Tech Issues Affect Blackberry Messenger

October 12, 2011

blackberry[Updated] Technical issues are affecting BlackBerry Messenger, email and web browsing this morning [Oct.12], due to a service issue being experienced by BlackBerry maker Research in Motion.

A Digicel spokesperson said, “Digicel wishes to advise the public that Research in Motion (RIM) is experiencing a service issue affecting BlackBerry Messenger, email and web browsing. This issue is not limited to Digicel customers, as it is affecting BlackBerry customers across the region.”

“Digicel wishes to thank our BlackBerry customers for their patience while RIM BlackBerry support teams are working to resolve the issue.”

The issue is far from Bermuda specific, with Bloomberg reporting that: “Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM)’s BlackBerry service remained disrupted for a third day in the U.K. and India after a switching failure caused snags across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.”

The UK’s Sky News reports that, “Millions of BlackBerry customers across the world have been left without email or text services for a third day. Users in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Brazil, Chile and Argentina have continued to report problems with their devices.”

RIM issued a statement today saying, “BlackBerry subscribers in the Americas may be experiencing intermittent service delays this morning. We are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and we apologize to our customers for any inconvenience. We will provide a further update as soon as more information is available.”

Update 10.15am: A CellOne spokesperson said, “CellOne wishes to advise the public and it’s BlackBerry customers that they may experience BBM, email and internet issues.”

“Research in Motion (RIM), the makers of BlackBerry, are experiencing issues with their network and all customers across the region are likely to be affected. RIM representatives have been in contact and are working hard on resolving things.”

“Please note that this issue is not limited to CellOne customers, but rather is an outage region wide. We will look to update the public and our customers of any resolutions to this issue. In the meantime we appreciate your patience.”

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  1. WTH says:

    Time for Everyone to switch to the iphone!

    • Blackberry, aka crackberry, aka hackleberry, aka trashberry……dont know how to make a phone. BB users need real innovative technology like the iPhone and samsung android…..No wonder BB can’t compete coz it don’t even qualify for the race.

      • Brock says:

        RIM is literally a dinosaur that has tried so hard to catch up to its main competitors in Apple and Google because late in the game they realized they were stagnating and weren’t moving with the times. When you rest on your laurels, you’re pretty much screwed and you get overtaken. RIM should really go 3rd party because outside of BDA, several European regions, and Canada, their mindshare has taken a huge fall.

  2. AJ says:


  3. wondering says:

    it is funny how Digicel will send out text reminders to people if their bill is 30 seconds late or when they want you to play their silly promotional games for $1 a text but sends NOTHING when the service you pay for is down……how’s that for customer service?

    • SuperMom says:

      Uh… They CAN’T send anything…. the system is down….

      • me says:

        phone and text are working… read above

        • wondering says:

          my how the shoe is on the other foot when the people who cry dummy are actually genetically linked to the mannequin clan….

      • wondering says:

        “(RIM) is experiencing a service issue affecting BlackBerry Messenger, email and web browsing.”

        do you see “text” in there?

    • Onion says:

      Seconded! customer care at Digicel is a joke.

    • Mars says:

      I asked them the same question earlier this year after one such issue and was told that if they send text messages to everyone it will overload an already taxed system. So the only way you actually find out there is an issue is when your phone starts to act up and you call Digicel. SMH

    • Peaches & Cream says:

      EXACTLY! Point Taken!

  4. Gabbani says:

    How can they send you a text when the sevice is down (DUMMY) Use your Brain if you have any that is!!! They said BMM And Text is down, what part you don’t understand?

    • Onion says:

      Text isn’t down, and it isn’t even mentioned. Oh and by the way Brian is capitalized brain is not. Otherwise you look like a…. (DUMMY).

      • Annoyed says:

        Text is working just fine “Gabbani”, what part don’t you understand?

  5. Warren says:

    geez im in south africa and havent had any access to anything i hope blackberry is actually goona do something to recompese there users

  6. Jayess says:

    The fact that it’s hitting Bermuda today vs. everyone else getting fixed on their day 3 of no data is extremely worrying.. Us overseas students hoped that it would be fixed today, not get worse..

  7. love & light says:

    hey people – here’s your chance to actually HAVE A LIVE TELEPHONE CONVERSATION with someone today! what a novel concept!

    • Terry says:

      Or actualy stop and have a verbal one. Another human aspect that will soon die off.

      • Scott says:

        lol telephone conversation is verbal :P

        ….just saying hehe

  8. WTH???? says:

    They need to hurry up im dying here

  9. FedUp says:

    CellOne is no better…too bad we only have a choice of Digicel or CellOne

    • MUFC says:

      At the Rep I spoke to at CellOne yesterday is completely unaware of the latest iPhone 4S just launched. SMH!!

