Changes To Bus Service For Bermuda Day

May 23, 2019

Due to road closures to facilitate the Bermuda Day Marathon and Parade Festivities on Friday [May 24] the Department of Public Transportation [DPT] will be re-routing scheduled bus routes for the day.

Temporary bus stop location

Temporary Bus Stop Location Bermuda May 23 2019

The re-routed bus routes are as follow:

  • Route 3 departing 9:15am from Hamilton to Grotto Bay and returning at 10:00am will be cancelled.
  • Route 3 buses departing Hamilton at 11:30am and 12:30am will do so via Washington Street, Dondonald Street West, Serpentine Road, Woodlands Road, St. John’s Road, Berkeley Hill, North Shore Road, Dock Hill, Frog Lane, Montpelier Road onto Middle Road.
  • Routes 1, 7 & 8 will be directed into the Central Terminal via Front Street, Court Street, and Victoria Street. There may be delays due to cyclists and marathoners entering the city.
  • From 1:30pm onwards, the above routes [1, 3, 7, 8] will be directed via Spurling Hill, King Street [two-way], Victoria Street, to Central Terminal
  • Route 4 inbound will travel along, Northshore Road, Berkeley Hill, St. Johns Road, Woodlands Road, Serpentine Road, Dundonald Street and Washington Street, Victoria Street. Outbound route 4 buses will do the reverse until St. Johns Road where it will continue on its regular route.
  • Routes 10 & 11 will travel along Northshore Road, Berkeley Hill, St. Johns Road, Woodlands Road, Serpentine Road, Dundonald Street, Washington Street, Victoria Street.
  • All outbound buses will take the reverse routes with the exception of Route 4.

“From 1:30pm onwards, a temporary bus stop will be located adjacent to St. Paul’s Church on Victoria Street. Outside of Central Terminal, this will be the only other stop for entering or exiting buses in Hamilton,” the DPT said.

“The Department of Public Transportation takes this opportunity to thank the public for their ongoing support and attention to these changes.”

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