Shooting In Friswells Hill

September 20, 2010

There has been a shooting in the Friswells Hill area, and the Police are presently on the scene. Bernews understands there may have been at least one person injured, however at this time have limited information. Police spokesman Dwayne Caines confirms there was a firearm incident, and said official updates are to follow. We are on the scene, and will update as able.

Update 6:10pm: Unofficial reports coming in indicates 2 people were shot

Update 6:10pm: Bernews unofficially understands that two persons were traveling in the area on a motorbike, and both were shot, subsequently causing both rider and the bike to crashed into a nearby residential house. Awaiting official word from the Police.

Update 6:28pm: We are on scene obtaining eyewitness reports and will have that up shortly.

Update 7:28pm: Eyewitness report posted here.

Update 10:25pm: Official information from the Police: “Around 5:40pm on Monday, Police responded to a confirmed firearm incident in the Friswells Road, Pembroke area. Two 22 year old men were injured and taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for treatment. Their injuries are not life threatening. Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with any information to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 299-8115 or the independent confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477.”


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  1. Mixitup says:

    I swear something is wrong with these peoples heads. I mean come on, you know what, forget rehabilitation, if these goons can’t put down their weapons to assist their country, then they deserve to be banished!!

    • Tim says:

      Then who’s problem do you think they will become??? These people are Bermuda’s problem and Bermuda needs to start cracking down on these people. Capital punishment anyone? A point needs to be made.

      • With regrets ... says:

        Anyone remember the REAL reason capital punishment (in the Bda context) was abolished ?

        • Tim says:

          Do you??? If capital punishment is out of the question then the justice system and government of Bermuda needs an overhaul. They need to suck it up and ask the other countries out there for help on this problem. The reason gang violence is getting so bad is they know they can get away with it. Once Bermuda starts nipping it in the butt rather than constantly licking their ever growing and infecting wounds they will finally get a hold on this violence.

  2. roger says:

    i hope they hurry up and kill each other dead so we can enjoy the upcoming christmas holidays … should call them “super idiots” …

  3. anonymous says:

    This is more than just retaliation its now a spiritual battle. Bermuda we must continue to hold this Island up in prayer. Don’t let the devil win HE is a LIAR!

  4. condor says:

    Hello, I think they need to do a clean sweep as they did with the drug persons sometime ago and round up all the wanna be gang (boys)place them on an island let them shoot it out,and the last one standing shoot him. These are the people that are supposed to care for us when we get older so what state do u think we will be in?

  5. U Different says:

    The issue I have is that they won’t be satisfied with kiiling off each other…they will go for Families and Friends because theire family or friends was hurt or killed!!! This is becoming more than just “drug & territorial” and as a country we NEED to pull together and “Take Our Country Back”!!! This freaks are not the majority THEY ARE THE MINORITY and they can/Will only continue If we allow them to!!! If you know your family member is part of the problem (however small it may be) then they need to be dealt with (lawfully), if your friend or even friend or a friend is out there doing a pack of crap….then they to need to be dealt with (again, lawfully)!!!!!!!!