy said we are in recession bawaaaawwh RLMAO

  22. jt says:

    Reading these releases day after day should be enough to scare the living cr@? out of anyone. It’s like a bunch of 10 year olds running for hall monitor.

  23. 32n64w says:

    Remind us again when the FNM, a centre-right conservative party formed as a breakaway group from the Progressive Liberal Party, began their correlation with the PLP?

    It’s bad enough the PLP’s actions and views are most closely aligned with those of Trump (anti-immigration, anti-foreigner, anti-same sex marriage, anti-equality, anti-equal access to education, anti-health care, anti-environment), but let’s not besmirch the FNM’s victory with your sad attempt to ride their coat tails for selfish political gain.

  24. Up D hill says:

    PLP your a bunch of idiots , please tell me what in the hay Caribbean elections has to do with Bermuda? Cheeeeeeessshhhh you are out of things to say, mercy mercy me!!!

  25. Winds of Change - GLOBALLY says:

    Dear PLP,

    I am a supporter but as a Party you are still not learning from what has happened in the USA, UK, France and now Bahamas. Voters are TIRED of the same old.

    This is a phenomenal opportunity for the PLP to re-engage the ENTIRE electorate after the OBAs many mis-steps since December 2012.

    If you are observing the ‘Winds of Change Blowing Across the Caribbean” why are you rolling out Kim Swan, Wayne Furbert, Paula Cox as Candidates?

    Your strategy appears like a 1998 version of “Lets Vote out the UBP” not a 2017 “Lets include everyone and mover Bermuda Forward”

    Please think very carefully before you roll out more Candidates as you have already lost the imagination of the Voters in Constituency number 2.

    Hoping for real Change in Bermuda

  26. aceboy says:

    What does an election in the Turks and Caicos have ANYTHING to do with Bermuda? It is ironic that they are claiming winds of change when the party that created the situation in which the British government had to take control was lead by a good friend of a former Premier of Bermuda. Is this the PLP distancing itself from that relationship, which they thought was wonderful a few short years ago?

    It is just noice-maiking and acting like they have allies in the Caribbean when the reality is the exact opposite.

  27. MR Layhey says:

    Smell that Randy? the wind’s of $*** are in the air. Tropical earthquake bout to kick up.

  28. Ms Poli Tician says:

    Bahamians, like Bermudians, do not consider Bahamas as part of the Caribbean. To the Bahamians I have spoken with, this is an affront.

  29. San George says:

    Whine, whine, whine – when the two political parties begin to work in the interest of people and not their self interest you will see a sustained party in place. Until then the electorate will be kicking these chaps in and out. No more super majorities in this country. Good bye!

  30. Kathy says:

    Can we please have voting for Bermudians living overseas in the next election? Absentee ballots are well overdue in our voting process and much needed!!!

  31. Bumbling bear says:

    Great analysis, but the word on the street from the swing voter ( which is about 10% of the votes ) who truly decides the election is that while they may not like some of the things the oba has done , at the same time they do not believe David Burt and the PLP are ready to lead the country yet.
    They still don’t trust this with the PLP.

    The PLP needs to rebrand and get new faces just as the oba does

  32. Francis says:

    Biggest joke of a comment from PLP/UBP from the UBP writer JS! It amazes me that people believe this rubbish. Slogans and sound bites in a TRUMPIST style – btw the PLP/UBP are using Trump campaign strategists! So PLP/UBP do you think you would have brought Pink Beach, st Regis and Morgan’s Point to fruition? Do you think you would have brought the budget back to near balance? Clown day at the circus!

  33. bingo says:

    If they are minorities then like America did we should put the minorities first!

  34. casadanale says:

    The only wind the PLP are blowing comes from their lower oraface. In all their years in opposition all they have done is blow that hot air and never offer a solution that is tangible and that Bermudians would benefit from. I simply cannot vote for them this time

  35. Triangle Drifter says:

    The PLP is very good at catchy but meaningless slogans/kool aid, waving flags around, giving people who are otherwise doing nothing something to do for a few days, rent a crowd & being hollow on any plans, but it all sounds & looks good to the easy to fool voter who is looking for easy & free stuff.

    When it comes to actual management of Government finances & the economy it is very easy to see that ability is seriously lacking. This should not be surprising. Look around the ranks of the PLP, see any successful business people self made employing any more than a few people?

  36. Enough says:

    If we continue to choose and compare ourselves to the Caribbean then we really are taking a huge step backwards.

  37. Rasta says:

    I will not vote PLP again.

  38. scoalsy says:

    Just what we need to be POOR like the Caribbean! they have to send their people here to make a living SO just where are we going to send our people to make a living surely NOT there for sure