St. George’s Crash, Police Car Driver Not Injured

February 22, 2019

An officer driving a police car that crashed near the St. David’s Road round-a-bout this morning [Feb 22] was not injured, according to police. This marks the second time a police vehicle has been involved in a St. David’s collision in just over a week.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 10:45am today [February 22nd] a police officer driving a marked police car was involved in a single vehicle crash in the Kindley Field Road, St. David’s Road St. George’s area.

“It appears that the incident occurred when the officer driving the marked police car east along Kindley Field Road attempted to negotiate the round-a-bout at that location and ended up off the road.

“The officer was not hurt and apparently the police car sustained minimal damage.

“Witnesses can call the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

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  1. Bermuda Guy says:

    How many police cars have crashed on this stretch of road? Can W&E put a “Frequent Police Accident Spot” sign to warn other drivers? At the very least, a webcam so we can watch the fails on YouTube…

  2. Imjustsaying says:

    The best drivers in Bermuda.

    • Clint says:

      They just testing how fast the car can go, so when it matters most they can get there as fast as possible..respect

  3. Whistling Frog says:

    Only cops get away with things like this…

    • wahoo says:

      Not really politicians get away with crashing things also. If you stop and think of the symbolism of a car crash on budget day and the state of our economy.

  4. St.George's Passport and Immigration Control says:

    Bermuda Buses and W&E trucks leak oil and diesel everywhere they go.

  5. JohnBoy says:

    Maybe they should offer some kind of training before they are allowed to drive.

  6. Bringit says:

    Maybe u should breathalyze the officer

  7. puzzled says:

    Sh&^ happens.

  8. Mumbojumbo says:

    Well…I’m not surprised…sugar tax went up in October 50% …and another 75% now in april…125% in all
    Bread has sugar innit…
    Pancake batter.
    Let’s all google groceries with sugar innit!
    You can forget rum…no…really…watch.
    But you are a terrible person to pass the cost on….

  9. Mumbojumbo says:

    If your groceries were six hundred last week…this week they will be…125% more than last October.
    You just have to take a drive and see the unpainted houses to know what the work situation is…

  10. Y-Gurl says:

    Don’t text and drive…a pubic safety message that also applies to public servants

  11. Mumbojumbo says:

    This is just from hearing about the new taxes…

  12. Mumbojumbo says:

    But do they pick your trash up?

    Do they provide you with public transportation?

    Do they provide you with work to pay these taxes?

  13. Mumbojumbo says:

    But do they pick your trash up?

    Do they provide you with public transportation?

    Do they provide you with work to pay these taxes?

    This is economic abuse!

  14. Charlly X says:

    Lol lmaorwtfo …. Did the driver get arrested for suspicion of DUI? Or were they texting while driving? Must’ve been a bird or was it a plane to distraction ?
    Good thing the insurance the tax dollars pay will cover it ,.,

  15. MM says:

    The results are seldom released , hopeful ly it was the road surface sand or grease that contributed to this. Negligence by the officer should mean they pay for all costs. The taxpayer gets hit over and over.

  16. Who says:

    You all drive this road everyday?! How inexperienced are you ALL!!! Get it together BP

  17. Stewie griffin says:

    Just look at the cars at there southside station sitting out back.
    What a waste of my tax payer money..

  18. Hahaha!!
    Could texting have been a factor here??
    A distraction?
    Oooooo….alcohol consumption??
    Was an arrest made???

  19. SoFar Bie says:

    Was a breathalyzer test done to see if they where under the influence of alcohol ?

  20. Y-Gurl says:

    Pretty sure these lot will be incapable of solving even this incident