800 Ears Of Corn Stolen From Amaral Farms

May 17, 2014

Over 800 ears of corn and several heads of broccoli were stolen from the Amaral Farms fields on Somers Hill Road in Hamilton Parish, with thieves hitting the family-owned farm yet again on Thursday [May 15].

The Farm has been having repeated issues with theft, with some 150lbs of sweet potatoes and 30lbs of broccoli already having been stolen from the business.

A post on social media from the Farm said, “Unfortunately the thief/thieves have been at it again. This time they have hit our corn field on the same property on Somers Hill Road.

“We checked the corn field yesterday and noticed that approx. 5 dozen ears had been taken, in additional to several more heads of broccoli.

“This morning we went to harvest the corn and noticed they had been back. In total we estimate that well over 70 dozen [800+ ears] of corn has been stolen. ”

Amaral Farms has been in operation since 1962, and the second generation family business operates the stall on Middle Road in Devonshire.

Mr. Amaral explained that it is not just his business having issues, that other local farms have also been having problems with theft.

He explained that local farmers do what they can to keep their prices down and will often give someone free produce if they know they are “down on their luck”, but added that putting months of effort into growing the crop and then having someone  steal it just to make money of their work is very discouraging.

The Farm has asked for everyone to look out for anyone suspicious selling corn and call Carlos Amaral on 535-1080 or contact Police on 2950011.

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  1. Evie says:

    This is ridiculous and unfortunate might I suggest hiring security for the night farmers or putting cameras in place to catch them this has to stop SMDH

    • Danielle says:

      I agree! It might be wise to put somebody in place to watch the produce. Sure, it’s going to cost them but it’ll be better than having your produce disappear. My husband grows vegetables as a hobby, and even that is a lot of hard work. It’s insane to have this happen when you make a living from it.

    • Tough Love says:

      Maybe some German Shepherds or other good guard dogs would be better and cheaper. Teach them not to take food from strangers.

      • Bigg Daddy Black says:

        Nobody want to plant d corn but everyone wants to raid d barn

    • Steve Biko says:

      I guess that was compensation for de 40 acres and de mule.

      • Fallin Hero says:

        @Stéve …if nothing else you are consistant with your comments. Ignorant.

  2. Better Dump says:

    Very sad. Somebody knows about this – that much corn will take up quite a bit of space. Do the right thing please – call it in.

    • Hurricane says:

      See something, say something. PLEASE!

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Too bad firearms are not permitted here. Saw a good sign to be posted fieldside the other day.

    “Due to the shortage of ammunition a warning shot will NOT be fired.”

    • Steve Biko says:

      Not a good idea, saw what happened to Trevon Martin?

      • X man says:

        @ Steve Biko – the subject is about Crops being stolen –
        your gone off course – or did you think this story was about something else.

  4. A Dingo says:

    800 ears of corn? 800!? Some may look at a little ‘night farming’ as being a more or less harmless tradition (wrongly, in my view), but taking the crops out of a farmer’s field is no different than walking into a shop and stealing stuff off the shelf. And this is theft on a massive scale, in Bermuda terms. There’s no excuse for this whatsoever. None. I hope people turn these scumbags in, I really do.

  5. Mixitup says:

    I would suggest putting in sensored lighting that also activates an alarm. Any body heat detected will trigger lights to illuminate and an alarm to sound.
    But i’m sorry to hear this, I’ve seen how hard these farmers work.

    • just say NO says:

      and a machine gun with laser sites to hit the bas**** in the ba***, Scum of the earth, they will have to try and sell this and no one will say anything. You shopkeepers know who is legitimate farmers and who aint.

  6. Time Shall Tell says:

    Sign of the times, people got to eat… Create proper paying jobs for Bermudians & this will not be as big an issue anymore.

    • RME says:

      People don’t “have to eat” 800 ears of corn!!!!!!! I don’t care how hard times are it’s THEFT PLAIN AND SIMPLE. And these thieves aren’t feeding their poor babies. They are selling it off somewhere else. I don’t feel sorry for them at all! And quit making excuses for common criminals!

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        No but they steal to “Sell”, stolen goods… Or is this a new concept for you?

      • ill bet says:

        I bet there is a market that are in need that dont care where it came from but if they can get it for a cheeper price they will feed thier babies.

        the thief may not be poor but the costumers are. as long as those costumers exsist there will be money to be made.

    • just say NO says:

      your an idiot. like to see someone steal from you

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Some have tried, key word being “tried”.

