16 Year Sentence For Sexual Assault

February 14, 2012

A 30-year-old man was sentenced to 16 years in prison this morning [Feb.14], for sexually assaulting a woman last year.

Brittonie Taylor, of no fixed abode, previously pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a woman in Smith’s Parish in May 2011.

The victim was jogging in the area of Paynters Road and Harrington Sound Road in Hamilton Parish she was attacked by the Taylor at around 8.30am on Saturday May 28th 2011.

Immediately after the incident he was pursued on foot by police and despite attempting to evade arrest by jumping into the ocean, he was arrested a short time later.

After hearing submissions from the Prosecution and defence lawyer Marc Daniels, and before passing sentence, Justice Carlyle Greaves described Taylor as a man too dangerous to be allowed to prowl about amongst civilians. Justice Greaves said that there was: “…every likelihood that he will be a real danger to female members of society.”

Justice Greaves said that it was ironic that on this day, Valentine’s day, a day of love, he had, instead, to have a day of pain as he dealt with this matter. The Justice said that he would like to put him away “forever,” but that this feeling was tempered by the courts and the law.

The Prosecutor reviewed the case, reminded the judge that the offence had occurred over a prolonged period of time, had caused physical injury to the innocent victim, and had traumatized her.

The Prosecutor also told the judge that the psychiatric report on Taylor, who is Jamaican, had indicated that though Taylor’s actions might possibly have a connection to a mental problem, that in their opinion, Taylor was not suffering from any mental illness that would or could explain his behaviour on the day of the assault.

However, Taylor had admitted to not having taken prescribed medication for a week prior, and having used marijuana and alcohol on the night before the assault.

In mitigation, lawyer Marc Daniels submitted that Taylor was bipolar, and that he had issues with his own parenting and family background. As well, the lawyer submitted that Taylor said and maintained that he had no memory of the incident. Justice Greaves responded by saying, “He forgot about it? You’re telling me that the man forgot about it?….He is a cunning fox.”

The Court heard that the assault took place over a considerable period of time and distance. It involved Taylor grabbing the woman, taking her down to the waterside, sexually assaulting her, talking to her, then partially undressing her, attempting to rape her, getting dressed again, then leaving the waterside and walking with her to an ATM. The victim was said to have begged for her life.

When asked to if he had anything to say, Taylor said that he had no “recall for that” and was “sorry from my heart”. The Prosecution had recommended a sentence between 12 – 15 years. Taylor’s lawyer had asked for a sentence between 9 – 13 years.

On hearing that it would be 16 years, a woman present in Court appeared to be upset and cried out: “No, no. Sixteen years. Brittonie, what have you done?”

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  1. CFLS says:

    The news states that this person has no fixed abode and has performed a serious crime against a woman. As a woman I would not feel safe with him on the streets. When he has served the sentence given (if not shortened later) he should be sent from prison doors to the airport and shipped back to his country of birth never to return to Bermuda. He does not deserve to live here wandering about with no fixed abode.

  2. DEPORT him NOW says:

    @ CFLS
    I aggree. Tired of expats coming to our country, committing crimes then the taxpayers have to feed them. He should be immediately deported regardless if he has ties to this country. He disrepected our laws and society therefore he no longer deserves to stay here. If he had tried this in JA, he would be fish food by now.
    While he’s at Westgate, Colonel Lamb, serve him & the rest of those low lifes bread & water & put them to work in a CHAIN GANG picking up trash. That should save us some money & maybe they’ll think twice about returning to their evil ways.

    • Legal Reasons? says:

      just playing devil’s advocate here… would you prefer Dr. Brown’s sons being deported back to Bermuda and spending their jail time at Westgate playground?

      • @Work says:

        Typical statement. Maybe Dr. Brown’s sons have US passports. Unless this guy has some ties to Bermuda, immigration should be sending him packing.

    • SMDH says:

      He should be deported NOW…No way should we have to pay $80,000.00 a year for 16 DAMN years…Send him on his banana boat OUTTA HERE! Whateva ties he has here they are better off without him!

