Photos: 2019 Labour Day Parade & Speeches

September 2, 2019

The annual Labour Day celebrations were held today [Sept 2] with people gathering on Union Square before marching through Hamilton, as they celebrated the 38th anniversary of Labour Day.

The morning started out with a prayer from Rev Nicholas Tweed and then BIU President Chris Furbert announced that the name of labour icon Ottiwell Simmons has been added to the BIU Headquarters building, prompting applause from the crowd.

The crowd then heard speeches from Minister Lovitta Foggo, BPSU President Jason Hayward, Donald Lottimore from the Electricity Supply Trade Union [ESTU], Shannon James of the Bermuda Union of Teachers, Toni Marie Robinson of the Bermuda Entertainment Union, and Premier David Burt before setting off on their march through Hamilton.

We will have additional coverage of today’s celebrations later on, and in the meantime you you can view a photo gallery below, and all our coverage of Labour Day here.


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Comments (20)

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  1. Southampton says:

    Just like yesterday’s parade. One sided parade.

    • wa says:

      A joke? Yes
      Like yesterdays parade? Not at all.
      Everyone is welcome at pride….not the case for any other parade in Bermuda.
      They even tried to make pride all about race…it’s the only game they know.

      • Pure Madness!!!!! says:

        How can you say “not the case for any other parade in Bermuda”.

        People probably like yourself choose where and what to attend here in Bermuda for as long as I have lived I have NEVER seen or heard of any event where anyone was told they could not attend. And yes, as you saw on Saturday who the majority was in attendance, all I saw was another group of people parading around, however to each is own. Proud To Be Whatever. Proud to be BERMUDIAN…..

  2. Onion Peels says:

    Nothing more than a political march. A clear display of division and hostility.

    • Wahoo says:

      Funny that Tweedevive hasn’t trained a Bermudian to do his job yet.

    • Cat says:

      There was absolutely nothing divisive or hostile about today’s event. Quite the opposite, it was a celebration of community and solidarity. Surely you weren’t there…

    • Mother Theresa says:

      No kidding. I see Burt must have flown in yesterday for this event. What a P?$4…..

    • mixitup says:

      Weird, I look at it like their is obviously still a lot of work to be done…but I do like how you threw in ‘Hostility’

  3. Ringmaster says:

    Premier Burt should stop making himself look ridiculous. Today he is promoting his Government’s support of LGBT to have equality while spending hundreds of thousands of tax payers’ dollars to fight the same people from having equality. Presumably he is relying on his supporters not spotting this two faced position.

  4. Question says:

    Not exactly big on diversity and inclusion are they.

  5. Mj says:

    @onion peel – where is the division and hostility ?

  6. Pipa says:

    Looking through the photographs I saw many PLP shirts but also one boasting about the PLP victory numbers in the last election. I thought it was a Labour celebration. Not a PLP victory dance ? It seems that as it’s clearly a PLP march why would people show support for a party that does not represent them.

  7. Mark says:

    Better turn out for the PRIDE parade. And how miraculous the invisible Premier appears!

  8. Oh,I see now says:

    You can’t tell where PLP ends and government begins ,reminds me of the horse costume that requires two people.The BIU I’m sad to say is just a recruitment center for the PLP or is it the other way around, hmmm……..

  9. Oh,I see now says:

    Where the BIU ends and government ,you get the message.

  10. Naughton says:

    It strikes me looking at the pictures that trade unions have a youth problem – none are joining. It will be interesting if this applies to voting patterns too going forward, not good for either traditional party. But perhaps great for Bermuda.

  11. CHRIS says:

    what is Tweed doing here? did he get a new WP? and what has he ever done that involved labouring over anything!

  12. Alyssia says:

    Looks like it rained on them; God must not like the Labor Day parade.

    It was sunny for the Pride Parade – just saying…

  13. jamal says:

    at least have a Bermudian Reverend at de thing

  14. CHRIS says:

    Is the BIU’s financials up to date yet?