Police Statement on Man Briefly Escaping

December 2, 2010

[Updated] As Bernews initially reported yesterday [Dec 1], a man escaped custody during the afternoon, however was quickly caught by Police officers.

The Police have officially confirmed the incident, saying that suspect was a 19-year-old Devonshire man, and that he “was being processed at Hamilton Police Station when the teenager allegedly assaulted a Police officer and fled the premises on foot.”  The Police officer was not injured.

The man was quickly located by Police and taken back into custody, and is expected to make a court appearance in due course.

An eyewitness told us the person “just took off“ and the Police gave chase until they ran out of his eye view. He then said additional Police officers responded, and there were Police “everywhere“.

Update Dec 20, 2011: 19-year-old Jahmeiko Perkins was charged in Court, and admitted to escaping from lawful custody.

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