  3. Mad Dawg says:

    Let him serve the full 16 years, make it as miserable as possible for him, and then deport him. Lowlife scum. How did he get to come here in the first palce?

    • JES says:

      @ Mad Dawg… In answer to your question. The media reported that he is married with 3 children, one of which is an infant. I would guess he got here the same way most of the foreign nationals filling our ‘boys camp’ (Westgate) get here. Some women thought that ‘Imported meat’ was TOP Grade and a hell of alot better (and he told her all that she wanted to hear and would treat her right and be faithful to her until death do they part) then ‘Homegrown meat’. HAHA! Funny… just a word of advice to her and all the rest importing them. A MAN IS A MAN… IS A MAN!! A hot blooded predator who when what you think is your priceless “Pot of Gold (vag*na) is worn out (melted) and you no longer suffice his needs he will prey on anyone willing and in this most sad cases the not so willing!!

      • Ya Gota B Kiddin says:

        U must b a women who has been used, n now hates all men!!

      • kendra lundon says:

        leave the children out of this, they are innocent, they can’t controll that thier father is like this

  4. Railway says:

    Nasty piece of trash this one. Why cant we just ship his sorry a$$ back to his home country and let them house and feed the miserable scum for the next 16 years? Burns me that we have to pay for this low-life’s food and shelter now.

    To the victim – God bless you and may you find comfort, peace and strength through the love and support of your family and friends and others, like me, who do not know you but who feel your pain and wish you all good things for the future.

  5. WHATEVA says:

    I am tired of paying for other peoples grown @$$ children!! SEND THEM HOME!! And seriously I don’t understand why WE the people have to feed the criminals I just don’t understand. Make them earn their keep GROW a garden and plant their food and go fishing. They eat and live better then most of us out here struggling. B#$%&*$^SH8t

  6. @Work says:

    “Brittonie Taylor, of no fixed abode”
    “Taylor, who is Jamaican”

    Why is this man still here? I really don’t understand.

    • Armchair Psychologist says:

      “Brittonie Taylor, of no fixed abode”
      “Taylor, who is Jamaican”…

      I was looking to see if I missed something,such as he was legally married to a Bermudian or something because I have the same question. Why was a homeless Jamaican here??? This man clearly should have been sent home a long time ago and not allowed to stay here to attack a defenseless female.

      Someone in authority needs to comment on why this man was in our country,but I won’t hold my breath.

  7. True Bermudian says:

    16 years is to little for garbage like this.

    Rapists are incapable of rehabilitation and there is a 100% chance sex offenders will re-offend upon release.

  8. tricks are for kids..... says:

    And they want us to take a 8% pay cut or don’t contibute towards our pension for a year? okay……so if you are trying to SAVE money because as an island we are in debt..please explain to me why we are now willing to pay $80,000 per year for 16 years for a foreign nationale???

  9. Let this man go home to Jamaica and serve time incarcerated. He should be ashamed of himself. If this island is to save money why are we paying for his stay here. Disgusting!!!

  10. Tuba says:

    1. How did he get here,
    2. How was he allowed to stay,
    3. We are an island of bleeding hearts who worry abut everyone other than ourselves….

  11. think says:

    first let me say I don’t know this guy or do I condone what he done but I find this sentence rather harsh, people have taken lives and have gotten less time…..this guy must be mentally ill who in their right mind will grab a stranger in broad daylight @ watchhill park throw her over his shoulder and walk down to the rocks ( just visualize that)and not think someone would see it happening….he must be sick in his head…..he didnt even actually rape this woman more like a kidnapping to me it is still wrong any way you look at it …..I think 16 years is way to much compared to pass practice in our courts .

