BEST Objection: Desilva’s Development

November 15, 2011

[Updated] The Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] has spoken out against development plans for the Island Construction premises on Devonshire Marsh.

Owned by Health Minister Zane DeSilva, BEST said Island Construction’s plans to build three warehouses on the marsh “would allow damaging construction to take place on lands with protective zonings.”

“This decision is an affront to orderly development as laid out and accepted by Parliament in the Bermuda Plan 2008, and a blot on the Premier’s aspirations toward good governance,” said BEST.

BEST says the plans from Mr. DeSilva’s ZanZara Trust would “negatively impact the Open Space Reserve and the Water Resource Protection Area on which they would sit as well as the abutting Devonshire Marsh Nature Reserve and wetland habitat.”

The application was originally rejected by the Planning Department but approved on appeal by then Environment Minister Walter Roban.

BEST Chairman Stuart Hayward said, “When one Cabinet Minister appeals a decision of a government agency like the Development Applications Board that appeal should not be heard by a fellow Cabinet Minister because the oft-touted principle of ‘collective responsibility’ means essentially that the one arm of the collective Cabinet [albeit in his individual capacity] is appealing to another arm of the same Cabinet — Caesar is appealing to Caesar.”

The August 2010 letter of objection from BEST is below, click ‘fullscreen’ for greater clarity:

Update 5.01pm: Shadow Minister for the Environment and Planning Michael M. Fahy, said “The One Bermuda Alliance stands for transparency in Government.”

“It is our belief that the latest approval in principle by the then outgoing Minister of Environment, Minister Roban, in respect of granting planning permission to a fellow Cabinet Minister is unethical.”

“The timing of the approval is very suspicious. It certainly does not stand up to the sunshine of public scrutiny and does not, in our view, fulfill the expectations set by the Premier in respect of her Cabinet that things would now be different.”

“It seems reasonable to ask for an explanation for the decision made by the then Minister as to why he seemingly ignored all the advice of his own department when he approved the application. Was this discussed at Cabinet? Who knew about this?”

“We believe that Bermuda needs answers. Being silent does not mean the issue will simply go away. The OBA is very much in favour of a comprehensive overhaul of planning laws, rules and regulations to not just streamline the planning and appeals process, but also to curtail the ability of Environment Ministers to make such strange decisions.”

“That is real change. BEST should be commended for bringing this to the public’s attention,” concluded Mr Fahy.

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  1. Cancer says:

    PLP gravy train doing it again…… Will they ever learn????

    • All Clogged Up says:


      • Pur-NRG says:

        Why are people surprised at this, despite what they campaigned on for the transparency and the elimination of cronyism in government in ’98, you need only look at their track record since: who got the Berkley construction contract, the new courts contract, the TCD contract, the Dockyard contract, the cement company contract (important to note that the silos are still where they are and there are less shares available to the public), and rather than tackling something important like education or health care, their first legislation was to allow funeral homes to operate stretched limos (the only one to actual want one was a PLP member/contibutor) and when the recession reared its ungly head on the world, it was education and health care that were cut (when they needed it the most) and the head honcho’s tourism budget increased. I will finish with this… the only thing that changed in ’98 was the cronies, so are we surprised they are still paying out favors to themselves

    • Grubster says:

      Vote the corrupt politicians out, and if they are replaced by other corrupt politicians of whatever party, vote them out too, and so on

    • Heather Stines-Brangman says:

      I hope that somebody makes recordings of the tree frogs in the Devonshire Marsh cuz if the Zane’s development goes through, the only time you’ll ever hear them sing live again is on a DVD. Of course, the song will have some glitches from those lil bye’s, cuz they’ve been genetically altered from the chemicals and waste materials that magically appeared in the Marsh. Miz Mulderic will be left to tell our children and grandchildren the true story Of Tiny the Tree Frog and how he and all his relations were wiped out from the Pee-Al-Pee’s genocide. That’s going to be a BIG funeral. Bermuda,don’t let it happen!!!

  2. Truth says:

    Cant wait for the PLP to get the boot. Not returning to the Island until they do…

    • LMFAO says:

      Might as well extend your haitus then

    • Maddog says:

      You are not a miss

      • @Work says:

        How many people does it take to be missed? I assume you also approve of another work permit being approved?

