Year-End Review Of Bermuda Tourism Online

April 16, 2018 | 3 Comments

A comprehensive review of last year’s record-breaking tourism industry performance is now available online, with the BTA noting that the 2017 Bermuda Tourism Year-in-Review ”provides a detailed account of the work of the Bermuda Tourism Authority in partnership with its stakeholders.”

The BTA said, “The review also provides a status check on the progress of tourism resurgence in Bermuda by comparing the industry’s performance at the end of 2017 with where it stood at the end of 2015:

  • Leisure air visitor spending is up 51 percent
  • Leisure air visitor arrivals are up 30 percent

In the context of these figures, Bermuda Tourism Authority Chief Executive Kevin Dallas writes in the report’s foreword: “The progress has been tremendous.

“Bermuda’s tourism industry has been on a path of growth since 2015 after decades of decline; the America’s Cup helped to accelerate the growth trajectory. In 2018, if Bermuda is able to keep pace with the landmark year in 2017, we will maintain the industry’s glide path to resurgence.”

Each Bermuda Tourism Authority Year-in-Review comprises part one the organisation’s Annual Report. Part two, the Audited Financials, is posted online after it is put before Parliament, generally in the fourth quarter of the year.

Bermuda Tourism Authority corporate reports, industry reports and visitor statistical information is available online anytime on the BTA’s corporate website.

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  1. PANGAEA says:

    If Bermuda were to up the product quality to” 3 star ” you would not have to bribe them to come here.

    • Eve says:

      Get product quality up to “5 Star” like it was in 50′s & 60′s and word-of-mouth combined with social media would fill rooms like it did in boom days.

      • shrew says:

        exactly! until we offer service commensurable to the price charged we will never get anywhere. and that’s in every business, not just tourism.

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