    • Tee says:

      He should be hung, 16 years isn’t enough. You must be his mom or sister. Basterd should rot in jail….. If he got 5 years people will say not enough, I am happy the justice system is starting to get real now…. Recently I read a gang member was sentence to 288 years plus life.. That should be the next step if you keep giving guys a 3rd of time served…. I applaud real hard time, Now lets make prison a place they’ll hate to go too like an Alcatraz… PLEASE cause apparently they love to go Westgate and get back to their biatches….. These guys are gay and come out and act hard….

    • Goval says:

      I endorse the comments of ‘think
      above and have seen persons who have gotten less time for guns, attempted murder/murder. How did he come here? I guess either on a W/Permit or was coerced oy one of the Bermy women who luv the Imported Sugar cane.

  12. amen says:


    WHAT? Have a daughter then her be sexually assaulted. You would be begging for him to get more time. 16 years is actually a light sentence, his pervert a$$ should get life. They are steadily increasing the time for violent crimes so no people haven’t got less time for taking a life. Most sentences recently have been 20+ years for murder. He’s not mentally ill, he ran he knew what he did was wrong. Another scumbag. I’m seeing a pattern here, stop letting them come to our country. He needs to be sent home.

  13. Clairty says:

    He should be castrated and then deported. He tried to attack one woman twice within a 30min span and then finally succeeded in catching another victim. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he took her to a secluded area. If he is mentally ill, that’s even more reason he should never roam the streets again. I hope it is not you or one of your family members he comes accross the next time his medication is low.

  14. 1bermuda says:

    Dear Bermuda Goverment – you are so keen to rid yourself of ” hard working non Bermudians” yet this piece of Jamaican scum of “no fixed abode” is roaming our streets able to attack a woman at any given moment! If Immigration is so on top of things, how the heck is he still here?? Send his a#% packing. We don’t want home here even in our prison!

  15. Upsetting says:

    Wow, I’m shocked that he’s even allowed to stay knowing he’s not a Bermudian, Only in our country we allow non Bermudians of a no fix abode to continue living here, What the hell is really going on in this country? Talk to me Preimier COX..I think all you government MP’s should pay for this a$$ not the people…

  16. think says:

    WOW….All these VITROLIC STATEMENTS….I get the sense its because this guy is Jamaican….where are all of you people when our bermudian men are locked up for the samething you never post this type of stuff my my my…..I guess it our cousins and sons soooooo that make s difference huh….75% of bermudian peadophiles in Westgate are of THE 7TH DAY ADVENTIST FAITH (yesisaidit)why dont be just ban that church in bermuda….thats sounds real stupid huh…well thats exactly how some of you sound….like I sad earlier he is dead wrong for what he done but our Judicial system is flawed…I still think 16 years is is harsh for what happened when past judgements for taking lives have gotten lighter sentences….AND YES I HAVE 2 DAUGHTERS !

    • Rhuland says:

      @ think

      With a screen name like “think” you surely sound like you aren’t doing too much of it…

      Where did you come up with that percentage? Is there any real mathamatical data behind that figure (75%) or did you just make that up yourself???

      And by the way, according to a report made by the psychiatrist that examined him “it is unlikely that Taylor was suffering a relapse of his mental problems at the time of the attack” – so his mental illness is no excuse!

    • tricks are for kids says:

      @ think..just as you are entitled to your opinion thatn yes others are entitled to theirs as well whether you like them or agree with them or not…. Wow..that you would feel safe having two daughters and having this weirdo running around…He has three children so obviously he has been able to “get some” in the past so it was no need to attempt to ‘get some’ as viciously as he did….In the states he would have gotten life..He got a bargain getting 16 years here in our prsion compared to the harsh prisons in Jamaica..so yeah the pervert got exactly WHAT HE DESERVED…….

    • Slick says:

      for a jamaican!!

  17. cocoa says:

    SMH I agree this man should be sent directly back to JA.

  18. Highly Concerned says:

    Bermuda is a big joke and I use to get upset when people made this statement but now I understand. I as a Bermudian really don’t understand these ancient laws its really ridiculous. Send him back to Jamaica and let them deal with him.