Easter Thieves Vandalize Home & Eat Fishcakes

April 11, 2010

For one Warwick family, the Easter holiday was anything but enjoyable.

Not once, but twice their home was illegally entered, items stolen and their property was vandalized. The culprit[s] stole three flat screen TVs, a Nintendo Wii video game system and even helped themselves to a bottle of champagne.

In a holiday destroying spirit, the thieves also stole eight fishcakes. On an even more disturbing note considering the religious nature of the holiday, is the fact the culprits smeared food on the table containing the family bible.

For some unknown reason, the culprits decided to destroy various areas of the family home, using anything they could get their hands on; ketchup, grape jam, chocolate syrup, beer, eggs, body lotion etc.

They ransacked numerous areas both inside the home and outside. They smeared food on the floors, walls, curtains, doors…even opening kitchen cupboard doors and squirting food inside the cabinets. They opened drawers and dumped out clothes, and smashed items inside and outside.

The homeowner tells us that it literally took two days to clean up the mess, and that was with the assistance of friends. The first incident occurred on Sat April 3, the day before Easter Sunday, with the second incident on Tues April 6. The Police are investigating the matter.

Photos below, click to enlarge:

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  1. Swan says:

    These goons disgust me, but this seems sorta personal. I just cant stand people who can’t get out there and work hard, instead go and steal other peoples hard earned assets. Scum Bags!! I hope it comes back on them 3 fold!

    • cheryl says:

      the pictures u see r only a few. I was one who helped to clean but can only say you had to be there to see what was done.