Skyport President On Flights, Seat Capacity

March 10, 2019

[Written by Don Burgess]

Even though American Airlines has cut one of its New York flights to Bermuda, air visitor arrivals were up in 2018.

This from Skyport president Aaron Adderley. He pointed out that the reduction from AA was likely a response to JetBlue who had increased seats from both Boston and New York.

However, he declined to discuss whether Skyport believes in minimum revenue guarantees [MRG] or what his organization’s responsibilities are for marketing Bermuda.

Mr Adderley told Bernews, “Airlines periodically re-calibrate their seat capacity in response to demand, costs and other route performance factors, by either adjusting the frequency of flights or the size of aircraft.

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“Last year, JetBlue scheduled a significant 69 percent increase in seat capacity out of Boston and a 10 percent increase out of New York JFK. Later in August, American Airlines adjusted its seat capacity by reducing its frequency out of New York JFK from two flights per day during the busy summer period, to one flight per day in the winter.”

He added that “Total air visitor arrivals were up out of New York JFK, Boston and across all markets in 2018. This is a testament to the efforts of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, and the close collaboration they, Skyport, the Bermuda Airport Authority and Government have when it comes to air service development.

“Each of us share in the common goal of increasing the number of air visitors, and to that end, Skyport has always and shall continue to invest its resources into realizing that important goal by supporting air service initiatives.”

In a speech to the House of Assembly in November 2018, Tourism and Transport Minister Zane DeSilva was critical of Skyport’s handling of minimum revenue guarantee agreements to ensure that there are more flights to Bermuda. Minister DeSilva said, “Skyport is content to have the authority but not the responsibility. The airport deal seems to have empowered Skyport to pass this burden on to the Bermudian taxpayer.”

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  1. Micro says:

    We need a night flight to the US. Atl, JFK, lga, Mia.

    • Just a suggestion says:

      I agree, but sadly demand is not there. Even now, with BA operating under an MRG they are ever more frequently cancelling flights due to numbers. One reason for the MRG was to secure regular scheduled flights. Yet BA seem to do as they wish. Perhaps its time to consider opening up BDA as a refuelling/re passenger Airport.
      Smaller aircraft=less seats= scrapping MRG that costs us. As an example. London to Carribean say, Jamaica or even London Canada via Bermuda. I know West Jet operate this route with a stop in Halifax. Why not make BDA that middle man

    • The real Terry says:

      You would of thought that the Minister should have been aware of exactly what Mr. Adderley pointed out, but I guess that would be an inconvenient truth.

      • Trump supporter says:

        The guys clueless, like a lot more of them.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      A night flight for who, just Bermudians coming back from shopping abroad? 20 people a night if that on a flight…

      • BDA banger says:

        20 people per flight is a ridiculous exaggeration…

  2. Huge surprise that a says:

    A PLP mouth piece would take a poke at sky port.

    They hate that the OBA was able to put together a fiscally logical situation for a major new infrastructure project which put Bermudian to work when it was critical.

    What has the PLP complained about every positive development while offering nothing new at all except Very risky Fintech support.

    Speaking of which. Check out the Offshore Alet article about Arbitrade and Ulala.

    How the BMA ever consented to Ulala is amazing based upon the article.

    I think the Mr De Silva should take his seat and let adults run the important stuff.

  3. ron lacey says:

    jetBlue charges ONE HALF LESS points from NY to Bermuda. Unfortunately, there is only ONE daily flight from NY which arrives in Bermuda at 10:30 PM during winter. That means that I have to pay for an entire day hotel bill just to sleep. I understand the airlines’ reasoning, but that’s twice this year. A waste of my money.