Premier Meets With BIU President & Rev Tweed

August 14, 2018

Premier and Minister of Finance David Burt met with BIU President Chris Furbert, MP Rolfe Commissiong and Rev Nicholas Tweed this morning [Aug 14] to discuss the Living Wage Report.

Premier Burt tweeted the photos below, saying: “Minister Brown and I met with BIU President Chris Furbert, MP Commissiong and Rev Tweed this morning to discuss the Living Wage Report. The Bermuda Government will continue to engage with our trade union partners to create better living standards for all Bermudians.”

Premier David Burt Bermuda August 2018 (1)

Premier David Burt Bermuda August 2018 (2)

Premier David Burt Bermuda August 2018 (3)

Premier David Burt Bermuda August 2018 (4)

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  1. Justin says:

    And they still can’t figure out why we can’t get a new hotel built…

    • The tides have changed, UBP took care of their base for years, now those who have been systematically economically and socially marginalized will have their matters addressed.
      Get over it

      • Toodle-oo says:

        They took care of you by increasing our debt to keep you employed .
        You’re an ungrateful thing .

        • Question says:

          I can think of a more appropriate wordcthan “thing”. Begins with c.

      • Justin says:

        Yeah, take care of your people using borrowed money. Good plan… lmao

      • Wahoo says:

        Has Tweed trained a real Bermudian to do his job?

      • Enough says:

        That’s right! Dunkely and the 40 Thieves got their America’s Cup and now we get to have ours! But we will not forget the every day Bermudian and the Black entrepreneurs when we hold country wide events and we won’t limit our demographic to the yacht sailing rich men who have not returned since America’s Cup! We want repeat visitors to come and enjoy our National events!

        • Onion Breath says:

          Another racist….you really are worse than the people you call racists.

          Disgusting….but you get what you deserve. LOL

  2. Rocky5 says:

    Just making sure Burt knows who’s really in charge. Funny how the Peoples Campaign monthly Govt. Report Cards have DISAPPEARED since July 17th 2017??!!

    • PBanks says:

      People’s Campaign clearly are happy with the current roadmap for Bermuda and thus have nothing to add, heh.

      • Double S says:

        Nah. They were simply part of the combined Opposition. If the OBA had paid $700k+ to one of their former and already rich leaders and then subsequently raised the healthcare on taxpayers the People’s Campaign would still be marching and shutting down Parliament.

        And for a Party that purports to disdain foreigners why is that foreign Reverend Genevieve involved in our political decisions?

        • Was Dr.E.F.Gordon involved in our political desisions?
          And look at what good he has done for our Island (especially the disenfranchised) , like there are no foreigners that didnt influence UBP and currently not influencing OBA.
          I admire Black intelligent, radical Leaders who seem to be a threat to the powers that be and their Historical biased policies.
          Unfortunately their lives were taken or jepardized in the 60′s, but now they seem to be ostrisized by biased media or economic paralysis.
          Get over it times have changed, you only think Anglo Saxon males should be in charge?
          America’s current Administration should prove you wrong. So get over it already.

          • Double S says:

            You’re deflecting you moron.

            Here let me leave with a quote from your mate Derrick Burgess:

            “Mr Burgess holds a press conference during which he denies being biased against non-Bermudians but tells them to stay out of local politics. Mr Burgess says: “Any country you go in, you do not get involved in their politics. That is a common sense attitude you should take. I would never do it and I have never done it. I would be afraid to.”

            Guess some foreigners are better than others huh you racist hypocrite?

  3. Question says:

    You would think that creating better living standards would involve creating some jobs. Something the PLP has failed miserably at.

  4. Double S says:

    Such diversity!

    • Well this matter does not effect the undeserved privileged,whom has had a Historical legislated structure to an easy life.

      • Onion Breath says:

        OJ, the only one undeserved of privilege is you.

  5. Vortex says:

    Wow, what a group.
    Frightening that this lot run this country.

