BlackBerry Torch Now On Sale For $549 & Up

November 2, 2010

Starting from 4:00 pm this afternoon [Nov 2] Digicel will be selling the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Smartphone in their Church Street and Court Street stores. It’s the world’s first smartphone to combine a BlackBerry® QWERTY keyboard with a full touch screen experience and the first to feature the new BlackBerry® 6 operating system.

The pricing is as follows:

  • $549: for existing customers with less than 6 months remaining on their service agreement or for a anyone commencing a new service agreement.
  • $699: for existing customers that wish to purchase the device only
  • $759: for prepaid customers

The new BlackBerry Torch features a combination of a large touch screen and optical trackpad with a backlit slide-out BlackBerry keyboard. It offers support for high-speed 3G UMTS/HSDPA networks around the world and includes the latest generation in Wi-Fi® (b/g/n) connectivity. Its 5 MP camera takes exceptional pictures with flash, continuous auto focus, image stabilization, scene modes and zoom, and it also supports video recording.

In addition, it comes with a combined 8 GB of media storage out-of-the-box, and includes a microSD/SDHD memory card slot that can bring the total storage memory to 36 GB for customers that want more.

Cellular One will also be carrying the BlackBerry Torch, with it expected to arrive in stores this week.

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  1. Call as it is says:

    you’d be better buying one in the USA.
    Those prices are a sick joke.

    • Totally Disgusted says:

      damn skippy these prices are a real joke, I had a visitor to the island and when they saw the prices they were like %^&*&( we get two phones for the price of one and our monthly packages are cheaper as well. I was like now you see why Bermudian shop abroad…

      I also say if we “Bermudians” did not purchase these phones they will have to lower the prices, think first Bermuda!!!!!

  2. DigiCustomer says:

    Why not do it the way BTC used to do it…Bill me for the phone later….It’s tough in these economical times…Technology can make us broke I tell you :-|

  3. Brasco says:

    They want us to buy Bermuda but Damn!….Make it easier to buy Bermuda…come on Cell Carriers!

  4. Yng Black Mind says:

    @Call it like it is – please check the link below so you can understand that the prices from Digicel are quite reasonable for this new device:

    Blessings be

    • Agree says:

      I agree, the prices aren’t that bad compared to the US! Digicel here I come!!

      • Stunned says:

        Hmmm WHATEVA DIGIHELL got a bunch of young diddly bops working there and nobody knows nothing about nothing.. U send bills with misconstrued information and hidden charges not to mention roaming then you try fill our heads with your so called upgrade! Y i get better signal on 2g as a matter of fact i can’t get no signal on that “bogus 3g” crap and when i go to them they shrug their shoulders and tell me take it to Unlimited supplies! WTH is my carrier bunch of frauds!

    • Psychloe says:

      Your facts are wrong…the unlocked phone is at US prices. Digicel has a locked phone. The cost for said phone under contract (locked) at AT&T is $79!! There are no savings here in Bermuda, We are still paying over $100 for unlimited services…so where are we really saving!!???? All this money for the phone plus $150 in unlimited package per month plus accessories…there is no justification for the high priced phones. You’ll pay for the phone within the first 6 months of your contract. What are you getting for the additional 18 months of the 2 year contract???????

      One cost that is left out….the cost for purchasing the Torch without Digicel service. Betcha you’ll be paying half month’s rent!!!

      • Brasco says:

        Co-Sign!….Bermuda Cell carriers are robbing us at Knife Point!…..The US is on to 4G….Our carriers are excited they just on 3G!….Internet, well that’s another story in itself…Damn, Bermuda is just all round expensive!!!!

      • Yng Black Mind says:

        @Pyschloe – I didn’t say that it wasn’t expensive, but it is not like they are trying to rob you. Everyone in this country forgets that each company has to pay to import the goods BEFORE they are sold here – - – I can tell you (as I do know this to be the case) a regular BB curve 8300 (when it first was introduced to Bda) costed any cellular company on the island approximately $1,130 to land here – - – all cellphone providers then cut the price almost in half and sold the device for $599 with a 2yr service agreement – - this was to provide the phone at a lower cost but to gain the cost for the phone through service. And yes, Digicel does have locked phones as Bermudians are like sheep and flip from company to company when they don’t want to pay a bill (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about either – lol).

