19-Year-Old Briefly Escapes Police Custody

December 1, 2010

[Updated] A short while ago this afternoon (Dec 1) a person took off running and escaped from Police custody in Hamilton, however was quickly taken back into custody.

An eyewitness told us the person “just took off“ and the Police gave chase until they ran out of his eye view. He then said additional Police officers responded, and there were Police “everywhere“.

We understand the man has been taken back into Police custody. We will update with official information as available.

Update Dec 2: Police confirm, saying “It appears that around 1:30pm on Wednesday, a 19 year old Devonshire man was being processed at Hamilton Police Station when the teenager allegedly assaulted a Police officer and fled the premises on foot. The Devonshire man was quickly located by Police and taken back into custody. The Police officer was not injured. A court appearance for the 19 year old Devonshire man is anticipated in due course.”

Update Dec 20, 2011: 19-year-old Jahmeiko Perkins was charged in Court, and admitted to escaping from lawful custody.

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  1. ABC says:

    So comforting… I have so much faith in our half a$$ police force. Way to go you actually ran after the guy this time.

    • enough says:

      If by “this time” you are referring to Maybury, that was the Prison Service that let him run off.

      • Sara says:

        Um, so you’re saying that Mr. Maybury was not being escorted by POLICE at the time of his escape?

        • enough says:

          Um…that’s exactly what I’m saying and can easily proved if you had half a brain but I guess your hatred for the Police Service clouds your judgement.


          • Sara says:

            I don’t have ANY hatred for police, never said that. Don’t put strong words in people’s mouths!! I have nothing but respect for the police thank you!!

          • Sara says:

            Please show me in my post WHERE I said I hated the police? Grow up!!

            • enough says:

              I was merely guessing what reasons you could possibly have for not knowing that it was prisons and not police, a fact so easily found it’s ridiculous.
              You seemed incredulous when I quite clearly stated it was prisons that let him run off. You strike me as just one of the many that come on here and slam police for everything they do wrong, and there’s plenty, more than enough in fact that they don’t need people like your good self to apportion blame where it doesn’t belong.

              • Sara says:

                Well, you know VERY WELL what assuming does! I don’t slam the police, ever! Because I know their jobs are NOT easy. Don’t out words in people’s mouths, plain and simple ASS U ME!

                • enough says:

                  Fair enough so why when I say unambiguously that it was prisons that let Maybury go did you post something in the language and with the emphasis that you did? Explain that and I’ll be better able to believe you’re not just a bandwagon jumper.

        • ok says:

          You dont know the difference between Prisons and Police? Where do you live? You didnt see Lt. Colonel Lambe come of TV and say he doesnt know how this happened and he will ensure the incident investigated. He is the Commissioner of Prisons.

          • Fear Not says:

            With the regiments new inflatable boat on stand-by, those b&sta*ds never stood a chance.

          • Sara says:

            Get over yourself, FOR REAL!!!

  2. UncleElvis says:

    How the HELL does this happen? Don’t they have hands on them?

    Hell, Handcuff them to yourselves if you have to.

    This shouldn’t keep happening!

    • Tigga says:

      Oh God – it’s armchair cop time in Bermuda again!

      • UncleElvis says:

        Sorry. Wasn’t aware that we weren’t allowed to express our opinions on things.
        Will you be making comments like that to everyone who does this, or just me?

        • Tigga says:

          Just you – or anyone else that fires from the hip (or any other body part in the proximity of the hips) without knowing what the hell they are talking about…..

          • UncleElvis says:

            What exactly did I say that was “Firing from the hip”?

            “How the HELL does this happen? Don’t they have hands on them?”

            Those are questions. How DOES this happen? How DO these guys keep running away? DON’T they have hands on them?

            “Hell, Handcuff them to yourselves if you have to.”

            This has happened before. This year. It made it into the International News… and not in a good way.
            Why is this suggestion evidence that I don’t know “what the hell [I'm] talking about”?

            “This shouldn’t keep happening!”

            I HOPE that this isn’t the part that spurred your comment.
            I HOPE you aren’t saying that it SHOULD keep happening. I really hope so.

            SO… which part of that was me “firing from the hip (or wherever)” without knowing what the hell I’m talking about”?

            I won’t hold my breath for a straight answer.