    • facts of the rock says:

      they only think they do!
      …..couldn’t run if a ‘gator was after them

    • Not more frightning then Trump and GOP.

      • Onion Breath says:

        even funnier is that Trump and the plp share the same bigoted ideology.


      • Double S says:

        The PLP is Bermuda’s GOP and religous right.

        How many times do the parallels have to be shown to you before you finally get it.

        You guys might not be the same color as the majority of the GOP, but your ideologies are exactly the same.

        Pres. Obama enacted gay rights and gave millions of illegal aliens the chance of obtaining citizenship. In other words you and your team are the polar opposite with that being the GOP.

        Are you truly that dumb that you can’t see basic facts?

  6. Question says:

    Funny how most of the people sitting there were not elected.

  7. This conversation Mr. Premier has to be had with the broader and wider scope of all involved, to the extent of the Merchants, businesses, right down to the working class poor.

    The frightening thing is who is not in this room in this photo, and I say it very clear, because I am holding this government accountable for producing on behalf of the unemployed in this country and deal with the dishonesty of those who are being wrongfully done by, namely the businesses that are continually being allowed to hire outside workers for jobs that Bermudians can do.

    Along with the many businesses who on one hand are seemingly looking like they are giving Bermudians jobs, and helping the situation by employing Bermudians, but some of these businesses is stealing from their employees by not paying Government Social Insurance and payroll taxes, which is punishable by law, and needs to be expose more openly, instead of being swept aside or under the carpet.

    Mr. Premier what is your government doing to deal with these 40 thieves, and those who don’t think their being crafty and wont get caught, and if this government would only take a strong approach to the reports already in their possession, then we can believe that this meeting and meetings of the same is not just a bunch of bs, and just finding ways to please the money changers, who at the end of the day still control.

    Keep it real please, livable wage is a joke, when we can’t even answer and deal with these foreigners coming in here and working legally or illegally, or am I the only one who is noticing an increase in those that are among us from the Dominican Republic, and now also Cuban and Colombians,so no longer do you hear folk griping about the Filipinos because it has become the norm for them to be here, and as I have stated time without number, Bermuda is like a great prostitute who takes in all, and spits out nothing, and as harsh as it may sound, the working class poor and the unemployed suffer the hardest as a result of these problems.

    Mr. Premier, Mr Browne for Immigration, Chamber of Commerce, the 1% Elite also who run Bermuda, it is your responsibility to rectify this problem.

    • Enough says:

      I am one of the 1% and without me a total of 100 Bermudians would be jobless but in the same sentence many Bermudians who do apply for my jobs are absolutely lazy and incompetent and trust me when I tell you that they feel as if they are entitled to s job vs work for it!

      So cut me and others who do it right and the right way some slack here. Face facts that many Bermudians are un-employable or too high strung or on drugs to do an honest hard job for an honest days and skills pay. And so we are required to look elsewhere for the discipline and appreciation for getting the job done, on time and without constant hate exhibited for those on the team.

      In my company I will continue to seek out qualified AND disciplined Bermudians but rest assured that I will not tolerate paying a living wage to those that don’t deserve or work for it.

      After all, no one gave me a living wage when I opened the company. I did without to allow my team to get theirs!

  8. gustav says:

    living wage is a dead duck all over the world ….
    BUT again Bermuda is another World.
    if all others fail , Bermuda will be successful

  9. gustav says:

    Proposal :
    ever real grass root Bermudian deserves a minimum wage of USD 100,000 p.a.
    regardless if they have a job , or not.
    financed by the Government .
    oh they don’t have the money ……
    charge the evil and dirty foreigners who just suck the blood out of the wonderful Bermuda .
    just create an “evil tax” of 80 % of their income and the problem is solved.
    if they leave the island , even better , because we don’t need them.

  10. Warwick Beaches says:

    A puppet sitting in a room of dinosaurs