Parliament: Audio & Order Of Business

May 31, 2019

[Updated with audio] Statements on T.N. Tatem Middle School, Railway Trail & Gibbets Island, and the Efficiency Committee Report are due to be delivered in the House of Assembly on Friday [May 31], while Bills to be introduced include the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation Amendment Act 2019 and the Government Loans Amendment Act 2019 are set to be introduced.

Update: Live broadcast has concluded, and the audio of the morning session is below

The Order of Business follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Seriously says:

    Lord help us if the announce another way of helping us to put money in our pockets. I can’t afford much more of their proposed money saving ideas. Why is when they announce a plan to put money in our wallets my savings each week diminish.

  2. clips says:

    It’s the royal “we”. When they say put money in “our” pockets, what they actually mean is “their” pockets. And the voter falls for it every time.