  10. #FYI says:

    TEXT does work it says BBM, EMAIL, and WEB BROWSING

    • wondering says:

      thanks….yet another person who CAN read and isn’t born just to be negative (@ the person who cried “DUMMY”)

  11. OMG says:

    Well maybe people can go back to the old fashion way…..have a face to face conversation or just pick up a phone and actually dail the number and talk to someone! Isn’t that what we use to do before all this modern technology?

    • uk student says:

      perhaps it would be easy for you to go back to your old fashion ways. but since I am only 18, I cannot go back too far! :)

      The people that are really being affected here are business people. Not much people stay glued to a computer all day anymore. Which is why electronics like Blackberries, Iphones and other smartphones have been invented. This is the 3rd day in the UK, not having on the go email is an inconvenience for me and I am only a student. So I can feel for the business people.

      & “pick up a phone and actually dial a number” ? I have the option of doing that. But on my student budget I do not have money to blow to call my parents and siblings (that all live in different countries) because it is very expensive. I am use to speaking to them every day. So not having my unlimited BBM is quite upsetting, especially since this is my first year being away from my family.

      • And... says:

        If you have the money for a BB, you have the money for a phone card… SMH please…

  12. Bri says:

    How are Cellone and Digicel getting fingers pointed at them?? Confused…because clearly the above story states that the issue lies with RIM….the makers of Blackberry. Its a worldwide issue…go easy on our local cell service providers. #umjustsaying…

    • Onion says:

      Bc we THE CUSTOMERS are being informed secondhand by the newspaper (or Bernews) that there is an issue affecting our service. We pay these companies for service if it’s interrupted why can they not inform us directly about it. Bad customer service. I would appreciate being notified of this rather than Digicel Hangman or wahtever game they are trying to get you to play that costs $.

      • Mars says:

        Exactly…they can send those SMS about your bills and all those services but can’t notify paying customers about issues. SMH

      • Fed Up says:

        Totally agree

      • Scott says:

        dunno about you guys but ive had two emails and a text just today.

        • Scott says:

          i do laugh though. you lot dont blame the person that broke the system, just the person that didnt tell you about it?

          yes the game texts are annoying, but really, what would you do if you found out from digicel, and not bernews that bb data was down? Would it really make a difference? would you have planned alternative ways to get your fb? or would you just have said shit, bb data is down…

          at the end of the day would it have changed anything? no.. your data would still be down, and im sure you’d still be bitching at digicel.

          trust, i hate on them too, but theres a time to hate (ie when their upgrade failed miserable) vs a time to let it be (when RIM in CANADA fails miserable)/.

  13. livite says:

    who do you think informs bernews and RG to tell Bda? the boogeyman? Cellone and Digicel obviously…

    • Bri says:

      I’m with you livite! I was just tryna understand where people get off sometimes…that’s all. We all know we don’t need a message to our phone to inform us of something we are already aware of.’Data service has been interupted’ for whatever the reason is. It’s becomes obvious…your’s doesn’t work…your boo’s doesn’t work…and ya best friend’s doesn’t t work…clearly there is an issue. Or mmmmaybe that’s just me and my common sense!

      • Onion says:

        @ Bri i wouldn’t call it obvious. Having RIM with an issue and having Digicel with an issue are two different things. If Digicel is having issues I can put my phone on wifi at work and home to use my data services. If RIM is having issues i can’t. It might seem like a slight inconvenience to you but I use my phone for work and it’s a big inconvenience. If I have lost the use of data on my phone for an indeterminable length of time i would like to know about it. Digicel has a way of mass communicating with people why not tell your customers what is going on.

  14. white christ says:

    Could this by any chance be related to the wall street protests which are receiving ZERO coverage by the biased media? Apparently blackouts are common when too much truth is being passed around. Just a thought.

  15. Sunshine says:

    OMG people build a bridge and get over it. You won’t die without your BBM, text works and the phone service itself works so pick up a phone if it’s a real damn emergency. Some people are such babies! But I must say RIM really need to get it together with these network issues

  16. wondering says:

    Digicel listened— I received a text stating the obvious – my expensive service is out!!!

  17. sweet'en'sour says:

    3rd day here in Nigeria too…m soo frustrated,literally!!! My BB is my mini office,feels like a part of me is sleeping wen I nid it up n running..R.I.M pleeeaaaassseEeee!! *sObs*

  18. Former employee says:

    If anyone is concerned about customer service in the wireless industry in Bermuda, please ask your local MP and/or Trade Union Leader why the merger between Cellularone and M3 eliminated every single unionised position that previously existed in the local wireless industry. Then, ask whether the current duopoly has taken customer service to higher heights or deeper depths by establishing productive labour relations in the workplace, minus the interference of the unions. Finally, ask yourselves if the non-unionised employees are more productive today due to the lack of negotiating rights in the workplace, especially since they can be fired or made redundant at the drop of a hat.