    • Heather Stines-Brangman says:

      Walking away is abandoning your island and your people. Come election time why not use your vote for a better Bermuda!

    • Heather Stines-Brangman says:

      Running away to where? There is no place more beautiful than home. Make a difference, don’t waste your vote. Give the OBA a chance to make things right.

  3. Chart says:

    A Cabinet minister should not be allowed to overrule the regulations to the benefit of another Cabinet minister. There is a clear conflict of interest under the “collective responsibility” regime.

    • joonya says:

      Do you not get it?? Rules do not apply to this government. They are entitled.

      • Rick Rock says:

        It’s worse than that. They are in it for the money. Plain and simple.

    • Heather Stines-Brangman says:

      The time has come to consider whether the title “Honorable” can be applied to some of our current politicians. I have lost respect of most of our current politicians. They are not immune to being investigated. Change is desperately needed in Bermuda.

  4. Ya Right says:

    I would like to why is the blame the minister as far as I know all my applcations go to the planning department and the Civil servants make the call is there proof that The minister has changed or done somthing wrong or was it by the book ? I am just asking

    • 1minute says:

      I guess you didn’t read the story – The Planning Board rejected the plan – Minister Roban approved it…

  5. Keep them Honest says:

    Oh Well,

    I guess in this town, it depends who you know!
    then again, that how it have been for all these years (40 thieves, the old money, the new money….the smiths, the butterfield.. trimingham’s.. the cooper’s… the swan ..

    • Chart says:

      BTW the forty thieves families GAVE the land to form that park!!!

    • 1minute says:

      The past is the past and we cannot change what has already happened. We can change the future and make sure that history does not repeat itself

  6. Kim Smith says:

    I understand that Mr. DeSilva has more land down Coney Island way that is more suitable for this level of industrial activity but I imagine that he wants convenience over commitment to proper process.

    • Kim Smith says:

      Dear Debbie – the fact of the matter is that we have Planning and Development policies and rules that are applied against every other Joe Public… one that doesn’t have an inside track.

    • Bermy says:

      You are correct. What’s also suprising is that Island Construction is leasing it’s current land from the NATIONAL TRUST. It’s time that they kick this tenant to the curb and not rely on the rental income. National Trust, I donate to you, please dont spite your own face! RETRACT THE LEASE!!! RETRACT THE LEASE !!!RETRACT THE LEASE!!! RETRACT THE LEASE!!!




  7. Debbie Smith says:

    Why do people think they have the right to tell other people how to handle their property that they paid for with their own hard earned funds. Stuart Haywarrd needs to clean up his own back yard before embarking on others. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Stuart Hayward is like Michael Dunkley always looking for an opportunity to be in the paper and stick it to someone.

    • Terry says:

      Debbie, you have no clue as to what you speak of. Really, you don’t.

      Take a walk and look at the flora if and when you find it. Look at the history and see what is left.

      You people make me……………………..

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      @ Debbie Smith,
      A politician who had/has a relationship with the leader of the country, which eliminates the need to participate in bidding processess, cannot be described as having hard earned funds!
      So why are you shooting the messenger?

    • Stuart Hayward says:

      Actually, my understanding is that Zane DeSilva doesn’t own the land he wants to build on, it is leased from the Bermuda National Trust — and the Trust has objected to Mr. DeSilva expanding the construction on their land.

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        Actually, Stuart you’ve got it wrong (again). It is my understanding that the National Trust has terminated Mr. DeSilva’s. It is my understanding that the property he wants to build on is his own property.

        • Stuart Hayward says:

          I just checked. You are right. The plot Mr DeSilva wants to build on is adjacent to National Trust property. Thanks for the correction.

          • All Clogged Up says:

            That’s what I like about Hayward…..he’s not to big to admit when he’s incorrect.

        • #ThatIsAll says:

          LaVerne whats your take on Roban scratching DeSilvas back… I would love to hear your opinion.

          Would you say thats in accordance with the Good Governance Act?

          Whats your opinion on Ministers (who I will add are not experienced in Ministries in which they are responsible– aside from a couple) being able to overrite the advice of their technical officers?

