Photos: 2011 Reconvening Of Parliament

November 4, 2011

[Updated] The Reconvening of Parliament is underway this morning [Nov.4], with all the pomp and circumstance that surrounds it. Senators, Ministers, Members of Parliament and other dignitaries attended the proceedings, and Governor Sir Richard Gozney is reading the Throne Speech, which outlines Government’s Legislative Agenda for 2012.

Always a fashion parade, female MPs are dressed to impress, while their male counterparts are decked out in their best suits including the UBP’s Kim Swan in top hat and tails. Premier Paula Cox is wearing a black and white ensemble, with green – the PLP’s signature colour – accessories.

The event is being held in the grounds of the Cabinet Building on Front Street, and crowds of people have lined the street to watch. The Bermuda Regiment provided a Guard of Honour on Front Street for the arrival and departure of the Governor.

The Governor inspected the Guard of Honour and then dispatched Black Rod to summon the Members of Parliament. He then read the Throne Speech on behalf of the Government, which outlined the planned programmes and legislation for the ensuing Parliamentary year.

Highlights of the speech [full text here] included Government’s announcement it will consider holding a referendum on whether or not to legalise gaming in Bermuda in order to boost the island’s hospitality sector.

In other tourism-related news, Sir Richard Gozney said College Weeks — once a mainstay of the island’s tourism product but scrapped in the ’80s — would be re-introduced to try and lure Ivy League university students here during their Spring Breaks.

The main focus of the Throne Speech was on stimulating Bermuda’s economy, with Government pledging to draw more outside investment to Bermuda and foster job-creating enterprises. Additional photos, videos and the full text of the Throne Speech to come as the day progresses.

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  1. navin johnson says:

    what is that concoction on her head? I suddenly like Dale Butler’s sailor hat

  2. Liars says:

    looks like a horrible fashion show to me.

  3. Fashion show?? says:

    Is this the correct set of photos?
    All the females look like they are heading to a fashion show.
    Can the leaders of other countries take our leaders serious when dressed like this???

  4. WTH???? says:

    Who dresses Paula????

  5. jury says:

    Can somebody get Paula a stylist and will she stop wearing the RED lipstick looking like Hollywood Boulevard. But I must admit her suit is that best outfit I have ever seen her in.

  6. cocoa says:

    Oh no! “She wore de hat mon!” I also agree she needs to stop wearing the RED lipstick!! I give her thumbs up for the suit, but she killed it with the green hat and the green bag!

    • Get Real says:

      Now dats funny! LOL

    • what! says:

      So funny. “De hat mon” I burst out laughing.
      What a real clown show and we are suppose to take these people seriously.

  7. MinorMatters says:

    Out of the all the ladies, Premier Cox’s attire is appropriate for the occasion. Looking for content in the Throne Speech to match as well.

  8. tricks are for kids.... says:

    What the hell! They all (females) need a fashion stylist!! Geeesh!!

  9. Bulla Bulla says:

    What a MUPPET show! How embarrassing for Bermuda!

  10. BermyMiss says:

    Paula looks good to me !!! Fashion statement for sure – FORWARD FASHION and so appropriate for the occassion. Soo loving the shoes too Paula.

  11. Doctor Mom says:

    The big question is…did she buy this in Bermuda??? Or was it a free gift from the store which could not sell it?

  12. Jim Bean says:

    You PLP PAID bloggers are doing your job! well done!

  13. LOL (original) says:

    Check Wayne’s pic best one there……

    LOL this is not a dis to Wayne just some humor. Oh and the Premium is in PLP green what’s the problem.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Imagine if the PLP were Greenbay Packers fans…..


  14. Contractor dave says:

    Erm……..aren’t we missing the point here? This isn’t Bermuda’s Next Top Model, it’s the official reconvening of Parliament!!! Who cares if they turn up in trash bags?

    • Rumandcoke says:

      Well I certainly care if they turn up in trash bags.
      Our elected MP’s are already paid far too much so should be
      afford to dress with some style. If not,I would suggest a
      quick trip to the Barn would find them some more
      fashionable attire. These hats have garnered more comment than the
      Throne Speech!

      • wotless says:

        MPs are paid 56,000 a yeat. Which is about the same as the median income in Bermuda. Loose the arguement “far too much”

  15. A Woman's View says:

    Sad thing is, most of you commenting on the clothing have absolutely no clue what it takes to leadin our Country. I applaud all the women parlimentarians, it is a crying shame that the lame brains on this blog can only focus on their clothing.

    Our Premier might wear the wrong colour lipstick and might have worn a hat that we do not like this morning, but she is honest, hard working and full of integrity.

    I love that fact that she has given her life in service of our country. A true role model. I am not a PLP supporter nor will I ever be, but I will give credit where credit is due.

    • Terry says:

      You must be Tired of Nonsense’s wife.

      Must admit though, she is true to her colours of “Green”.

      Gold lipstick would have turned more heads than the tide.

      Nice lady but still a cog.

  16. Red Flag says:

    This is why nobody tale blogers serious. Really? You are disrespect people just because they set on a different side politically, no other reason. You are proving how shallow minded you are. Shut up and do something to help instead of talking the worthless crap you talk. As if the OBA parliamentarians dress any better. Grow up. The same people posting on everything. Thanks for showing how truly bias you are.

    • Rumandcoke says:

      sorry Red Flag but the OBA parliamentarians did dress very much better…Louise
      Jackson and Patricia Gordon-Pamplin both looked smart and elegant.

  17. Derek Simons says:

    Paula should have checked Cyble for an outfit for the reconvening of Parliament!!

  18. Fashion Police says:

    All the ladies and Kim Swan, Charlie Swan, Michael Scott, Walter Lister looked the best! Paula’s suit was elegant, the hat was not he best choice for the suit. Governor wife was looking fine 2.

  19. CheapSkate says:

    All you dummies,! Its not call a hat… It’s a fascinator, A headpiece which even the queen wears due to Queen Elizabeth pronouncing new standards of dress required for entry to Royal Ascot…
    I think our Premier is one of a kind when it come to being elegant… It’s embarrassing that most Bermudians don’t have culture sense in knowing why certain things are worn in parade… I surprised no one is making statements about the governor who’s wearing feathers on his Pith helmet… SMH