        Simply put, yes, we do pay more than the US for cellular service, but we also pay more for a loaf of bread, a carton of milk, our vehicles, our homes, and even our gas – - so why only complain about the phones?

        • D says:

          As a person that imports a large amount of goods I know for a fact that that what you are saying is wrong. They do not lose money on the phones that they import. They charge an unfair premium out of greed. These providers are not losing money and are very profitable.

          People abroad switch companies all the time as well. In Bermuda, we have the Bermuda Credit Association to chase after people that don’t pay their bill. Switching companies does not stop the cellphone provides from getting their money owed.

          Psychloe knows what he is talking about mate.

          • Smart Man Smith says:

            I agree with him ^^

          • Yng Black Mind says:

            @D – - I do know of what I speak – - and yes, overseas people switch providers monthly (sometimes); however, the companies here do have policies which prohibit that. They charge a large fee for leaving a contract before it is completed – - this came about AFTER people kept switching providers without penalty.

            I did not have say that they do not make profit; however, please do not tell me what I know versus what you perceive that i may understand – - blessing be

  5. Totally Disgusted says:

    Bermuda makes me laugh they buy these phones next to nothing and then jack up the prices too damn high… ok so you have to make a profit but don’t be so damn ridiculous… Anyone that buys these phones for those prices need to be slapped. You can buy a plane ticket, stay in a hotel and by the phone for the same price or just a little more. Come on Bermuda you want us to buy Bermuda then stop being so damn greedy.

  6. Scott says:

    with prices like that for “current customers”.. i’m only going to give them another month on service agreement

  7. Jessica says:

    The reason the phones are that price is because the companies have to price as to what they are landed for … they don’t make up the prices on their own ..

    • Psychloe says:

      I debated about commenting b/c I find your comment ignorant. As a purchasing manager we do make up the prices on our own. We determined the best margin to make a profit. Whether it is 10, 20, 50 or just because let’s say 130%. The bottom line was the profitability of the company. As a company the emoyees and the shareholders have to be paid.

      The costs are high because they CAN and WILL make it high!!! If we don’t buy they will have no other option then to lower costs.

      • Psychloe says:


        • Totally Disgusted says:

          Jessica really is ignorant as a person who was a new product/pricing controller for a local company we do make up our own prices and the mark up is outrageous. Yes everyone wants to make a profit, but I have known of products to be marked up 350% and for what just to turn around and lower the cost because no one was buying the product. It just goes to show how greedy they are.

  8. Arthur Raynor - Atlanta says:

    A quick check here at AT&T in Atlanta shows that that same phone will cost you $199 with a two yr contract. Without a contract, the prices are approx within $50 of the Bermuda prices.

  9. S says:

    All of you against the prices … no one is forcing to to buy the phone.. If you need a blackberry for emails etc buy the cheaper 79 dollars curve. Simple. They are not putting guns to your head.. IF the contracts etc are too expensive get a house phone.. There is no rule saying you have to have the latest technology.

    • Franklin says:

      S, do you actually live in Bermuda? Of course you need to have the latest/greatest! In fact, it often seems like the poorer one is, the more this sort of thing is a definite “need”!

  10. Brasco says:

    All we ask is to be realistic in what ever the price may be….FYI the phone is locked, not unlocked….they giving us the unlocked price…..if it smells fishy, it must be a fish

  11. Totally Disgusted says:

    Now if they are selling these phones for 1/2 off in the US already what does that tell you.