            • Tigga says:

              FIring from the hip – ‘How the hell did this happen’ ‘Dont they have hands on them’ Anyone who puts their mind into gear before they put their mouth into motion would realize that the officers take multiple prisoners at a time across to HMC in the morning – not ideal, but factual – I have 2 hands – you can figure out the rest. Sure they could draft in more cops off the street to take them across, but then no doubt you would complain from your armchair about a lack of police presence because cops are tied up in court. The reality is that EVERY country has escapes and my cursory research shows me that our numbers of incidents are remarkably small by comparison. I invite your research to prove the contrary.

              ‘Handcuff them to yourselves’ – Again – multiple prisoners, two hands etc. Not to mention that it is INCREDIBLY unsafe to handcuff a person to you. I appreciate that a lot of the armchair posse dont care much for the right of our cops to go home safe, but Im sure to the cops it is a priority. I would rather the offender escape and be recaptured than see him seriously assault one of the men and women who protect us (more than you will ever know) while trying to escape. If he is hell bent and is handcuffed to you…Im sure you can figure out the rest.

              ‘This shouldnt keep happening’ – thank you captain obvious!!

              So – no doubt this wont be a straight enough answer to your feeble reactionary response to an incident that was brief and ended up with the offender being caught. Fire from the hip = talking before you think.

              But – hey – walk a mile – http://www.bermudapolice.com/recruitment.htm

              • UncleElvis says:

                No, it won’t be a straight enough answer, because you are talking out of your ass, making ad hominem attacks and assigning motivations that aren’t there.

                Since you’re so “researched” (yet have shown none), how many of these countries that have escapes have them in the TINY amount of space these men are transported?

                But what I find so offensive about your post is the constant attacks: The initial assumption that I don’t know what I’m talking about, based on… nothing. You have no idea what my experiences are; then this “no doubt you would complain from your armchair about a lack of police presence because cops are tied up in court”, which is an argument I have never made and was said in an attempt to defuse my argument. How many prisoners were transported that morning? How many are transported at one time on average? You’ve done the research. How many? How long does it take to take them across? Is it at a set time? Your argument seems to be based – besides the basis that people shouldn’t express opinions that you don’t like… or is it people that you don’t like shouldn’t express opinions? The “armchair posse” you speak of (which seems to consist of… well… me, at this point, since you haven’t said, as far as I can see, ANYTHING to ANYONE else about comments made, leaving the impression that this is a personal thing and not one based on principles – on the danger our policemen and women are in while transporting prisoners across to court (and I say policemen and not Prison Officers because you did. In my post I didn’t specify.), but this argument just doesn’t hold up. Surely the prisoners have their wrists handcuffed, alleviating SOME of the danger. If not, why not? How is handcuffing a prisoner to yourself while you transport them across the street, a practice that happens all over the world, more dangerous here in Bermuda, for the… how far is it that they’re transported?

                Your argument is ridiculous and seems obvious that you aren’t opposing the things I said, but me, personally, as you keep attacking me with statements like, “I appreciate that a lot of the armchair posse dont care much for the right of our cops to go home safe”, the name calling, “feeble reactionary response”, etc.

                To act like I shouldn’t make a comment or ask questions when something like this happens is… well, it’s disgusting.

                • Tigga says:

                  Attack you personally? Are you someone I should know? Are you a famous celeb/politician/rock star? Are you some legendary iternet blogger that I should know about? Settle down big guy, Im sure you are someone really special, whether in your own mind or otherwise, but I dont know you from Adam so I have no reason to attack you personally.

                  What I can tell, what is abundantly obvious, is that you dont actually have any experience in policing, or taking prisoners across a TINY amount of space to court. I can also tell that you appear to like muddy water – statements like I am attempting to ‘defuse your argument’ and ‘people shouldnt express opinions that I dont like’ are weak – in reality I believe that you are perfectly entitled to your opinion – I just think in this instance, yours is horseshit! I dont care to defuse your argument – you dont present an argument, you simply make inflamatory remarks without having any basis for your comments – if I am wrong,please tell me. Please tell me that you have the experience or knowledge that solidifies your comments. Now that’s not to say that your ‘comments’ arent of value – they are actually very valuable – it enables people with the knowledge of how things actually do work to share this knowledge with legitimate enquiring minds. Hopefully most people will say – ‘Oh I see’ – when presented with the reality of the situation. Not that they have to – which is why I attached the link at the bottom of my last message.