          P.S. Roban did this in Telecomunications… granting the M3 CellOne merger when everyone said no..

          • deshawn says:

            Just like Burgess ignoring the technical advice on Global House LED lights – time to demand some resignations Madame Premier!

        • Confused says:

          Obviously no one knows….”it is my understanding” What the hell does that mean Laverne? Until the truth is had from Mr. Desilva direct, you both have it wrong.

        • Bermy says:

          Well if NAtional Trust retracts their lease…Island Construction will still have to move…there’s nothing built on the land…and I feel a march coming….



        • Pastor Syl says:

          @ LaVerne: Ownership of the land is not the issue. Ministers ignoring advice and overturning decisions especially when it comes to protected areas happens too often (remember Berkeley and Warwick Long Bay?). This one is worse because it is so blatantly self-serving – PLP minister benefiting another PLP minister to the detriment of Bermuda. The PLP appears to be rubbing our powerlessness in our faces yet again.
          I am beyond disgusted.

        • My two cents says:

          In case you don’t “get it” in Bermuda in does not matter WHO owns WHAT property. Land is zoned here in Bermuda regardless of ownership. Just because you own the land DOES not mean you can build on it. Their are rules SDO is supposed to be for a national emergency. Yes more condos are surely a national emergency when we have plenty of housing sitting stagnant on the market. You guys are one big unethical but not illegal mess. KARMA IS A BITCH!!

        • navin johnson says:

          ok Mrs. Furbert how about “The Honorable” minister also overturing the declination for Wayne Furbert to build on farmland on the same day as Zane…last day on the job….must be giving his signature away….lets find out how many other “favor” he granted on his last day as minister….

    • Family Man says:

      Das right girl. You tell um. If wanna put up a big honkin’ bar and pizza joint on my property, who are the neighbours and planning to tell me what to do! Its my property, if I wanna build a 15 story appt complex izz my right do it innit? Planning can’t say nuffin ’cause I own the property.

      We don’t need no stinkin laws.

      /sarcasm off

  8. longtail says:

    The more things change, the more they remain the same……
    While we might expect better from our current politicians clearly they are unable (or unwilling?) to live up to the public’s expectations.

  9. MinorMatters says:

    Thank you Stuart Hayward/BEST for looking out for the best interests of all Bermudians, Visitors, Residents alike.

    • Like 2 says:

      Hopefully , one day , Stuart will be rocognized for all that he did to save the environment for future generations from unscrupulous greedy developers with a ‘National Hero ‘ award !

      • My two cents says:

        To all the great deceivers that try their best to demonize Mr. Hayward and his organization with the lies they have become accustom to telling on a regular basis KARMA IS A BITCH!

  10. Ya Right says:

    I still find it hard to believe that one man can over turn that when you have so many regulations in place and if it was failed at first how were the issues that had it fail addressed sorry but finger pointing here seems like it should be leveled at the civil servants . After all they seem as if they cant be fired so no one with the knowledge of the environment and the fancy degree have any balls to do the right thing . I am just confused

    • Terry says:

      Whats in your wallet…………….Ya Right…………………………..follow the money………………………it ain’t in Acore’s……………………….

      • Tommy Chong says:


        Why would the Azores be a question of where the money went? Zane may have a Portuguese sir name but he can’t be cause if he was why would the PLP elect him as a minister. Especially if any of them have seen Steven Spielberg’s Amistad. Zane is as Portuguese as his son in law is Bermudian.

    • Chart says:

      The Minister has the ability to overrule the regulations. The civil servants and the (external) planning board both are against it.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Ya Right

      No reason to be confused cause it’s simple people in Bermuda with lots of money & political connections are able to do what ever they want. Do you see all the massive construction trucks in on island that almost run over pedestrians daily those use to be against tcd regulations to bring in. Zane’s company were the first to bring in those pedestrian squashers & now the tcd regulations that were in place seem to have vanished. There’s a silver lining to this dark cloud now the automobile distributers in Bermuda who want to bring in massive gas guzzlers can without having to get them pre-chopped as they had in the past. Now any member of the public who’d like to buy a pedestrian squasher to show their prestige can. So all the drivers of the gas guzzler drivers should say, “Thank you Mr. Zane!”

