Constituency #12 By-Election Set For Nov 1

September 16, 2011

The Parliamentary Registrar sent a notice saying that as a result of the resignation of John Barritt yesterday, there will be a by election for Constituency #12 Devonshire South Central on November 1st.

“The election process will commence with the issue of the Writ of Election on 26 September 2011. Constituents should note the following important dates-

  • Nomination Day Wednesday, 12 October 2011
  • Advanced Polls Monday, 24 October 2011
  • Advanced Polls Institutions Tuesday, 25 October 2011
  • Polling Day Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The seven day registration period for voters in Constituency #12 Devonshire South Central will commence on the 27 September and end on 3 October.

The Polling Place for this Bye-Election will be the Horticultural Hall at the Botanical Gardens. Polling hours are from 8am to 8pm for Advanced Polls and Polling day.”

Senator Craig Cannonier will stand for the One Bermuda Alliance; the PLP and UBP have not yet announced a candidate.

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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    This is such a shame, and disrespectful to the voters in Devonshire South Central.

    • GoodIntentions says:

      Hopefully the voters in Dev South Central acknowledge this and don’t reward the OBA for their bad behavior.

    • NO OBA says:

      OBA = Opportunists Bermudians association

      We will not vote for non of them, bring on the social media, we are ready!

    • What? says:

      Bet you lot had no problem when Wayne Furbert and Darius Tucker crossed the floor without opting for a bi-election? Why is that?

      Amazing that you guys didn’t think that Wayne Furbert’s justification for not having a bi-election because it would be too “confusing for the voters” as being disrespectful to voters?

      So what is wrong with the OBA initiating a bi-election? Nothing, except that you can’t handle any opposition.

    • What? says:

      Bet you lot had no problem when Wayne Furbert and Darius Tucker crossed the floor without opting for a bi-election? Why is that?

      Amazing that you guys didn’t think that Wayne Furbert’s justification for not having a bi-election because it would be too “confusing for the voters” as being disrespectful to voters?

      So what is wrong with the OBA initiating a bi-election? Nothing.

      So why all the outcry now?

  2. Jus' Askin' says:

    Let see who they vote in. As they have been disrespected and abandoned. To vote Craig would definitely be offering the other cheek. To know the person they voted in, ‘resigned’ to make room for another to have the seat, seems arrogant to me. He resigned as if it was a sure thing for Craig to win the by-election. I mean that screams volumes to me and many others. I really hope Constituency #12 really take notice at how they are deemed as dumb and will vote for Craig because he is supported by John, who abandoned them and his party in which he was voted.

    • What? says:

      How is it arrogant? It isn’t a given as there must be a bi-election. It is not as if he automatically assumes the seat since there must be an election in order to claim that constituency.

      You guys are just gripping at straws to try and paint any sort of opposition in a bad light.

      I wonder if you lot felt that way when your precious party stabbed their leader in the back after the 2003 election.

      Guess being “deceived” is alright when a certain party does the deceiving…

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        I am not for PLP m8. If not arrogant? What would you call it? OBA is trying to ‘Trojan Horse’ us. OBAma trick worked in the US, that play, will not go down here. PLP ‘Trojan Horse’ us in 1998, by fronting Jennifer and we have been paying for it ever since. PLP and OBA can not be trusted as far as I am concerned.

        • What? says:

          I don’t understand how it is arogant.

          One member resigns completely and a candidate has been put forth for the vacancy and therefore MUST WIN the election. Nothing is a given during an election. So I am having a hard time see how exactly Cannonier has been just given the seat as some are insinuating.

          • Jus' Askin' says:

            M8 even if PLP was running this country without flaws, Devonshire South would still vote otherwise. Don’t Play Dumb now m8.

            • LOL (original) says:

              As has been said by others you have no respect for the voters in Constituency #12 cause you’re saying that they will not weigh in the issues but will only vote for the party you see them as a part of. ….. where have I heard this argument before riiiiiggggggggggghhhhhhhhhtttttttttt……….

              LOL PLP and OBA are just two sides of the same coin as shown above by their supporters. Again the solution is to vote out the incumbent and vote in the other party every few years. So far I have see no reason to re-elect the PLP or to elect the OBA but the status quo is not working.

          • Biggest Hypocrites says:

            WHAT – how many leaders have the members of parliament for ubp.bda now oba deceived? Can’t hear you?

