3 Hour Video: New Year’s Eve In St. George’s

December 31, 2017

The Corporation of St. George is hosting a New Year’s Eve party at King’s Square in St. George’s this evening, with the event set to feature local entertainment and the dropping of the traditional Bermuda Onion to welcome in the New Year.

live video New Year's Eve Celebrations in St George's b

Update 12.29am: The live stream has concluded and the three hour replay is below:

According to the event poster, this evening’s entertainment will include Rockfire Productions, Shine Hayward, Devil’s Isle Audio with Jesse Seymour, and Black Lion Sound, with Nadanja to serve as the Master of Ceremonies.

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  1. SoFar Bie says:

    typlcal bermuda drop de onion two minutes after twelve way to go mc of the show guess you didn’t have a watch on or just to busy dancing with the kids.

  2. One says:

    No fireworks this place is s***

  3. Sunny says:

    oh my
    im ot gonna comment

  4. garth says:

    bda is so wack