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @ Ya Right: The Minister has the final say nowadays, not the civil servants. The Minister (of any portfolio) has the power to over-ride any and all decisions they so choose, so it seems. They are going to do the same thing with the Human Rights Bill (I realize this is not on topic, but in a way, still relevant) which will allow the serving minister to decide which cases get followed up on or not! Now THAT’S another piece of poo!

  11. bermudian recession victim says:

    Just confirms that Zane is a selfserving SOB MP and that the rest of the PLP Ministers are no better . . . They continue to destroy the environment at OUR expense! He knew the land was zoned as a protected area (agriculture, woodland, marshland, etc) when he bought it, therefore, he had no rite running to “Cog Jr. Rabaine” to ask him to overturn it after Dept. of Planning had refused for damn good reasons! So it is obvious that all the Ministers are there for financial reasons from favours to their “doing less with more size” paychecks. Hopefully, the Bermudian voter has woken up as I have to vote the usles less self serving PLP Government out this next election as its all about them and not us!

  12. Brian says:

    All people are equal…but some are more equal than others.

  13. Terry says:

    You know, this is not funny. Thanks Stewart.

    Two ministers. One wears a Robe the other has silva linings………………….

    Missing is the fiddle………………….

  14. navin johnson says:

    and The Twenty Two Thieves are currently the most equal

  15. k says:

    one really has to enter the political arena in order to possibly implement change!! worldwide this is the case and will always be . the blah blah personal attacks show the true maturity of those writing them . how sad !!! solutions , alternatives, etc are a stepping stone to the door that just might open to stick a foot in . possitive thinking creates possitive results !

    • Tommy Chong says:

      WOW!!! So if I think positively about world hunger ending it will. Trying… trying… trying… nope people are still starving. How long do I have to do this before it work?.

      Should I suggest this philosophy of getting close enough to stick a foot in the door to the blood diamond children of Africa & hopefully they wont get there foot chopped off in the process.

      Maybe these are extreme examples but they show the true maturity of those who believe that you don’t need to have big money to sway a change in society. How many ministers are there that are average joes with average funds. Unless you have close half a mil sitting in the bank or in assets don’t bother running for parliament cause all the positive thinking in the world wont get you anywhere.

      Instead of personal attacks would it be better to blame the government, the system or the man in the moon. It’s a lot more mature to state personal facts about an individual minister than it is to spew fallacies about the imaginary democracy some call government.

      • Terry says:

        I don’t know what your smoking Mr. Cheech……………….

        How many Ministers have we had in the past 10 years. Really, how many.

        We have had more changes in ministiral roles than freeking traffic accidents on on East Broadway.

        Irony is, when the voters have no food on the table and empty cuboards and coffins they cannot afford………………………… does that not sound “Somalia” to you.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Terry, I realize there are children in Bermuda even though I never thought I see the day with empty bellies but we have not reached the stage that some of the African countries are at. At least we don’t have warlords going around enslaving us & chopping our arms off. Though this could be very possible in the near future if these thug wannabes keep having there way in Bermuda since they have the guns & the public don’t. This has happened to these African countries because the people with power to fix the problem realize there is nothing of any value to them there unlike Africa’s oil filled country Libya. At the moment Bermuda is of value but once all the scenic natural habitat is destroyed by people like Zane and he ditches off to one of his off island homes leaving the thug wannabes in charge than the island will become very “Somalia” to living in Sudan.

          By the way, my mate Mr. Cheech doesn’t blaze anymore since things got tough all over but I’m still smoking and getting busted for selling glassware with my cartoon image on it.

  16. mrwiggin says:

    Ignoring for a second the blatant cronyism that comes with a decision like this, oh wait… nevermind, don’t do that.

    • specialgirl4 says:

      Cronyism, existed under the UBP, why did you not speak out than? It was so bad, that the average man was not even looked at?

      • Pastor Syl says:

        @ Specialgirl4: You really don’t get it – cronyism and other ills related to the UBP were why we voted in the PLP! We wanted something different. If we wanted the same thing, we might as well have kept the UBP.
        I am so sick of this childish behavior – “I can do what I want ‘n’ you can’t stop me. Nyah ne Nah nee na-na!” and “well, he did it first.”
        Grow the freak UP! Please!!