            • LOL (original) says:

              Apprently none as many PLP supporters say this was the parties stratigy in the first place correct?

              LOL (If you know then prove it, if you don’t know keep you hate to your self after all you just look like haters and you know what was said to Dr Brown at the Collie Buds concert awhile back “I’m blind to you………………”

  3. Voter in 12 says:

    I will not vote for the OBA because I voted for Mr. Barritt and he never once sought my opinion on whether I cared about folding the UBP. I followed the entire saga and was sorry that both Mr. Swans drop the legal case, although I understand it was due to the fact that they did not have money for legal cost and the wealthy Dunkley, Barritt and Gibbons giving and abundance of cash to the OBA & all the monies they needed to fight the Swans. Also they had all those lawyers Fahy, Pettingill, Crockwell, Moniz and the likes to defend for free the position they were seeking to have the new party. This is why they better not come on my doorsteps. I am so disappointed in supporting what I thought was right to find out they are the wrong party. I will welcome anyone and listen to anyone except OBA representatives.

    • What? says:

      Bet you have no problem with Pettingill representing Dr. Brown though huh?

      I wish some of you posters would stop masquerading as someone your not. You know full well that you never supported the Swans until the split and were probably one of the many nasty PLP people denigrating his character and abilities while he was the leader of the official opposition.

      Unlike your Party you lot are all see through and fake. You know full well that your emotions would never let you stray away from the rest of the flock.

    • What? says:

      And I bet you have no problem with PLP constituencies that would never vote for a white person unless they were representing the PLP.

      F*ing hypocrites…can’t stand ‘em…

      • Non affiliate obaer says:

        @what you sound angry and very racist. Stop it now! Support your oba and your non elected mps but stop your malignant bias blanket racist statements.

        • LOL (original) says:

          What is stating facts and you know it after all those things did happen and not a peep was uttered. Please tell us why John Smith was so swiftly moved through the ranks in the PLP and other persons whom had been with the party long before him were over looked. Could he be another token white being strung along by someone else……………..HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

          LOL denial is not a river only when Bermuda admits that the UBP in that past has used race and the PLP admits that they are still using race to keep Bermudians under their control we will not heal. I know none wants to admit there are not any better than the other as we as Bermudians are always try to make out like we are better than our neighbors.

    • Clinton J.A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

      Voter in 12… Your opinion was not asked because it wouldn’t have made a difference. The UBP had it’s day… how many paid members did they have when it folded? Less than 100? If you cared soo much for the UBP you should have been a paid member and help support the party. The PLP must be taken out now and the OBA is the only hope of doing that.

      • Jus' Askin' says:

        If OBA is our only hope, I would prefer to stay in the pan.

      • No voter says:

        Clinton what credentials do you have? Any secondary education? Seems it is limited, for you to say any voter does not make a difference!

      • Non affiliate obaer 2 says:

        Agreed I won’t jump out of the frying pan into the fire either and that is what I think of all those jumping into the oba wagon.

        • LOL (original) says:

          So sit in the butter in the frying pan over the fire…………..same resulte thought you knew as you are so much more educated. You guy’s hate makes me……………………….


      • CJ i hope you are running for the OBA in const. 1 you will make an EXCELLENT canidate..please put your name forward..

        • LMAO says:

          What credentials CJ has? None he can’t beat anyone – they love polls so poll CJ and see – Alabama would get a better showing because all CJ is, is the new mouthpiece for Michael Dunkley – when he gets a swift kick we will all hear the real deal because they won’t be able to shut him up,

          • Relaxing says:

            LOL@ Alabama the town bum would get a better showing!? That’s funny. Is he still alive. Haven’t seen him in a while.

      • One Man One Vote Equal Value says:

        Hey Clinton I hope the rest of your party is not as arrogant……….

        • Clinton J.A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

          We all let our emotions get the best of us at some point… please don’t mistake arrogance for confidence. I never said I was running for anything, I’m just a $5 OBA member like 1000+ others. I actually find the pen name attacks quite amusing… carry on.

          • LMAO says:

            following up on what you posted that you were thinking of ??? because Craig told you personally you are needed? he’s calling all even Gibbons from the PLP since Patrice will replace him.

