Two Injured: Three Car Accident in St David’s

June 5, 2011

[Updated] This morning [June 5] there was a three car accident on Southside Road in St David’s in the area by the Pizza restaurant. There were three vehicles involved, with an SUV sustaining extremely serious damage in the accident:

accident southside bermuda june 5 11 (10)

A taxi also sustained serious front end damage, although not as extreme as the damage seen to the SUV.

accident southside bermuda june 5 11 (7)

The accident delayed the start of this morning’s Bermuda Bicycle Association’s cycling race, with the cyclists having to wait for the vehicles to cleared from the road prior to starting their race.

It is unclear exactly what transpired at this time, although we unofficially understand that at least one person was injured and is presently hospitalized. We will update with official information as able.

Update 2:30pm: Officials confirmed that at least one person was injured, however did not give specifics of the extent of those injuries at this time. The injured man is presently undergoing surgery.

Update 7:55pm: The Police said the accident occurred at 4:45am this morning, and both the driver of the SUV and taxi were injured, while the car driver was uninjured. The full Police statement is below:

Around 4:45am on Sunday, Police and first responders attended a reported three vehicle road traffic collision resulting in injury on Southside Road in St. George’s in the vicinity of the Southside Cinema.

It appears that a SUV, a car and a taxi were traveling along Southside Road when the collision occurred. The drivers of the SUV and the taxi, a 37 year old Pembroke man and a 41 year old Sandys parish man respectively, were injured and taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment. Their condition is unknown at this time.

The driver of the car, a 32 year old St. George’s man, was not injured. All three vehicles were extensively damaged. Inquiries into this incident are underway. Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with any information to contact PC Romeo Allen on 295-0011.

Update 11:45pm: The drivers of the SUV, a 37 year old Pembroke man, is listed in stable condition on a surgical ward and the driver of the taxi, a 41 year old Sandys parish man, has been discharged from the hospital.

Update June 6: The SUV driver remains in stable condition on a general ward this morning. Photo of all three cars after the accident early yesterday morning added below.


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  1. BermyGuy says:

    Oh My.
    Hope there was no life threatening injury considering the damage to the vehicles.

  2. luke says:

    Worst ,most inexperienced ,most inconsiderate drives anywere…Slow down and Indicate Bermuda !! look at your cars almost all of the have dents and you’ve only got 3 road that run parallel !

    • Just Sayin says:

      Ummm Luke… Let’s be honest… You know that is an exaggeration. Show me a country with no accidents or dented vehicles and I’ll send you a first class ticket back to reality. I’ve seen things far worst happen abroad than I’ve ever seen here. I’m not saying we are the best, but I’ve seen far worst! Commets like that make you look almost as bad as Dan (see below).

      • Cleancut says:

        That’s right. It’s not that Bermudians are bad drivers it’s that they don’t know their cars. These cars obviously were traveling at high speeds. if you are going to speed around Bermuda’s tiny roads at high speed get yourself a Sports car, recommend a Renault, you don’t see them mangled on the side. Polo, merc, BMW. And well maintained, stay away from the Kia’s, SUV.

    • bermyshotta says:

      @ luke – go back home bra. we don’t need your kind round here. if you don’t like it leave…and we def aint de most inexperienced, if you wanna drive in Bermy ya gotta be experienced. how you think we get around de bad drivers? there are far worse places…and as far as um concered de only dent on my trans is from a golf ball so stop ya noise!

      • wow says:

        “if you wanna drive in Bermy ya gotta be experienced. how do you think we get around all de bad drivers?”

        isn’t this a little contradictory? btw when you first got ya license, i’m sure you weren’t experienced, that comes with time…

    • LOL (original) says:

      Guess your’ve never been to Mexico then.

    • John says:

      agree with Luke – for an island there is too much accidents. Yes there are more accidents on the mainland, but the speed limit is also higher. The people living in Bermuda do not adhere to the laws and are very reckless when it comes to driving. Then again the police only enforce the speedlimit when it suits them. The guilty drivers in no specific order are: Bus drivers, truck drivers, watertank trucks, SUV and the young children on scooters

  3. Just Don't Understand says:

    Can someone please help me to understand what went wrong here. I cannot see how an accident like this could happen. People are just not paying attention and definitely traveling at speeds they cannot handle. Things that make you go Hmmm

  4. David Watson says:

    Women Drivers.

    • ninkybm says:

      You can say all you want about women drivers, but the fact still remains that the majority of accidents on this Island are at the hands of male drivers. Go figure…..

    • CM says:

      Ya that is a mature comment!!
      I am sure you know ALL the facts too!!!

