RIM Tech Issues Affected BB Messenger

September 16, 2011

Digicel wishes to advise the public that “Research in Motion [RIM] is experiencing a service issue affecting BlackBerry Messenger, which may cause delays in sending or receiving instant messages, transferring files, or updating statuses. This issue is not limited to Digicel customers, as it is affecting BlackBerry customers across the region.”

“Digicel wishes to thank our BlackBerry customers for their patience while RIM BlackBerry support teams are working to resolve the issue.”

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  1. bermudian says:

    Thanks Digicel for the notice, to my knowledge my carrier hasent said anything.

  2. Brock says:

    Simple solution for Blackberry users: go for the superior Android, iPhone, and even WP7 platforms and leave RIM and their outdated “trying to play catch up” Blackberries behind!