          • CJ please run do not let anyone discourage you from running..OBA are looking for the youth and you will be excellent at representing the youth. I can see you as a Minister and you will work good with change in Bermuda…

  4. Maddog says:

    This should show the people of Bermuda that white people and I say white because constituency 12 is a white safe seat would vote for anything if they vote for Craig Cannonier,they are not worrying about the country.They have deceived the people of Bermuda.Is this the people we would like to lead us. No black person could win in consituence 12 unless they were UBP.

    Black people don’t be fooled think, they would use anything or anybody to try to win the next election.
    Don’t fall in the trap like we did before.

    • What? says:

      You lot voted in Derrick Burgess. Enough said.

    • What? says:

      “They have deceived the people of Bermuda.”

      But yet you had no problem with being deceived in 2003 by your own Party.


      • Screwed says:

        Bet you didn’t have any problem with the deception of the 10 oba mps who won their seats at the doorsteps of ubp supporters. Then told us they would not have by elections. And now having one to give a non political leader a safe seat. No you were not lied to you got it up the yingyang without Vaseline

  5. Face the Nation says:

    Poor John Barritt was beaten down by the PLP , as will the new guy , don’t care who they put up . OBA , UBP , LMNOP . All the letters in the alphabet won’t save them .

  6. Terry says:

    I just skipped through some comments. Voter # 12 is nothing more than a you know what. Spin…………………..

    I voted for Tom Moore….all I got waa a tavern and an SDO…………………Bi$ch……. As for Faceless Nation…………………..Irony……check you in 5 years…………………….

  7. Non affiliate obaer says:

    Terry and what are you? A spin pain in the arse for the oba. The people of Bermuda is suffering because the entire world is in a recession. The government didn’t perform well and the folks are doing the same to Obama Don’t trust them with your future.

  8. Say Say Say says:

    I would vote for a piece of dog turd if would get the PLP out. Liars, cheats thats all the PLP are.

    But what do you expect when the country is run by a bunch of gangsters.

  9. Non affiliate obaer 2 says:

    But you would vote for liars cheaters and drug gangsters, if they ran for oba?

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      @ Non affiliate obaer 2,

      Just wondering. What about candidates who have been convicted and incarcerated for crimes involving firearms?

      • Non affiliate obaer 2 says:

        Hell Rockfish, I would not vote for any criminal and anyone married to a criminal. No Rolfe C would not get my vote, but neither would Pamplin nor Crockwell nor Dunkley.

        • LOL (original) says:

          What crime has Dunkley committed? It must be public knowledge if he was convicted of something correct? Back up you Sh!t……..

          LOL thought not just more hate.

        • Rockfish#2 says:

          Understood, Rolfe C isn’t the only one that fits my description though.

  10. @ Clinton Playnter, Cousin, I glory in your spirit that you speak out and that you give your name; I did the same when I was an aspiring politician.
    Here are some facts for you to consider:-
    In the constituency of Warwick West alone there were some 150 plus branch members who participated in a PRIMARY which was won by our the then UBP adopted candidate Mr. Jeff Sousa. I am sure Paget East, Paget West, Pembroke Southwest, Pembroke West, Devonshire South Central and the Smith’s constituencies which were all UBP safe seats at the last General Election, would all command equal membership at a Primary contest or more importantly, IF they were shown the respect to consider the future of the UBP. Truth is, they were not afforded the respect of such consideration as a member or as long time supporters. Unfortunately, efforts to give them that opportunity were deliberately ignored by many of the same persons you now place your trust !!!
    Kim Swan MP
    Elected UBP in 2007

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Well put Mr. Swan. Thank You

    • Vote for Me says:

      @ MP Swan
      It will be interesting to see the voter response if the UBP offers a candidate for the #12 bye-election. I note the comments of Mr. Sullivan and others on a different website.

      Given the apparent feelings of the constituents in #12 for being ‘disrespected’, do you think they will ‘put their money where their mouths are’ and vote for a UBP candidate?? Better yet, would they return a qualified PLP candidate irrespective of colour?

      As always, it is easier to complain than take effective action – over to you MP Swan…

      • @ Vote for Me,
        You make interesting points and I agree that the #12 bye-election and the lead up to the election makes for an interesting period in Bermuda politics. I will not presuppose the voters in that constituency the choice will be theirs on November 1, 2011.

        I also read with great interest Mr. David Sullivan’s (a former UBP Officer & Candidate)comments on the RG website and what is noteworthy is that his name appears on the electoral roll as a constituent of #12 Devonshire South Central.