        • specialgirl4 says:

          This is not about the issue; the comments reflect that it is about the individuals. I hear nothing in the discussions that supports this issue is about fighting for our environment. I believe that the environment is very key issue for Bermuda, more so due to our land mass size. Re-read the comments carefully, they are very personal and almost an attempt to defame Minister Roban and DeSliva. This suggest that BEST as an organization, are not acting in a nonbiased way to represent the real issue “The Environment”. It looks more like a political movement for an attack on a Minister. May be your not able to step outside the situation and review it objectively.

          Please be aware, that this application was approved “IN Principal”. Mr. DeSliva has been a business man in Bermuda for well over 30 years. One does not expect he will not engage in building his business, just because he is an MP, but he also must follow the same protocol and requirements of any business or ordinary man. His submission of an application to planning department is the process that he followed. Most applications that are put thru planning in principal do not always include all the required details. However, the next stage of the application process allows for more detailed information to be submitted before the application is approved. If approved there are also very streamlined guidelines that an applicant must follow. So there is no attempt by anyone to over look the process.

          This issue appears to have gone beyond debating the environment and has become personal and political. Look at the use of the language to discuss this issue. So it is not about what the UBP did, but it is a process that was also followed during their time in government as well. They also had to be faced with approval of UBP ministers that ran business, where was the voice than? Or was the UBP minister not allowed to grow and develop his business?

          • My two cents says:

            Dear, it is personal because the PEOPLE are making the decisions, NOT the environment. THE PEOPLE ARE THE PROBLEM, NOT THE ENVIRONMENT. What do you not get about that? Would the environment be in danger without people? NO, people are the problem, the people.

  17. Lady Scribbler says:

    Island Contruction should warehouse all that stuff in less residential area like Coney Island where they own a big lot of land. It would be great if Zayne would set a good example for preservation of what little is left of Bermuda’s natural beauty. Come on Zayne, do the right thing!!

    • sandgrownan says:

      He won’t do the right thing. He’s not that kind of a man.

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      Have you seen the deeds to the property?

      • My two cents says:

        Please stop, there is NO excuse for building more in this recession at the expense of the environment. It is stupid, ignorant, and dumb period. It makes NO sense whatsoever. I can’t wait to hear the excuses start rolling in. How are the sale of those “affordable housing” units built on sand and on an eroding cliff going guys? Huh real smart, real smart. The government and construction companies of Bermuda are so smart and full of intelligent people making great decisions during Bermuda’s recession. Yes keep up the good work all of you things are going great really they are. Just keep saying it and making great sound decisions and the great success we are enjoying will continue. Yes yes smart people you all are. The intelligence is explosive around here.

  18. Familiar says:

    Frankly, it would be great if any member of the current government would set a good example, but I just don’t see that happening any time in the near future, if ever.

  19. Shaking the Head says:

    Does Bermuda still have a Premier? The only voice seems to be a minor BIU employee defending the rape and pillage of Bermuda. Maybe the Premier is too busy visiting banks to try and get a loan to pay the civil service salaries for December. Wouldn’t want to spoil their Christmas by not being able to pay them would we.

  20. LOTS*4*SALE says:

    Let him build it with enthusiasm , let the marsh claim it with much water .

  21. Johny old school says:

    Get Real !!! what are you all bitchng about ! Like Bob Dylan said its a political World !! just down the street near TBA , all that wharehouse that stands !!It was OK ???? Hello BEST can you hear me now? BEST you should be on BELCO for all of the poison that is being pumped into our atmosphere and all the pollutants that drain out our canals through our mangroves at Mills Creek killing off our echo system!Thats OK too !!!
    You are a group with out any teeth < old school Lilly White Mentality! Had you paid attention when you had the power we all would be in a better place !! I guess Greed got the best of all of you ! To Late
    ,your no longer in power so , Let the Man Stand on his own ! keep Politics out of it! Stand for the cause then you just might get a little more support!!!!

    • sandgrownan says:

      That’s spectacular in its dumbness.