    • Notorious says:

      David Watson what is your issue with women? Your mommy didn’t hug you enough as a child? Say what you want fact remains men get into more accidents than women and most road fatalities are men. Douche.

    • Just Don't Understand says:

      David what is it with you and women drivers. I guess you have never been in an accident in your life. “um just saying”

    • PUDDIN says:

      Who or where in this report does it say a FEMALE DRIVER????

    • Just Don't understand says:

      David Watson I’d have you to know that all three drivers were male, so please stop downing the women drivers.

  5. Dan says:

    Luke, well said! Bermudians are among the worst drivers in the world. I would rank them #1.

    I have travelled to many countries abroad and have driven on their roads. The degenerate drivers of Bermuda are the biggest threat. How can you get into an accident on a perfectly sunny day, roads are dry, clear visibility???? LOL!!!! Oh wait, the speed limit is 35kph, hahahaha.

    These people are buying SUV’s, BMW’s, fancy cars. Then they modify them and add rims, WTF??????Hahah, they can’t even drive a toyota starlet, however they have to buy the latest cars that hot the showrooms. Those cars need to be banned. There is no reason to drive an SUV on these narrow roads. Oh, and then the bermudians say ” We have no job, no money, can’t feed our kids yadda, yadda. Please- you live way above your means. Slow down and learn to drive

    • WTF says:


      That was the most hate filled and ignorant comment that I have seen on Bernews in a while. You do not know the circumstances of this accident, nor do you know who was driving the vehicle. You do not know if the person driving the SUV has a job, or kids or lives way above or below their means. In fact, you do not even know if this person was Bermudian or ex-pat. At any rate, who are you to judge?

      Perhaps it is time to look inward… Are you reflecting your current circumstances on this incident?

    • Just Sayin says:

      Okay Dan… That is a blanket statement make toward every Bermudian. Not all of us drive SUVs, get into accidents or have cars riddled with dents while crying foul about our income. Believe it or not, some of us can actually afford our high end cars and actually drive them and believe it or not some of us do live within our means. So Dan if you are a Bermudian, how about you buy a clue and if you aren’t, its folks like you who give our guest workers who actually have common sense a bad rep. Do any of those countries with the stellar drivers have any accidents??? I bet they do because accidents happen because people sometimes make mistakes and sometime idiots get behind the wheel (not to say that was he case his time) and I bet the next time you get behind the wheel that will be the case… So how about you keep your negetive blanket comments about Bermudians to a minimum and talk about specific people like I did when I called you and idiot!!!

    • Islander says:

      um have you ever driven in NYC and Jersey?…those people are idiots on the roads. Who are you to say we are Num 1.

    • Smitty says:


      It sounds to me that you need to save up for that ticket and GO BACK HOME if you don’t like how we live. You don’t think this happens anywhere else in the world? You’re an IDIOT!!!!

    • interesting says:

      “these people” hmmmmm who people were you speaking of?

    • asdfasdg !!! says:

      Have you seen these asain women drive ??? They are the worst hands down!!!!

  6. Renaissance Man says:

    That was a severe smash. Definitely speeding, as the damage is noticeably more than the iihs test for the CR-V, which is done at 40mph.

    Now, cue the supporters claiming all sorts of nonsense about not speeding, like they did for the Harrington Sound crash at Lolly’s Well back in January.

    Speed limits exist for a reason, and that is to minimise accidents and injury. If people followed them, or even stayed close, this kind of thing would be virtually non-existant.

    • kerprang says:

      Agreed .. I’m sure that Police investigators would more than likely classify this as a ‘crash’ than an ‘accident’ when all the fact are collected.

      On another note , why is it when someone gives an opinion that goes against the ‘Bermudian way’ others assume that the individual must be a foreigner ?

      I didn’t realize that all Bermudians have a set in concrete and uniform way of thinking …

  7. Original (Original) says:

    Lets see, a straight road, much of it divided, never busy impact of maybe 60 MPH. Wonder if we’ll hear the ‘patch of oil’ excuse again.

  8. Citizen Banned (Original) says:

    SUVs should be banned in Bda. Too big, too dangerous. Death machines.

    • Notorious says:

      I guess buses and trucks should be banned too.

      • bermerican says:

        Thank you. They must be mad they can’t afford a SUV.

        If anything needs to be banned is their mouth.

        • please says:

          SUV? $40,000 or $800 a month for a KIA…that’s why everyone and their momma has them…inexpensive. Now Mercedes / BMW, i can see your point…..