        Finally, allow me pose to pose a question: If we had 36 marginal constituencies – instead of the 24 safe ones – would we be still having a bye-election in Devonshire South Central #12 ?


        Kim Swan MP

        • Vote for Me says:

          @ MP Swan
          24 safe seats!! Pardon my electoral ignorance but which 12 are marginal or ‘unsafe’?

          I trust that the UBP are able to offer a candidate for the bye election. Perhaps such a move will change #12 to a marginal??

  11. Marc Daniels says:

    The sentiments expressed in this thread are truly revealing. Clearly many of the people of Bermuda are dissatisfied on many levels with our politicians and our political party system. I for one appreciate such animosity and distrust which presently exists. However, notwithstanding the past legacies of both parties, there are numerous individuals who solely want what is best for Bermuda. I believe much of the people who comment in these chats are of that calling.

    As a young man, I have put my name forward to be considered by the PLP as a candidate at the next election. I think the community needs fresh faces, personalities and humility to enter the political fray with the aim of working together for a better Bermuda, period. I commend those who have pushed for change but I also value and appreciate those who watched politics unfold with a degree of trepidation and uneasiness.

    Regardless of our political persuasions, the community as a whole needs to rally behind those who are genuine in their pursuits to be apart of ensuring a bright future for Bermuda. The nasty politricks of the past must cease. This mindset is not limited to those who sit in the Hon. House of Assembly, but also to those who malign our representatives in the various homes across the island. We must become more politically astute, comment and criticize but also be willing to lend support so that we can truly start to progress as a collective people.

    I believe that a by-election is the appropriate mechanism for addressing the Hon. Mr. Barritt’s departure. The UBP has done so much good for this country but it, like the PLP, has also done alot which many of us may consider as wrong. The OBA is trying to be a new entity. I suggest we support them in their development. Likewise, the PLP must adapt and change and we should support that process.

    At the end of the day, both parties need a tremendous deal of work to not only change their images but to actually affect change, by serving to bring greater prosperity to all of us. Perhaps this election we should try to cast away our traditional vote on the basis of past legacies and vote on which individuals we feel would offer the most contribution in terms of elevating the quality of debate and setting the legislative agenda of the country. Clearly we are experiencing financial turmoil so this election will largely be based on the state of the economy and the steps which each party puts forward as it’s plan to carry us through to our potential.

    I would just implore all us to vote, exercise discretion and perhaps volunteer to further engage in politics and the political process.

    • LOL (original) says:

      One question for you. Why did you choose to put your self up for the PLP and not any of the other parties or an independent to show a real commitment to change?

      This is not an aggressive question this is a question I will be asking any Politian that makes it to my door step which I address to you as you have put yourself out there.


    • specialgirl4 says:

      Marc, well said, and I wish you all the best in the future. it is true that we need more young people like you to move the political process forward. Please continue to encourage other young people to get involved in the process.

      I hope you get in !!!

      • Relaxing says:

        If this is the same Marc that runs a law firm with Mark Pettingil then this is very entertaining.

  12. Voter says:

    I do plan on voting. But can’t vote for the oba because they represent exactly the same hierarchy without the exception of two of the most honest dedicated politicians. The oba says they want to start off as a new political entity, but how can they? They have all the ubp mps past and present. They have grant gibbons, he served as a ubp government minister. They have Trevor Moniz, he too served as a ubp government minister. The list goes on with Michael Dunkley, bob Richards, Kim Young and Ward Young who were major supporters of the ubp and now oba. So please don’t continue to deceive us by stating they are a new slate and resigned from the ubp baggage. They have not. Marc you may have to accept the oba because of work commitments with your work place. I wish you well in your political inaugural flight. Support the party of your choice but don’t place your inaugural blog with concessions to a new party with the ubp same old baggage. John Barritt had to fight for the seat he had, it was not given to him. A little history the oba is playing same race politics they played when Michael Dunkley gave up his safe seat to bob Richards and placed Wayne furbert as leader. The oba played race politics again when they convinced Dunkley not to run for leader. They complain of the plp race politics but the oba is the master of the race game. Bermuda they are the masters of the race card and blame others. Let some of the ubp caucus members come on board and they can tell the real deal.

    • Maddog says:

      Well said, I thought I was the only one that saw that OBA race card.