                  As for ARMCHAIR POSSE – ego alert – not directed at you as an individual, but rather those who attack the efforts of the police, when it is not warranted (no problem when it is warranted) from behind a computer screen. Sorry if that makes you feel a little….deflated. (ah hell – maybe that was personal)

                  But I do have a few questions – how does having a prisoner’s wrists handcuffed prevent him from running or seriously assaulting an officer? Do you really not understand the dangers of having a person, sometimes a murderer/rapist/addict etc. handcuffed to your person? Do you know for a FACT that they do it ‘all over the world’? Or are prisoners shackled at the feet and to each other and driven directly into a secured courthouse? As for my research on the latter and incidents of escape in other jurisdictions – just google it – I did before I opened my mouth…….

                  Love to keep this going, but I gotta go – got a thankless job to do – have a safe weekend.

                  • UncleElvis says:

                    And that’s exactly the response I was expecting. Nothing but ad hominems and evasions, based on NOTHING.

                    Your entire argument is completely ridiculous, denouncing people for posting on a website.

                    I did rather like how you evaded answering any questions by posing questions yourself.

                    I have no idea why you feel the need to target me (which is undeniable. Others have made MUCH more inflammatory statements than the questions I asked, but I see NOTHING from you towards them… even though you claimed you’d do that), but… whatever. Enjoy your “thankless job”, whatever that is.

                    • Tigga says:

                      ‘Your entire argument is completely ridiculous, denouncing people for posting on a website.’ Another muddy water statement – Im not denouncing people for posting on the internet – I am denouncing what they are saying on the internet. I am doing so as someone who in these circumstances actually knows what they are talking about. You seem to take great offence to someone who opposes your views. Or is this just your way of presenting nothing arguments? Perhaps you are just an argumetative person with a penchant for CAPITAL letters.

                      I havent answered your questions because they have no bearing on the argument at hand. ‘How many are transported?’ ‘How long does it take’ etc. What diffence does that make? If there are ten cops and one prisoner who wants to escape – he’s gonna try! If there are 10 prisoners and one cop and one wants to escape – hes gonna try. The reality is that the present task of taking prisoners across a street to court invites escape and it is unacceptable. But that doesnt mean to say that a cop should go hadcufing himself to someone to prevent escape. nor does it mean that if a prisoner escapes the police officer has been negligent. Prisoners go over to court every week day, sometimes twice a day. Every now and then, one decides to run for it and gets caught a few blocks away, rarer still, one gets away for an extended period before getting caught. The uninformed think that it is an epic failure by the police/prisons and undoubtedly, it is a failure, but your suggestions would lead to a much more unsatisfactory outcome, and your hostile comments directed at the police come across as contemptuous. My response was intended to show you how ridiculous your knee jerk statememts are ie handcuffing a prisoner to you etc. How you and others appear to have read an article and type before you think, or if you do indeed think, how your thought process is flawed. My questions, that apparently you are allowed to ask, but others arent, are a means of encouraging thought in the hope that truly open minded people will consider their answers and gain a better understanding of the real situation. I suspect however that you are being disingenuous and that you realize what I am getting at.

                    • UncleElvis says:

                      No, you are completely wrong, and your continued rewriting of reality, misrepresentation of what I said, as well as your continued lack of response to ANYONE else (oh, I use capital letters for emphasis, a completely acceptable style choice anywhere else, but you seem to just want to find fault with anything I say. I wonder why that is) and repeated ad hominem attacks (in other words, commenting on ME and my motivations, rather than the things I actually say. I feel I have to explain as you don’t seem to understand what the phrase means.) show that you seem to have some sort of problem with me, rather than what I said.

                      You’re the one that became argumentative and agressive with your first post, yet you are attempting to paint me as the argumentative one. You claim I seem to take offense at people opposing my view. This is untrue. I DO take offense at people rewriting what I say, taking potshots at me for no apparent reason, making baseless accusations because they have no real argument and feel the need to malign or defame me because of some obvious personal grudge that they disingenuously refuse to admit to.

                      To address your points, though, since you can’t seem to address mine: “What difference does [the distance transported] make?”
                      YOU brought up that escape attempts happen in other countries. I think it’s an important distinction that here, they attempt it AND HAVE SUCCEEDED, RECENTLY, in the span of time and distance that it takes to cross the street! How many other jurisdictions have repeated attempts and have had a recent successful attempt that made international news, in that small a space? I think that’s important.

                      You say “If there are ten cops and one prisoner who wants to escape – he’s gonna try!” Yep. he sure is. He’s NOT however going to succeed. He’s not going to be hanging out on Facebook later in the day.