    • reality check says:

      it’s not that they’re too big it just that some ppl don’t know how to handle them. and DON’T get me started on their inability to park them let alone navigate them safely on our roads(that’s a whole new rant). These PRIVATE vehicles should have some sort of size requirement.

      • puh says:

        um they do have size requirements… they are called class size, the bigger the more expensive. This is how TCD works

  9. For real says:

    Men are the ones on the roads mostly getting killed in accidents yet David Watson wants to claim Women Drivers!
    Go figure!

  10. Dan is a fool says:

    Hey dan,

    You made a host of assumptions by looking at pictures and in the process you have managed to offended so many Bermudians. Not everyone who has a nice car is living above theory homeland but means,and not very accident is caused by reckless behavior. In the absence of facts you are guessing.

    Reading the comments on bernews is becoming sad and disheartening as many people are using this as a forum to spread hate.
    Dan I welcome anyone into my home land but if you don’t like it here you might have to exercise of your democratic options. Bernews it may be time to consider a registry so people can not hide. This is getting like the talk shows. A place for pseudo intellects and hate mongers.

    • puh says:

      >>>> so Dan is a fool is YOUR real name???? why don’t you lead by example….

  11. Citizen Banned (Original) says:

    Actually the worst drivers I ever saw were in France – and they are legendary for how bad they are. Bermuda though does have some of the worst drivers anywhere. There is no respect for the law or other road users. Accidents like this will continue to happen because people don’t learn how to drive properly. Also because people drive around in cars that are way too big for our roads.

    • Totally Agree! says:

      I totally agree! France was terrible when I stayed there! However as reckless as they drive in France, we do share the same bad habits such as speeding, lack of consideration and recklessness.

  12. Original (Original) says:

    I’m sure there is a sensible reason this accident happened. Late for church perhaps. The oil excuse I don’t think will work because the road is straight. The gas pedal sticking – now that excuse might work – and some lesser intelligent people might even believe it.

  13. SHUT UP says:

    All of u talking about Bermudians are the worst drivers need to shut up! None of u know what happened here cause u weren’t here!!!! Any one of these ppl driving these cars could have suffered a seizure, anyuresm or something of that sort just minutes before this crash so before u start talking crap shut up cause 9 times out of 10 none of you know what your talking about!!!!

  14. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    Didn’t know we had Dominoes Pizza here !!

  15. outkasted says:

    LMAO@ Dan. I’m 6’2, 360lbs., with 2 kids and wifey, no way I’m fitting in a Toyota Starlet. The speed limit is 35kph. We have motorcycles with 125-250cc engines. They don’t make 2 strokes anymore. The new bikes barely fit in a parking bay now-a-days.People are getting larger too.

    • Terry says:

      You poor thing. Let me call Pearman/Augustus/JZ Vallis/ et al….

      Were gonna need a bigger ‘kasted’……..

      It’s just a sign of the times. Everyone feels left out if they are not texing, tweeting, …..

      It’s all relative, no time for family …I just gotta say something because if I don’t others will think ””Um outdah dee loop””’

      Now time for my meds……..

  16. Terry says:

    Bloody UBP’s fault…..

  17. bermerican says:

    Y’all Bermudians love to run your mouths uno u people was not their to see the accidents!People have been seriously hurt bad injuries and not one have sent any heartfelt feelings to the families! Some Y’all can f-off with your opinions.
    Typical Bermudians. Some of u make me sick to my stomach.

    • Ami ex-pat proud to be in BDA says:

      bermerican may need to go back to texas where you can’t give America a bad name.

  18. [Edited], thats not you again I hope!!!!!

  19. The Messenger says:

    Sometimes I wonder why people even respond to these asinine comments. There are so many variables involved in an accident but people are quick to respond to the obvious and make a judgement. But one thing is clear, speed was involved (regardless of the condition the driver was in at the time of the crash). I have lived in the U.S. for many years and this type of damage I have seen on the interstate after a high speed collision. All parties involved should be grateful to be alive and the person who cause this crash (providing it was not medical condition) should be severely punished for risking the lives of others. Either way, their insurance company will not be pleased.

  20. bermydrive says:

    Perhaps we need to look at how the Bermudian driving test is done. My son did his here last summer before going to the UK for university and was amazed at how much stuff he was being told to do extra by his instructor there. Some parts of the test here are absolutely pointless, e.g. parallel parking between cones (surely parking behind one car would be a lot more useful) while some things aren’t even covered, e.g. checking your blind spot before taking off (this should be emphasised here with the number of motorbikes and cyclists and tourists on bikes who don’t even normally drive on the left side of the road). I’m not saying that because these weren’t done this terrible accident occurred but surely, given the number of road deaths each year, the driving tests for bikes and cars should be getting more stringent so we have more sensible drivers on the road

    • Terry says:

      Bermydrive….yah sumtin………

      Read your long last sentence.

