BFRS Extinguish Another Car Fire In St George’s

December 15, 2020

Marking the third vehicle fire in the last 48 hours, firefighters extinguished another car fire in St George’s early this morning [Dec 15], after receiving a report of a “car explosion”. The fire initially blocked the exit of people in the lower apartment, however fortunately they were able to “escape over a wall. ”

A BFRS spokesperson said, “At 4:25am, December 15th, the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service received a report of a car explosion with persons trapped in a residence next to the vehicle at Pain Lane ,St George’s.

“BFRS responded with six appliances and a total of 12 firefighters. Upon arrival fire crews saw a Kia Sportage fully engulfed in flames. The flames were blocking the exit of occupants out of the lower apartment of the residence. Fortunately the persons reported to be trapped had made their escape over a wall. There were no injuries.

“Fire crews quickly extinguished the fire. The cause of the fire is under investigation.”

This follows after the first car fire in St George’s and the truck fire in Pembroke.

Car Explosion In St George’s Bermuda Dec 2020 1

Car Explosion In St George’s Bermuda Dec 2020 3

Car Explosion In St George’s Bermuda Dec 2020 2

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  1. Two Car fires in 48hrs could be a coincidence, Three car fires certainly not, I think something very sinister is going on!

  2. Just Saying says:

    This is Bermuda right, not the middle east!?

    What is going on in St. Geo these days? Please sort it out soon, we have more than enough to deal with already, and this isn’t going to help.

    If you need help then ask for it, we are all put here this earth to help each other!

  3. Proven says:

    It was a large explosion that could be felt hundreds of yards away. Sirens confirmed what I expected. Glad there are no injuries; fear is a lasting condition.