                      But God forbid I, a citizen and a taxpayer, express surprise, shock and outrage at it, right?

                      That’s the original point, isn’t it? I was shocked at yet another escape and asked how it can happen and you saw a way to start trouble.

                      I find your misrepresentations and projections disgusting.

                      “The uninformed think that it is an epic failure by the police/prisons and undoubtedly, it is a failure, but your suggestions would lead to a much more unsatisfactory outcome, and your hostile comments directed at the police come across as contemptuous.”

                      I never said “Epic failure”, I never even said failure. YOU, however DID say that it was a failure. I didn’t.

                      I’d also like you to point out exactly how my comments were hostile or contemptuous and how they were moreso than others made here on this thread and then, please, explain why you are wasting so much time making these accusations and denunciations against me and me alone. You say “you and others”, but you haven’t said one word to anyone else. Just me.

                      Nah. You got nothing against me, personally. No way. You just attack and lie about total strangers all the time, right?

  3. Brasco says:

    Crazy Glue still works right?…lol….It should have been real easy to catch him though with half of the police force partolling stop signs today…..

  4. crazytalk says:

    Why don’t the police use ankle shackles? They are low-cost and would be very effective in stopping this from ever happening. The public deserve protection from this happening.

    • Brasco says:

      They’re only used if you have an outdated warrant to walk you across the street from Police Station to Magistrates Court…..damn, this country in funny

      • ok says:

        If it is so bad here, LEAVE!!! You are so negative!! No wonder we have so many issues in Bermuda negative people like you..

    • enough says:

      Not used by the Police Service, only prisons.

  5. HOTT HEAD says:

    hahahhahahahahahahahaah stop micing cause clearly the police force still are!!!

  6. Boss Lady says:

    Obviously they didn’t learn from Alvon. Duhh! Police stay lookin’ stupid! Geesh and this is where my TRUST should lie??

    • enough says:

      Nah, just trust in God, that’s working out real well.

  7. terry says:

    Don’t you guys have anything else to do. People do things out of frustration. Get real. And you wonder why we are where we are………………….

  8. Sin Seer says:

    They caught him and that’s that. They’re police not super cyborgs from planet X or robocops.

  9. get a clue says:

    No they didnt get away from the police the last time it was the prison service, and if you feel the police service is half a$$ why dont you go and join them and lend them your assistance instead of criticzing everything they do!

  10. The Truth Hurts says:

    Why do people still blame the police for Alvonne Maybury? Police had nothing to do with that! He ran from prisons. Police caught him after their manhunt.
    I’ve seen a few articles on here where police have done some great work. Those posts go umcommented and don’t get a hint of recognition. We all want to jump on the negative issues, but any chance we get to slag them off then we do.
    Those boys and girls work hard. When we are sleeping they are the ones out in the rain and the cold babysitting our community. I say babysitting because the majority of their time is spent doing just that. Oh, and dealing with every fender bender that the public calls them for.

    • ok says:

      Very well said! People on here like jumping on the bad reports. No one was on here saying job welldone when POLICE not Prisons actually caught Alvon. No they were actually egging him on. But if someone shot one of their family memebers what 3 digit number they call??

    • Arthur Raynor - Atlanta says:

      I agree with you except for one comment! They are men and women and not ‘boys and girls’
      In the past a lot of harm, bad feelings and death has come about because of those particular words, especially in a racial setting.
      You may not have meant to use it in those terms, but please, please be mindful of that in the future.

  11. areUserious? says:

    “Run Forest Run!” ……All in a days work!!! At least they caught him!!!!

  12. Lisa says:

    Ah, actually it was a joint team of Police and Correctional officers that apprehended Maybury, not just Police.

  13. Tigga says:

    Who else am I gonna address my posts to? You’re the only one responding!!!! Malign? Defame? Man – I had to google defame, because I thought for a second they had changed the meaning on me. I have seen on other blogs where people use this one to stifle the discussion. Re-writing what you say, taking potshots – wow – I have read and re-read this thread and Im damned if I can see your logic there.