      I am an accountant with a Phd in Sycullagee and a Masters in Ecconomics……….

      I work for the CIA and the Mossad and the KGB ( part time)…

      “More sensible drivers on the road”………………….Bwahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      • bermydrive says:

        Just cause you have a good degree and work for high profile companies doesn’t make you a sensible driver. I’m not saying that you aren’t a sensible driver but saying that’s why you are one is pretty stupid.

        • bermydrive says:

          Also surely someone with your qualifications wouldn’t blame this on a government party that is winding up!

      • Terry says:

        Bermydrive…yah so funny………”Paralell”…bwahaaa

        Read what you wote. Blind spots et al…gutt nuffin to do with parking behind another vehicle.

        If ones in front and there is a space and there is a veehikle within a cars space what yoo call det.,…..’Jee I wish I could taik det sput…….bwahaaaaaaaann howpe eye gutt ah steeker……..Yo!!! Yo!!! Hawsifer……det buy his two klose to me…hah um gunna gatt mighy minni hin der…….

        Yoo lutt away seahin Beal Zoool park his typriter……..bwahaaa…….Bite me Billy……..

        • Terry says:

          There is something wrong here Pat. My typing is not comming up as typed

          ‘Nah stup cummplaining Terry……”…….Hell with this I’m gojng back to the MON…detz rite………

  21. Nikki says:

    Lucky for them EMT and Fire rescue was literally seconds away! Hope everyone involved is okay and are counting their blessings. Material things can be replaced, life comes but once…

  22. Original Sin (Original) says:

    Damned huge SUV tanks should be banned from our roads. Too dangerous – unsafe for all. Even the 360 pound guy in the comment above. He needs a serious diet.

  23. whistling Frog says:

    Hmmm! Could this have been one of those courteous drivers letting someone out of an entrance and the person behind not realizing their gonna make a sudden stop?? They do that on straight roads now too. Oh well!

  24. Common Sense says:

    Tragically, our driving standards are definitely going down hill with vehicles being driven and ridden at ever increasing speeds. Just check out the damage to walls alone as an indication that we are driving far too fast. It sure looks from these photos as if at least one of these drivers was travelling at high speed. I remember a time when Sgt “Boxhead” Foggo (a St. David’s Islander) was in charge of Police radar and he and his team spent a few days on St. David’s Road booking dozens of drivers at very high speeds. The result was a real slowdown along that road. Perhaps that’s what we need – radar patrols slowing down traffic, and Magistrate’s Court banning high speeders for 3 years!

  25. love one another says:

    I agree Whistling Frog.
    That fake courtesy is dangerous.
    It is another game that means their friends
    can all jump in line and they can smile and pretend it is right.
    It is non productive and anti systematic.
    It destroys the smooth flow that we had before all the ‘charming’
    = phony people started trying to make friends by letting folk jump in line.
    In stead of them joining in the next available space. like every one else.
    Thereby allowing the natural flow to occur more smoothly than any man made interruption.
    But hey they let in 15, 20, whatever while those of us who left home in time to make our time, get to sit and watch them smile and wave and control and create traffic jams. not courteous at all. and even when theres no traffic they stop one car behind them to let out one car in a gate!!! duhh go ya self along and let the world spin duhhhh. take your turn and let me have mine.
    don’t stop me to let some one in whose turn it is not, and make me wait like you are doing something right. stop looking for votes and be responsible.
    I am supposed to stop on a dime for no apparent reason, except you felt like it. awwww shall I pretend your action was admirable? Not going to happen. move on and follow the system. look at the foolishness you cause behind you. shameful.

    • chips says:

      A favourite rant of mine … Does anyone out there know that it’s actually ILLEGAL to stop on a main thoroughfare to let someone else out of their gate ?

      One of the most very annoying is those total boneheads who stop on the Lane to let traffic coming down Strawberry Hill out to head east into Hamilton ..
      In case no-one’s figured it out yet .. those people CHOOSE to come down Strawberry Hill instead of going over Rural Hill and entering Hamilton at the North Roundabout where they do not have to stop ….. duuuuuh

      • Common Sense says:

        Ya got me on that one Chips! Please advise which section of the Road Traffic Act you are referring to? There are offences for driving without due care or without consideration for other road users, but it would be a stretch to prosecute someone for driving without consideration for other users if the driver is showing consideration for someone trying to get out of a ‘gate’ or a private drive. It is an offence to obstruct the highway but that would also be extremely difficult to prosecute if they’ve merely stopped to let someone out of their gate or even out of a public road. I tend to think we’d all be better off if we all slowed down a little and gave some consideration to our fellow road users. Unfortunately “rants” can quickly becomes “rages” and that’s just not healthy – for you or for other road users.

