13 People Arrested At Road Sobriety Checkpoints

October 6, 2018

[Updated] Nine people were arrested last night [Oct 5] due to the Road Sobriety Checkpoints, police have confirmed.

A police spokesperson said, “Police are reminding the public not to drink and drive. If you must drink always have a designated driver.

“Last night as a result of the Road Sobriety Checkpoints 9 people were arrested. As per public notification the police will continue the checkpoints tonight.”

The police had previously said, “The Bermuda Police Service [BPS] would like to advise the public that the next series of road sobriety checkpoints will be conducted this weekend.

“The checkpoints will be in effect in Devonshire and Paget parishes on Friday, October 5th, Saturday, October 6th and Sunday, October 7th.

“This follows the inaugural deployment of road sobriety checkpoints, which took place September 21st, 22nd and 23rd – also in Devonshire and Paget.”

Update Sun, Oct 6, 11.07am: Police confirm that another four people were arrested on Saturday night.

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  1. JohnBoy says:

    So if I avoid those parishes I should be OK then. Thanks for telling me where you will be. Cheers!

    • Donald Trump says:

      You can still get pulled over the old fashioned way lol

    • WTF says:

      That’s right! They are killing Hamilton bar business but business in Flatts and St George’s is on the rise as no stops going on there! Bunch of morons getting caught even when told where they will be!

      • legagal says:

        Rather kill that than drunks killing our innocent loved ones. What aren’t drink businesses promoting “beer buddy” systems?

    • catedra says:

      You’ve never had a relative killed (murdered) by a drunk driver, right?

  2. Wondering says:

    You’d be okay if you don’t drink and drive too!!!

  3. Kenny says:

    Believe me when I say, bar business in St. George’s is NOT on the rise… St. George’s bars have been closing early still… well maybe not Wahoo, somehow they have water st closed to traffic and people are allowed to drink out in the street(isn’t public drinking illegal on island)

  4. frank says:

    it should also be illegal to have rum being consumed why the car is being driven on a public road that means that your passengers can not be dricking

    • Toodle-oo says:

      I believe that it is actually illegal to have a bottle of booze with a cracked seal/lid in the passenger compartment of a car. But not the boot .

    • Cedar Stump says:

      “…consumed why the car is being driven….” “can not be dricking…” …. looks like you would not pass a sobriety test OR the proposed Government English test.

  5. Me says:

    This should work wonders for hamilton restaurants

    • Really says:

      Really, so you think it’s ok to go to Hamilton, get drunk and drive hone? Where did this mentality come from?

      • Me says:

        Not everyone drinks until they are drunk we have AA here @really

  6. Cedar Stump says:

    I would like to know what the road traffic accident rate is when these sobriety weekend checks are being carried out compared to when they are not. Are sobriety checks to be carried out in Paget and Devonshire only ? Dockyard and St.Davids are feeling a little left out…….hahaha.

  7. João says:

    Less money to the clubs in town,much more money to the governement. Let’s hope the accident rates will decrease,so we can all say long live this new policy. If we are all concern we should all think twice before we get drunk and drive…

  8. Roan says:

    The fact is we have a very high road death rate (relative to the rest of the world), and that the majority of these occur in the late hours on Fridays and Saturdays and among 18-35 year old men. We have never tested properly for intoxication after these incidents, as the hospital’s priority is care (rightfully so), not law enforcement. Prohibiting driving while being intoxicated is quite reasonable. It’s about time we catch up to the developed world in this regard.

    Further, a number of comments, including one about analysing road deaths on the nights of the tests, or arguments about less night club business in Hamilton, are quite interesting. Road deaths (and the [long-term] hospital bills for those who survive), represent very real emotional and financial costs to our country. We’ll see the benefits over time. And there will be those who resist change. Or those who complain.

    But rather than complain, propose solutions after considering the entirety of the facts.

    And for clarity, I have no dog in this fight. I’m not a politician or had anything to do with this bill or the enforcement of it. But I am a reasonably educated Bermudian who wants to see my peers survive their fun nights.

  9. Me says:

    Good luck to any restaurant selling a bottle of wine now and watch the price of a glass of anything going up this along with sugar tax ….$20 a drink lol

    • What says:

      Yup! That’s exactly what is going to happen! A disaster all around for restaurants, bars and customers! Dumb people doing stupid things!

    • What says:

      And nothing will stop the road deaths because of the way these young people DRIVE!!! We need to get a grip on 3rd lane and running red light vilolators and start early – lose your bike at 16 and 18 if you are caught driving “dangerously” – that will set the tone!

      • sage says:

        Stop blame-shifting, you old serial DUI offenders are the worst and need to permanently lose your vehicle and license. Bars and restaurants and liquor dealers have caused untold disasters, plying people with a dangerous, addictive drug, liquid courage, at extortionate prices, then turning them loose on our roads with no sense of responsibility or accountability. Alcohol should be prohibited if we admit the amount of devastation it alone has caused.

    • Truth is killin’ me... says:

      I had a pint of 1664 at the rip off arms and it was nearly $12. I nearly choked. Does that have sugar in it? Must be the sugar tax.

  10. MM says:

    The road side sobriety tests are a novelty, most in high places , dragged their feet in regard to bringing forth legislation. In reality , we should have done so years ago when other countries were doing it. I have not heard the statistics for drunken driving prior to this , perhaps it is taboo