    My words exactly – ‘The uninformed think that it is an epic failure by the police/prisons’ – no reference to your name or you personally. I did say and standby the fact that when a prisoner escapes it is a failure. As a matter of fact it is a punishable offence for the officer in charge of the prisoner at the time. My points, if you open your mind a bit, are abundantly clear – your comments (copy and paste to avoid accusations of ‘defamation’) were ‘“Hell, Handcuff them to yourselves if you have to.” My response was that that was an assinine suggestion – for which I gave a supporting reasons. This viewpoint is perfectly logical and quite obvious. I’m sure you were just trying to be helpful right – you know maybe suggesting something that the police hadnt thought of – right?

    Your question ‘Dont they have hands on them’ – again – addressed and answered with a perfectly logical and obvious explanation.

    There hav been escapes in the past and there will be in the future. If there was a tunnel across the street to the court these esapes would be harder to commit. But there isnt. If staffing allowed 50 cops to make take the prisoners across the street then we would see less escapes, but that isnt practical. The whole ‘crossing the street’ issue is a hang up for you and begs the question – at what distance does the escape become a bit more acceptable to you? Prisoners escape maximum security prisons – so what makes you think that crossing the street should be more secure?

    ‘But God forbid I, a citizen and a taxpayer, express surprise, shock and outrage at it, right?’ You can express whatever you like – but so can I.

    I do however apreciate you providing me with a very astute definition of ad hominem – big latin words arent my forte.

  14. UncleElvis says:

    No, but the usage of what they describe certainly is, isn’t it?

    More avoidance, more rewriting of reality and more nonsense.

    You’re still cherrypicking my posts and evading the points you can’t twist and, most importantly, still haven’t posted ANYTHING to anyone else, even though FAR worse things have been said about the police force by others, which leads me, it has to be said again, that you seem to have a problem with me, personally.

    You obviously don’t actually have a problem with what I actually said, as you have made up whole new realities where I said things that in this one, I didn’t.

    “Re-writing what you say, taking potshots – wow – I have read and re-read this thread and Im damned if I can see your logic there.”

    You may not be able to see my logic, but you haven’t denied doing it. Interesting that.

    I have no idea what your problem is with me, but it seems to be deep-seeded.

    When you have the courage to actually have a conversation without belligerence, agressiveness, baseless accusations, semantics games, logical fallacies and personal attacks, then you MIGHT have a point.

    However, as long as you continue with these, you’ll just be another troll trying to cause trouble on a website.

    • Tigga says:

      Again, you are the only one on the board that is responding to my posts – you were the first one to respond and each time I answered your questions – I dont talk to imaginary friends!! I have no problem with you (deep seated or otherwise) you really need to get over that – I have no clue who you are. This is getting almost comedic.

      I have made no accusations, personal attacks or logical falacies.For your benefit, as you seek to do nothing more than deconstruct my argument – I am not taking pot-shots at you. I am no troll, I am a person who has strong beliefs that are contrary to your point of view. I suspect that is your problem – that freedom of speach thing entitles me to have an opinion as well as you, and until I hear he pitter patter of jack-boots outside my door, I will continue to express it, whether it hurts your feelings or not.

      Bored now….

      • UncleElvis says:

        Nope. None of that rings true.

        You said, in your second post to me, that you would “be making comments like that to”… “anyone else that fires from the hip (or any other body part in the proximity of the hips) without knowing what the hell they are talking about…”

        That’s what you have said.

        You haven’t done this, indicating, along with all the other things mentioned (and again, a personal attack doesn’t mean you have to know the person. I thought you said you looked up “ad hominem”…)

        This was my favourite section…
        “I am a person who has strong beliefs that are contrary to your point of view.”

        Which, is SUCH a great argument, if it was true. It’s not, though, is it?
        You didn’t start with expressing a contrary point of view, you made a personal attack with the “armchair cop” comment, indicating that you do, in fact, think that I shouldn’t express MY opinion.

        “I suspect that is your problem – that freedom of speach thing entitles me to have an opinion as well as you, and until I hear he pitter patter of jack-boots outside my door, I will continue to express it, whether it hurts your feelings or not.”

        Wow… “freedom of speach [sic]” where have we heard this one before, spelled EXACTLY the same?

        It’s SUCH a troll move to, after expressing that they think you should shut up, accuse you of trying to silence them, trying to make it a moral battle.

        Dude, I don’t know what your problem is, but you are NOT fighting for “freedom of speach” you are, with your comments, telling me, over and over, that I should not post my opinions, then backing it up with lies and misinformation.

        I’m bored with you, so I’ll let you have the last word. I’m sure it will be yet another misrepresentation of what happened, painting me as the bad guy.

        So be it. If that’s what you need to entertain you.