  26. Justdiy says:

    I drive a 1997 Toyota dump truck, this truck is a death trap, I have pump the brakes two times for it to actually stop. When I brake the truck turns right so I have to hold on to that steering wheel. I do about 50 kph and I do not tailgate vehicles and I still get over taken by vehicles doing at least 70 kph. All I’m saying is just be a cautious driver if my truck could handle these roads I’m sure these high end cars could too. I am 21 years of age so people need to be better aware on these roads.

  27. Haha says:

    Love dem rims on the SUV, how much for them now?

  28. Haha says:

    Rims like that I would drive slow so everyone can see them

  29. About time says:

    I just hope none of them had been in attendance at the party at Gombeys, hmmmmmmmm!

  30. Motts Apple Sauce says:

    Don’t be surprised he speed bumps grow on that stretch of road.

  31. Dee says:

    I know the driver of the SUV – my prayers are with him for a full recovery.
    if you weren’t involved or saw the accident, stop making stupid comments!!

  32. Unit #48 says:

    Wow! Please look where your going might hit something, and most of all the cars and taxi can be fixed. Well, I’m sure glad that not me paying for that taxi’s time off the road what a bill that’s going to be.

  33. Grizz says:

    Wow, I can’t believe these comments. I am just so glad that the Angels were present when they were. Thank God no one was SERIOUSLY/CRITICALLY injured. At the end of the day, shouldn’t we just be thankful for that….um just sayin.

    • Observer says:

      Looks like that fella tried to make a SUV a sports car! You just cannot do the things of a car in a SUV, they are too top heavy, unresponsive and too big. Get with it and get a real car.

      • bermerican says:

        Observer u need to shut your mouth and mind your dam business and get a life. Assumptions u are soo pathetic fella.

      • Rob says:

        Yep! That’s right. SUV owners think they can fly them. I blame Bermuda Motors. This is not Hawaii.

      • sick n tired!!!!! says:

        How ignorant and assinine can you be . . . take into account for one DAMN minute that this is somebody’s son, father, brother etc. Jesus Christ Bermudians clearly have nuthin else to do but make a mockery out of someones misery. Grow up and discusss and argue about stuff that matters!!!!!!!!!!!!

        @Dan: if you don’t like the driving in Bermuda and have soooooo much to say about this country and her people, take your ass back to wherever!!!! We need ur job anyway . . . sorry u commented now that the Colonel has resigned!!!!!!!!!

  34. SMDH LOL says:

    Some of you people really need to fall the hell back on your comments, for those of you that are foreigners on this site, if you feel so negative about Bermuda go the hell back to wur you come from. Bermuda has enough negativity here already without silly people like you talking trash. And to that fool dan( yes i’m callin you a fool) you need to go and look up how many accidents have involved men to women. Trust most are them are men that are involved in these accidents, As to this particular accident this is what can happen when driving while drunk. I myself saw plenty of cars rolling out of that area on Sat/Sun morning and there was quite a few cars and bikes heading out of the east like they where crazy. and for the record Bermuda is NOT the worst drivers in the world, How dare you say some stupid $hit like that.

  35. sigh says:

    every 1 had somethin bad to say about the SUV & car driver but NOTHIN about the taxi driver….. IDK what Bermuda ya’ll live in but i think our taxi drivers are THE WORST…..

    • puh says:

      I would have to agree with you on that, just look where the taxi is compared to the line in the road… me thinks someone crossed the ole line..

  36. Overly Concerned says:

    Lets make a list:

    - Idiots passing at 60+k on a bike/car/suv through blind corners or oncoming traffic
    - People stopping the flow of main roadway traffic to let cars in from side streets
    - Talking on the cellphones while driving
    - Talking / Texting on cellphones on cycles!
    - Not signalling for turns
    - Stopping / double parking on narrow streets because it’s “convenient” and saves a couple minutes
    - Running red lights (especially @ Cedar / Church)
    - Driving with high beams on at night into opposing traffic
    - Not turning on headlights until well after dusk
    - Driving with fog lamps on (and nothing else)

    I’m sure there’s more….

  37. gvjkfhbug says:

    dont say nfn bout my uncle cause u waz not der

  38. Misses says:

    real talk…yall where not there & dont know the circumstance…HUSH IT! Thats my homie yall runnin on about and I dont like it!