‘Dealio’ App To Encourage Local Shopping

July 22, 2017

Bermudian, Chris Phillips, has launched his first app ‘Dealio’ which he hopes will encourage Bermudians to shop locally and will in turn help improve the local economy.

Phillips told Bernews: “I had the idea of a buyer’s club a few years back but it wasn’t until a pivotal conversation with Wayne Caines about a year ago that I really started to get serious about it.

“He spoke to me about how the rules of economics state that in order for an economy to sustain itself, money has to pass hands 3-4 times within an economy before leaving that economy in order to survive and thrive.  This really got me thinking.

“What really stops me from buying local?  I’ve found great sales and discounts here but many people (myself included) have a stigma that no matter what it’s worth it to buy abroad. What about the Mom and Pop shops that can’t compete with the variety of the Amazon’s of the internet?”

Phillips then went on to develop the Dealio Deals App: a tool for both the retailer and the consumer.

“We want to support our local businesses as much as possible. We are also sick of waiting for delivery of products to come by courier. Why wait, when they are already at your local stores and you can have them today.

“Using your phone’s location, Dealio can connect you with deals that are trending in your area. You can also look through all available deals using your choice of category. Not sure which store has the best deals? Take a look at our Popular Stores section,” the Dealio website explains.

Using the app, consumers can save deals for later and then be reminded of them when near the store.

Retailers also have the ability to advertise in a more direct and efficient way, focusing on the clients that are looking for them.

“I would buy BDA so much more if I just knew where to look,” Phillips contends.

Any interested businesses can reach Phillips at info@dealio.bm or fill out the ‘contact us section’ at the bottom of their website at https://dealio.bm/

The app is free to download on iTunes or Google Play.

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Comments (7)

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  1. Sakina says:

    Well done Chris!

  2. Just the facts says:

    So these items will be cheaper on-island than overseas? This app doesn’t address price which is where, as consumers, we are the most concerned. I can find just about everything I need somewhere on the island but am I willing to pay more for it than what I would pay elsewhere? Not usually.

    • Chris Phillips says:

      This app isn’t designed to directly address Bermuda’s High Prices and our cost of living as a whole and most definitely not overnight. We are looking to positively influence the economy by giving people a central place to find information and in cases deals and discounts they don’t normally come into contact with on-island just going about their everyday lives. We have put our faith in Bermuda by effectively putting our money where our mouths are. We only ask for the Bermuda Public to take a chance on us. It’s free to download and use for consumers and also has one of the 5 tiers that are free for retailers as well.

      If the high majority of the population of Bermuda decides to spend the most of their money abroad the resultant effect on Bermuda Business is high prices and foreclosure in some cases. By that logic, we can safely assume that the more money that is spent locally interchanging hands that the resultant effect should be the opposite, which is lower prices and new business.

      If a consumer wishes to spend money on the internet for a $100 item pay $26.25 in Duty and Wharfage Fees and $50 in courier fees, wait days(or weeks in the case of ocean frieght) in order to save $20 then this doesn’t take that away from you. I personally would spend the extra $20 to have it today. How much effort and money is your time worth?

      We are looking to empower the residents of Bermuda to support our own. Bermuda Business needs to know that we have their back and we will not let them fail to save $20 here and there. Yes, I understand that people come from all walks of financial backgrounds. But perhaps more business here means more jobs and more money for everyone including the lowest paid or unpaid members of society.

      I choose to look beyond my own wallet to see the bigger picture and I ask every resident to give us a chance to make a difference. Let’s be part of the solution!

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. interesting says:

    Bermuda prices are my concern.

  4. good point says:

    This is great, just downloaded the app…can’t wait to try it out. #buybermuda is so important!

  5. imjustsayin says:

    It is not just Bermudians shopping overseas it is the majority of foreign workers and we know who they are, sending 90 percent of their earnings back home and not back into the local economy. They just keep enough for food,rent and utilities.