    • Kim Smith says:

      Dear, dear Johny… you are so sadly uninformed and, quite frankly, blessed with the type of thinking that is a big part of the problem.
      Please feel free to come onboard with BEST and make a real contribution. By the way, BEST has no political affiliation and so I was concerned at your attempts to mislead by first speaking about BEST and then, seamlessly, launching into some literary tirade about some other group.

      • Kim Smith says:

        My apologies to Johny… I meant to correct myself and say that you ‘sound’ sadly uninformed… not that you ‘are’…

      • specialgirl4 says:

        BEST has no political affiliation, this is interesting as it always appeared as if they did. I am surprised to hear this. Most of its members are UBP/OBA, how many of the members are PLP? They seem to represent the interest of the UBP/OBA enviornmental issues. Also, I do not understand how they select certain issues to defend, and yet leave others. Look at the pollution by other projects, no word from BEST. Help me understand this, as I was told they are politically affilated with the UBP/OBA and they have a hidden agenda to promote their concerns.

  22. Cancer says:

    how come PLP supporters are silent on this one? They always on the talk show saying the white man this and the white man that – and always talking abt taking back Bermuda but here we are now PLP bowing down to the white man and giving him what he wants. I don’t want this to be taken as racist. But PLP are doing the same thing they accuse the the past government of doing – hooking up the white guy! Such hypocrits!!!!! (not meant to be racist – just making a point) Vote them OUT!!!!!!!!!

    • Bermy says:

      I’m PLP and I’m not silent on this one…(see comments above) and I am writing my MP to show my displeasure.

    • specialgirl4 says:

      Members are not silent. Members are reflecting on the bitterness and distasteful attitudes that are now being displayed and spoken by the supporters of the OBA/UBP. It suggest that not much has change, in terms of how they respond to anything that the PLP does. One does not object to anyone fighting for a justifield issue or cause, but the manner displayed to do so, is poorly of a low level of debate and extremely based upon persons, and not the issue.

      So far it seems to reflect that the UBP are the OBA, when so much was pushed forward by the OBA to suggest there was a change. These comments do not demonstrate any form of change. Read the nasty distasteful remarks made towards individuals, instead of focusing and debating the issue. ONe must ask is it really about “the enviornment?” As I read the comments, that seems to be lost. Persons are just waiting to hit out, for the sake of attacking individuals and not the issues.

  23. My two cents says:

    Here we go, more building for the sake of building. And they have already built two HUGE warehouse type buildings over the march back behind Ironworks. And guess what , THEY CAN’T get them rented!!! Destroyed more of the marsh to have empty buildings. You people are a bunch of freaking idiots!!! Why are you still building in a recession? You are idiots to not understand supply and demand. It is way pass time to start protesting for Bermuda’s environment.

  24. navin johnson says:

    Zaney Zaney Zaney……save yourself some money and rent space in the empty office building all over town….be much cheaper……little further impact on the environment….no?

  25. Cancer says:

    Hey Bermy… Then don’t you agree it’s time for the PLP to go? Lol!!

    • Jack Jumping says:


  26. Right/Wrong swing Voter says:

    This is not corruption by Zane/Roban as suggested by many of the comments. A decision was made by a Minister to grant permission for Mr Desliva to built. Was is a good decision or bad one? That can still be debated and it should be. But, to call Ministers and members of the PLP corrupt, would suggest that one must also put that label on the UBP/OBA. There was so much corruption during their time in leadership position that the average little man did not have a voice. (It convinced me at one time to become a swing voter). But nor did the average little man hear the level of screams as he hears today. Where were your voices to that high level of corruption? Now that was real examples of corruption. NO one spoke our than. This is why I find this so interesting now.

    Corruption is much greater than a Minister making a decision that was not done behind closed doors, it is done everyday in the business world and governments world wide. But, looks like it is only the PLP that is capable of such actions, as some of you believe. The UBP/OBA has so many things hidden in their closets, how quickly we forget. I can recall so many things that the UBP did to support its fans and members and MPs. Funny never heard one cry from the supporters of the OBA/UBP.ALso Lets be fair in our judgement, and stick to the issue, and not attempt to bring down individuals in regards to this matter. Or are none of you capable of conducting and engaging in such a high level of debating……..????