    • Life changes says:

      If they were stealing to eat it would be 5 or 6 ears of corn. 800 is pure theft. And stop with the damn excuses . A thief is a theif

    • Reality says:

      Sign if the time when a woman fails to use birth control and folks like you are born.

      • Bda1983 says:

        Umm, when you say “folks like you” do you mean morons who think birth control is solely the woman’s responsibility? They’re called condoms. Look into them.

    • bdaboy says:

      Why don’t you get off your lazy, uneducated ass and ‘create’ a job for yourself? Stop asking for handouts and do something to help yourself.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Sorry, do I know you?? No? Then don’t try to act as if you do. So that you know, you’re so way off the mark.

        • bdaboy says:

          You’re a self centred idiot. You reveal yourself in your posts, now you try to back peddle.

          • Time Shall Tell says:

            The more you try to act as though you know me, the more reveal you don’t know a thing about me….

    • Whistling Frog says:

      @ Time Shall Tell: When you have you property invaded and things stolen from you, don’t call the police. Just remember its a sign of the times and be happy the someone was watching over you…

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        I didn’t call the police, the thief did… Figure it out….

  7. Mumbo jumbo says:

    It’s de troof!

  8. nuffin but the truth says:

    get a big dog with teeth!

  9. somuchless says:

    I have 800 ears anyone want one? Hahaha

    • terry says:

      Selling hearing aids ‘somuchless’.

  10. good boy says:

    Go buy some dogs… They won’t come back.
    Trust me

  11. swing voter says:

    this theft is not the result of hunger….for food that is

  12. pigs says:

    would love to have ricin or some other deadly poison in the ones they the thieves eat.

  13. What Next says:

    Sure hope they enjoy them i know i would i love BDA corn.

  14. Tricks are For Kids says:

    SHAME on any establishment, be it shops, restaurants, hotels, etc that buys the corn knowing that it is stolen. 800 ears of corn??? really??? clearly shows that they are not working alone. THAT is beyond ridiculous!!! first you steal pounds of sweet potatoes and broccoli and than add insult to injury by going back and stealing the corn….I’m guessing that whomever you are you haven’t met “KARMA” just to let you know she’s bound to visit you sooner or later….

    Mr. Amaral I am so sorry for your loss

  15. Coffee says:

    To whomever rung them ears … The police are listening .

  16. X man says:

    Somebody or a group out there is sold or selling Corn at a cheap price – the Police just have to
    be more socially involved.- certainly not going to find out who done it by driving up and down Bermuda in
    a Motor Vehicle.– hopefully some good person will come forward.
    The good farmer is going to have to invest in some fencing and a good Guard Dog.

  17. Mumbo jumbo says:

    Seriously though…last week it was sweet potatoes and brocholi,stealing is stealing,this is someones’bread and butter,this has to stop!let there be a prison cell for these scoundrals!Put security cameras with night vision,then utube there nasty butts!Best done with sound…or add apropriate music…

  18. Mumbo jumbo says:

    Or pop corn,or corn totillas,corn bread,corn oil….people who steal should be on display,bring back the stocks!

  19. Bermydude says:

    This is just insane the farmers buys the seed plants it weeds it pays 3 months rent on te land pays farm labourers to tend the fields add in fuel and an the end of he day he’s now out if pocket,
    In some Arabic countries if you are caught stealing they chop your hand off…. The culprit I’m lead to belive rides around on a motor bike with a huge plastic carbag bin tucked between his frame, this idiot needs to be caught, chained Ned to johnny Barnes with a sign around his neck saying ” I’m the one who stole the veggies” and Shame on him. This was no night time farmer happened in fraking broad day light
    When your judgment day comes you will have already broken one of the commandments Twice thou shall not steal..

  20. Kindley says:

    I would think it would be hard to hide 800 ears of corn or to eat, can or freeze them without someone knowing….and hopefully telling.

  21. 800 ears at 6 to a bag is 133.3 bags of corn at $7.00 RETAIL = $933.33 Then add cost of seed\, cost of labour,cost of rent for field and you think this is right, catch them and lock them up for 800 years with bread and water, bastards, feel sorry for the farmers in this situation.

  22. sage says:

    Stop buying produce from thieves!

  23. Future says:

    We have to stop this madness. I’ve had pumpkins and bananas stolen and you are never really prepared for it. You go by one day and your goods just aren’t there. Quiet as it is kept, we all have a role to play to improve the consciousness of people in Bermuda. And to think there are bloggers here justifying theft. Shame.

  24. itsme! says:

    How do get away with so much and not be seen!