DailyMail: Cricketer Sluggo in the Top 50

February 18, 2010

Bermudian cricket legend Dwayne “Sluggo” Leverock has been named one of the “Top 50 Unlikely Sporting Heroes” by British newspaper the Daily Mail.

Author Tom Bellwood said:

A monster of man, I’m not quite sure what to admire most – the fact that he played international cricket or that his weight hadn’t caused him serious health issues.

The 20st Bermudan spinner got Kevin Pietersen out at 2007 World Cup and took a brilliant diving catch to dismiss Ronin Uthappa of India before dancing with joy.

In even more remarkable news, Leverock once claimed a silver medal in the 110m hurdles at the Junior Caribbean Games as well as playing football at Hull City with Bermudian team Zebras. Is there anything this man cannot do?

bermuda cricket dwayne leverock

This is far from the first time Mr. Leverock has attracted the attention of the British press.

During the 2007 World Cup numerous media outlets featured him prominently. Britain’s best-selling newspaper ‘The Sun‘ had a full-page photograph of Mr. Leverock, ‘The Daily Telegraph’ put him on the front page, and ‘The Times‘ had his picture filling half of the back sports page.

Read the full article here on The Daily Mail.

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