      • LOL (original) says:

        This is a standard PLP line for any opposition that has whites involved even if it might be true at this point is just a red haring or is what is perceived by those saying it. I have heard for myself the “race card” used and played by the PLP on many occasions so please don’t sit here and accuse others of what you are also doing as a justification it does not make you the better party it makes you the same party. Tea anyone!!!!…….


        • Maddog says:




  13. Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

    In this case what was done should have done long ago. It doesn’t matter how much good the UBP did in the past as that is the PAST. I have said countless times anyone under 35 will only remember the UBP for the Mcdonald’s contraversy and losing the election in 1998. The PLP Government is all we have known and that Government painted the UBP in a light that they could never recover from. Change is needed now! Not 5 or 10 years from now.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      You, like OBA, think young Bermudians are dumb. People under 35 know much more about the UBP and the PLP than you think. The UBP could have won the next election – FACT. People that support PLP, were saying they were not going to vote. BDA actually would have had a fighting chance as well. BDA was the change that we were looking for and they threw in the towel. Now OBA has shown it’s hand and now PLP supporters are coming back. OBA has tainted it’s reputation already and better prepare to be the opposition for a long time. To think that UBP supporters will vote for them, look what they did when they were voted for before. “Fool Me Once…..Shame On Me”

      • star man says:

        Fool Me Once… Shame On You,

        Fool Me Twice… Shame On Me,

        Fool me Thrice… Me Needs Help,

        Fool me again… Me Insane.

  14. Biggest Hypocrites says:

    that is saying that anyone under 35 is sort of illiterate, because knowledge of history helps us understand the present. It does matter what the good the UBP did because not matter what your age regardless of ignorance, you, your children and parents are benefiting. You obviously have bought into what the PLP has thought you about he UBP. Change will come but not with the OBA.

    • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

      My point was and let’s be honest here, that most of todays “young” generation know the UBP for what I mentioned above and being the opposition party. The UBP would never have won due to past legacy… Too many people had said they would NEVER vote for them again. Perception is reality and the PLP did a great job… they controlled the narative… No amount of rousing locker room speeches by Kim Swan about being at John Swans side could change that. Being in opposition is hard and the UBP failed to attract quality young candidates… who wants to run for a doomed party? If you were in the room @ South P. last Saturday you would have felt the inspiration and hope that filled the place.
      Anyway…. Sit on the sidelines and watch others get this Country working again.

      • Biggest Hypocrites says:

        Clinton, were you not the wounded/hurt one that wanted to run in #1 for UBP and claim they would not choose you. Did you just learn about what you stated above – “The UBP would never have won due to past legacy… Too many people had said they would NEVER vote for them again”, because if you knew that and still wanted to run UBP, you are a big hypocrite and just in this for the money and or power. I have never heard of a Sir John – Kim Swan close relationship as a matter of fact, my memory recalls quite a difference. I recall Kim Swan’s letters to the editor in the 80′s for John Swan to resign because he was not facing the social issues island wide. I am interested to see how you poll, so when you have those stats, please share them.

        • Non affiliate obaer 2 says:

          John and Kim are Swans of a different colour completely. One Rich the other poor. One all for the rich man (OBA) the other for the Poor man (UBP heart, soul & grassroots) One now a Black and the other always Black man. Hey, Swan last name, but definately 2 different birds.

        • @ Biggest Hypocrites, thanks for your supportive comments, but there are points you made that require clarification.

          I first ran for politics on Sir John Swan’s election ticket in Sandy’s South in a Plp Stronghold on February 3rd, 1983; and I learned a great deal from that formal introduction to politics and to this day appreciate the opportunity that it provided me.

          Also, I was very close with Sir John’s father, in fact, I was a pallbearer at his funeral and by extention his family.

          Finally, you are correct that I challenged Sir John Swan on several issues during his unprecedented 13 year tenure. Notwithstanding, I do respect Sir John Swan the man.


          Kim Swan MP

      • @ Clinton Paynter, your opinion about the UBP is your opinion and you and those who share that view are entitled to feel that way and I respect that (even if I disagree with it).

        The issue raised by myself on this web/blog was to clarify your statement and point out to you that the United Bermuda Party had hundreds of members and thousands of supporters. In addition, no matter how you or anyone else felt or feel about them – they are entitled to be respected, as are you and all people.

        The bye-election that is taking place, has a lot to do about gaining control of UBP safe seat(s) and less about the issues of the people that live in them.