  12. MCFC says:

    The phones are sold in Bermuda, Sim locked, on a 2 year contract without a warranty, sold at a price that is the unlocked price and a lot more. Phones are sold cheaper under contract because after 2 years not only have you paid for the phone out of your $99 a month but also your cell services and a whole heap of profit on top. These people will shaft you because they can. Frankly I could not care less as long as Digicel has nothing to do with sponsoring the next world cup through ZFB. That was honestly the worst picture, sound, commentary and advertisement I have ever seen. So bad that I opted to watch a pirate feed on the internet. Thank you for ruining the world cup for me and many other Bermudians Digicel. In 4 years time I will have a petition going to stop you ruining it again.

    • Yng Black Mind says:

      @MCFC – You can’t be serious? You are blaming Digicel for the terrible footage provided by the Bermuda Broadcasting Company? Trust and believe, Digicel will not be sponsoring events with the BBC just because of that fact – - the service they provide is sub-standard. So the sound, picture quality, commentary and ads were all on BBC, not Digicel. I understand how the ad/sponsorship game goes in Bermuda – - Digicel probably only paid funds for the sponsorship, then BBC did everything else, thus they (BBC) are fully to blame for the coverage.

  13. MCFC says:

    @ YNG Black Mind: I am serious, and I am not just blaming Digicel. But if Digicel did not enter into a contract with BBC then BBC would have had no right to request Cable to block all other channels who were covering the world cup. It is that advertising agreement that took away my freedom of choice to watch football on sports channels I pay for on a monthly basis. Yes there were other sponsors but Digicel were the main sponsor, the main reason why we had sub-standard coverage. From your previous comments in this discussion I can see that you are very Pro-Digicel which gives me cause to believe that you hold a vested interest in the company. My suggestion to you would be for the next world cup to set up a live stream sponsored by Digicel where you can advertise and also reach the masses with a better quality picture and sound also accessable in the work place. Bypass BBC all together, dont give them anymore money for their substandard service! But remember anytime you endorse something through sponsorship, that element ultimately represent you the Company and in this particular instance, it came across very badly indeed. Oh and yes Digicels phones are expensive, the customer service is not great, when you upgraded your network I lost coverage for a couple of days, my phone and bbm has never worked properly since, but realisticly this is what you can expect in Bermuda for everything, sub-standard services no matter what it is. But I don’t really care as long as I can watch the world cup in some sort of 1st world resolution.

    • Yng Black Mind says:

      @MCFC – First, No – I do not have any interest (financial or otherwise) in Digicel Bermuda or Digicel Internationally. (that was funny, actually – lol) Your anger should be focused solely on the Broadcast commission and the law in regards to broadcasting rights. It is that legislation that allowed BBC to request a blackout for the World Cup on Bda Cablevision – - again, it had nothing to do with the sponsorship of Digicel. But you are right – if Digicel had not sponsored the World Cup, the BBC would have never been able to get the rights to broadcast solely on their channels, thus it a long, about way – you could lay 2% of the blame for THE BBC’S CRAPPY SERVICE on Digicel.

      Additionally, I believe your suggestions on a live stream broadcast of the World Cup is a terrific idea and hopefully, a local company like Digicel is reading this blog and will take that suggestion under consideration.

      I will suggest though that if you feel that “realisticly this is what you can expect in Bermuda for everything, sub-standard services no matter what it is”, perhaps you may not want to stay – just a thought.

      • MCFC says:

        Understood and no I don’t want to leave, I would like to in fact concentrate my energies at making the situation better for all. By situation I mean the many issues we in Bermuda present ourselves with.

  14. Call as it is says:

    and there you have it ladies and Gentlemen…

    BDA Sux
    BUY USA!

  15. Legacy says:

    The $549 is the same price as buying it in the states! I was just in Chicago and AT&T was selling it out right (without) a contract for the same price. All in all u can’t expect a business to sell a product in Bermy without making some profit to 1. Pay employees, 2. Stay in business, 3. Make earning profit. Wouldn’t make sense to be in business! Now, with that said, Buy Bermuda but shop around first!

  16. T says:

    DigiCel is BDA is outright terrible!!! Anoth reason for DigiTELL to TELL all your business!