    I think my vote is going to swing…..the behaviours of the OBA/UBP are not changing, the same old ugly UBP/OBA are rearing their ugly heads. (I thought had died) I really began to believed that there was a change with this new party, but maybe they were trying to fool me? I am so disappointed and sad by this behaviour. These comments on there today do not suggest real change at all. Looks like the same old white supporters behaving badly once again. These comments almost sound hateful and out right nasty. Craig what is going on with this UBP/OBA ??? I want to support you, but looks like your carrying the old guard with you.

    • Rick Rock says:

      “Same old white supporters”? What makes you think I’m white? Or old?

    • @ Right/Wrong Swing Voter – 2 wrongs don’t make it right. Country needs leadership.

    • My two cents says:

      It is corrupt to overturn planning period. ALL SDO;s granted for non national emergency situations is corrupt, period end of story. The UBP did it and the PLP are currently doing it. The sad part about the SDO overturning now is that we don’t need buildings/condos anymore. We have plenty of buildings and condos in this recession. Now we are destroying the environment for NO purpose. It is ignorant, stupid, and dumb. Their is no reason to maintain and pay for a planning department by government if they are going to make their own decision in the end.
      SDO’s overturned=CORRUPTION. Stop making excuses for bad behavior, this is Bermuda’s true problem. EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES.

  27. Cancer says:

    Obviously right wrong swing voter does not know what he’s talking about. Let me first set the record straight. In his statements above he refers to the UBP/OBA.There is no such thing. The OBA is a brand new party with different ideals from the old UBP. The leader, along with the support staff behind him prefer to leave that legacy behind them. No one in the OBA can be called a racist or a biggot as these guys…yes some of them white have contributed more to black people then some of our own have. But guess what… They wud prefer to keep it silent than broadcast it for everyone to know. I’m a black man and I know the facts! It comments on these bogs can persuade you without looking at the facts then cast your vote for my old party (PLP). I just got tired of all the “ace boys”‘being hooked up without spreading the love evenly which is still being done today!

    • specialgirl4 says:

      The OBA/UBP is the same party, no matter how you attempt to swing it. What member of the OBA cabinet is not the same persons that served as the UBP cabinet? Yes the UBP has been branded by a new name OBA, but a “Rose by any other name is still a Rose”. Same members, same supporters, same MPs. Help me understand what is really different?

      While true undertaking of the OBA has yet to be revealed, time will truely tell the real story. How much can a party change when the key players are still controlling the party. Remember, they spread much of the love between their own, thats why many walked away from the party, do not forget the facts. Craig is only a figurehead, he will take guidance from the like of Dunkley, Gibbons etc…. But, stay blind as time will reveal its self to you. Listen and real most of the comments by the UBP turned OBA supporters, it does clearly does not reflect much of a change. I would like to believe it has changed but just reading the comments that are supposed to be about the ‘enivornment’ does not suggest much of a change to me.

      • My two cents says:

        Fine, What if I say to you that Paula Cox is ONLY a figure head and Doc Brown is really calling the shots in the background. If I say it, does it make it true?

  28. navin johnson says:

    it is corruption to the enth degree to overturn planning approval for DeSilva and Wayne Furbert on his last day as Minister……they must have all run to him and said “quick sign this” I need a favor and want to build more house on farm land and planning wont let me……we need more houses and less araable land…..who needs open spaces….SDO at Tucker’s Point……sleeze

  29. specialgirl4 says:

    The minister has the right to make a decision, he also has the right to overturn all decisions. The minister does not have to take the advice of the Civil servant. Not every minister always accepts the advice of a Civil Servant. Please there is a formal process in place. This process existed during the UBP/OBA time, so why did you fail to cry out about the process than? The applicatio was approved in Prinicpal, this is common practice.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      He has the legal ability to overturn decisions. He did two on that day, that we know about, both for PLP cabinet ministers. Which has the appearance, you have to admit, of doing favours for his close friends. But if there is nothing unusual about it, let’s get the full facts. Presumably, if he does this type of thing a lot, and for all sorts people (not just the privileged political elite), let us know. How many other special orders did he sign that day? Did he just sign these two, or were there 20 or 30 others that ordinary, unconnected, non-PLP people got? In other words, PROVE that these people got no advantage by being insiders. Otherwise, it does appear to be corruption.