        Kim Swan MP

        • specialgirl4 says:

          @Kim Swan,

          Kim you are so correct “The bye-election that is taking place, has a lot to do about gaining control of UBP safe seat(s) and less about the issues of the people that live in them.”

          Kim what is your plans for the next election?

          You have great insight into the real operation and brains of the OBA.

  15. Vote for Me says:

    It is often important to remember our history…
    UBP in name – the Swan duo… UBP in person, thought and history… Fahy, Richards, Gibbons, Moniz, Crockwell, Hunt, Pettingill, Jackson, Pamplin-Gordon, Dunkley, Simons, Barritt, Atherden… (add Sir. David Gibbons and Sir John Swan to the list based on recent comments).

    To some degree we can credit Crockwell, Hunt and Pettingill since they had the courage to form the original BDA (do you remember what that stands for?). The balance of the former UBP MPs that joined the now OBA (Gibbons, Moniz, Richards, Jackson, Dunkley, Simons, Gordon Pamplin and Barritt) have publicly admitted that they joined not for fundamental agreement on the core beliefs of the OBA but simply because they believe an alliance is their best hope for victory… will we all see the rumoured consultants report that purportedly recommended a ‘feigned UBP split and reuniting under a new name’?

    Remember also that the OBA wanted some of the UBP stalwarts in ’safe seats’ to give up their seats in favour of some ‘new blood’. Lets see if the likes of Gibbons, Moniz, Simons, Pamplin Gordon and others follow the example of Barritt to resign their seats. I think we collectively agree that MP Jackson (aka aunt Louise) will choose to enjoy her senior years after doggedly defending the rights of seniors. Add to that the consternation of Dunkley since Cannonier is the heir apparent to the Barritt ‘throne’!!

    On the PLP side, it will be interesting to see the political outcome for MPs Tucker and Furbert. Firstly, will they be chosen as PLP candidates and secondly will they survive the election? I think the money is on Furbert to succeed but the pundits are hedging their bets on Tucker.
    On the UBP side will there be the ‘Swan song’ duet? Perhaps the eastern Swan will survive but the western Swan is more than likely headed for the sunset…

    All in all, no matter your political persuasion, we have to admit that the next election is shaping up to be quite an interesting affair.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Entertainment at best I’m not counting on any real changes.


  16. Concerned Citizen says:

    Political Sorcery, is what the OBA have been practicing since their so called inception. 2 weeks ago, Mike Fahy was on the radio and was asked about the consultant report. His response was that there where many reports produced and the one that people ask about was nothing of any significance, AND he didnt read it. Yet in Mr. Barrits first interview as leader, he admitted to Moreno that the report as financed by Gibbons and Richards! Then Fahy goes on to dismiss Sir David Gibbons “if Sir David walked into a room, i wouldnt even recognize him”! wow! really Mike?

    As long as the OBA has 1950 throwback wannabees(read-Oligarch mindsets)as represented by Mike Fahy, they have no chance to win the next election. After serving as Chairman of 3 parties within one year, as a behind the scenes power-broker, using Slyvan Richards as a guinea pig, and now Craig, the current OBA MP’s better watch their back, as Fahy and crew only desire one thing,….their safe seats. Because of their impatience and disrespect of their own(UBP members/voters) the young bucks led covertly by the politically mis-calculating Fahy, have destroyed the UBP, then the BDA, and now, the OBA! Watch out for the Sorcerer OBA members, as he will sink your ship, just to become Captain!

  17. Jumpy says:

    UPB voters will vote for the OBA because they know that another 5 years of PLP rule will destroy Bermuda.

  18. Non affiliate obaer 2 says:

    I’m a UBP voter and I WILL NOT VOTE OBA!

    • Hey says:

      If there is no UBP candidate in const. 12, then you are not going to be anymore.

    • LOL (original) says:

      So will you vote for more of the same as we’ve had in the pasted 10 years?


  19. Common Sense says:

    Quite amazing to read these comments. John Barritt is probably the most unselfish politician in Bermuda – and also one of the smartest and most honest. He realized that for Bermuda to progress we needed change so he became part of that change. He offered to lead the newely formed OBA on one condition and that was that he would definitely step down once a new leader was elected. Wow, would you believe it. He has just done exactly that. What we have here is an honest politican who has done exactly what he said he would do for the good of the country. No wonder so many people are upset!

