Photos & Video: 2011 Labour Day Parade

September 5, 2011

After the annual Labour Day road race and speeches this morning, the Labour Day march got underway this afternoon [Sept.5]. The marchers were lead by the PHC Majorettes and Drum Corps, as well as a train which invited senior citizens on board for the ride.

The participants proceeded out of Union Square, the traveled along Victoria Street, took a left onto Court Street and then onto Front Street before turning up Queen Street. The procession stopped for a short refreshment break outside City Hall, where coolers were packed with chilled water. The parade continued back to Union Square where celebrations continued, with displays and talks on different aspects of the Unions, along with refreshments and free health screenings.

Both the Bermuda and PLP flag were seen being carried by march participants, and banners on display included the BIU, Port Workers Division, Public Works Division, Bus Operators & Allied Workers Division and the BIU Amalgamated Building Construction Division.

View our full Labour Day coverage: Photo gallery of the Labour Day race here, results of the Labour Day race here, photos of the Labour Day Banquet here, and videos of the speeches by Premier Paula Cox, Minister Kim Wilson, Minister Michael Weeks, Interim Opposition Leader John Barritt, and BIU President Chris Furbert here.

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  1. Nice Coverage says:

    thanks Bernews for sharing the Labour Day celebrations. As always you all are on point!

  2. Time! says:


  3. James says:

    Wow, the majorettes had the best numbers in their division!! What does that tell you?!!

  4. Yng Black Mind says:

    I am amazed that the majorettes lead the parade – - normally the Regiment Band does. . . which leads me to see how ironic this whole “labour” thing is to the PLP.

    The Regiment cannot perform in the parade due to budget constraints placed on them because of the Government, thus the Government does not have a band (PHC has a drum corps only)for its Labour Day celebrations – strange, huh?

    “Well, isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?” – Alanis Morisette

    Yng Black Mind (those who know understand)

  5. Rockfish#1and#2 says:

    Why is Zane there? Is he celebrating getting lucrative Government (no bid) contracts WITHOUT union labor?

  6. Riley B King says:

    Rockfish, great question. What is Bruvva Zane doing there? Certainly not ‘celebrating solidarity with the union’ because his company is staunchly and solidly non-unionised.

    Still, a good photo op to make it look like he’s a solid union guy, even if he isn’t.

    Paula’s outfit was very colourful and memorable.

  7. Origin unknown says:

    Enlighten me folks, why is the PLP flag being flown? Look, I understand the historical antecedents, but the global labor day is a celebration of the modern worker not a dull old nod to the 1970s etc, move on please. I still struggle why we celebrate this holiday (it’s not 1982 and we are Bermuda and not America), but regardless of all that it should not be a flag waving opportunity for the plop.