    The voters of his constituency now have their democratic right to select their new representative, whether it be the new OBA leader, a PLP candidate, or a UBP candidate if they decided to offer one. That’s what democracy is all about. I get the distinct impression that for some strange reason the PLP is more than a little worried about the possible outcome, hence the reason to slag off Craig Cannonier and the newly formed OBA. I’d like to think that the voters of Devonshire South Central will look at the platforms offered by their candidates and make a decision based on who they think would be the best for their constituency and for the country. That’s democracy in action.

  20. Concerned Citizen says:

    @common sense, If you believe that the way power was shifted and manipulated within the OBA was Democratic, you dont know what democracy means.

    • Common Sense says:

      Mmmm. Let me get this straight. I don’t know what democracy means? I’m fairly long in the tooth so I’ve known most of our politicians over the past 50 years. I’ve witnessed all sorts of power changes, including the expulsion from the PLP of my good friend Walter Brangman who just passed and who I considered to be similar in character and integrity to John Barritt. I attended the OBA election of officers last weekend (I had never before been a member of any political party) but decided I would go along and vote for Craig Cannonier who, to the best of my knowledge, has NEVER been a member of any political party except the BDA.

      From what I observed, anyone who joined the OBA could vote in a SECRET BALLOT that evening and there were clear choices for each office. In the case of the Leader, it was a very close vote between Mr. Richards and Mr. Cannonier, so if there was any manipulation of the vote it must have given fits to the intended manipulators! I’m sure there were plenty of former UBP members who voted for Mr. Richards, but I personally knew dozens of non-UBP folks who went there specifically to support and vote for Mr. Cannonier, and I spoke with some former UBP members who said they voted for Craig because he impressed them with both his integrity and charisma.

      John Barritt stuck to his word – he tends to do that – and resigned his seat, and now the voters of his former constituency have choices. I know this might stick in your craw, but in most civilised countries that is called “democracy”.

      By all means stick with the tired old rhetoric about the old UBP still calling the tune, but that is as outdated and ridiculous as suggesting that the present PLP Government is the same as it was almost 50 years ago when it was first formed. Sorry, but I’ve been around long enough to know that is far from the truth. I would like to think that from now on our elections, both bi-elections and general elections, will be fought on real issues, but judging from the comments on this blog, that is a big ask.

  21. Guest says:

    JBarritt did not really want to go but spoke up and stood by his words and for that he’s honorable. Don’t think the plp is running scared because #12 was never theirs for the picking and John was on the boundary committee and definitely would not of change #12 not in his favor. They will vote for the ubp and oba way before they vote person or plp. Agree john is no dummy. he’s been an articulate polite front street name, unlike some others who are just arrogant and mean. But if you know john sr you would know they were brought up to respect all people. His uncle Bobby and cousins are humble rich people.

  22. LOL (original) says:

    Politics in Bermuda must be controled solely by Illuminatie type groups cause all I see are conspericy theories with not an once of concrete proof in any of them.

    LOL entertainment at its best. I always known of my people being strong, rugged people able to endure hardships. We did not do this individually as no person is an island. Politics in Bermy has shown me otherwise. We are just scared, jealous, spitefull and selfish individuals based on the comments on all political threads I’ve seen, please prove me wrong.

  23. Bermudian Born says:

    give me a break LOL original – blogs are for entertainment, what’s your problem

  24. Bermudian Born says:

    and from the posting JBarritt made on FB – looks like he has already been given another safe seat, because he says, he will be back. Politricks guys all its remember, you heard it here 1st.

    • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

      I saw that posting on the OBA FB page… John Barrit has resigned his seat but that does not mean he will not have a role in the OBA. 18 years as an MP would warrant a change of scenery wouldn’t you say? I’m sure he will be back in another capacity… But as an MP… I think not

  25. Bermudian Born says:

    Barritt may just run in #1 against the Dame now that’s a non-marginal race. MP, Senator, that is what John has plan. Dunkley will give Barritt senate leader because dunkley himself bullied his way, I heard, to the helm of the senate. Then you have Louise, she may just give up to Barritt because he’s now seemed as the redeemer for OBA

  26. LOL says:

    great reading these blogs, I just love when the topic is hot.

  27. navin Johnson says:

    no one seems to care about the person running just the color of their skin or party affiliation..personally I could care less and want the person not party or color….PLP/OBA/UBP,BDA/NLP some people have been in all of the parties….