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February 17, 2012

The Department of Communication and Information [DCI] announced yesterday [Feb.16], that it has formally launched a new website. The website can be found at

The aim of the site according to the Acting Director of DCI, Mr. Dwayne Caines, is to bring about public awareness of Government’s services and initiatives and to encourage people to use the website as a direct source for Government information.

The website is easy to navigate and very user friendly. It will be updated daily with press releases, Ministerial Statements, news, and upcoming events.

It allows users to read important Government documents online and on mobile devices, with the option to download these documents. It also allows users, including those overseas to watch CITV signature shows online, keeping them updated on what is taking place.

Mr. Caines said today, “We are very excited about the new website and its great features. We currently live in a society that uses technology as a means of communication, thus it is very important that we use the technology available to inform the people of Bermuda. We hope that the public will use this website as a direct source for Government information.”

The DCI website also features a page called “Your Ministers”. This page keeps the public updated with what Government Ministers are doing. It contains a brief intro about the Minister and Ministry and features their most recent remarks, Ministerial Statements, and press releases.

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  1. True Bermudian says:

    CITV is a further example of the Bermuda government wasting our tax money which could be better served being used elsewhere.

    It costs over 1.5 million dollars a year to run CITV and less than 200 people a day watch it.

    That’s over Four Thousand Dollars a day for a station no one watches and whose content is substandard, biased and poor at best.

    The programming is weak as are the ideas and people which provide the content.

    If the Bermuda Government was really serious about saving money they would shut down CITV immediately but that will never happen because that channel is just a testament to the governments vanity, ignorance and misplaced feelings of self importance.

    Those millions the Government spends catering to their egos with that sad excuse for a tv station would be put to better use for real Bermuda needs. Like crime, education, health or pension funds…

  2. Relevent says:

    With all of the filth that is on TV these days I BEG to differ! As a young Bermudian I have learned much about our heritage and facts and great things that are happening in our island. Our youth need positivity and see their own carrying it out. We need a channel that is specific to Bermuda as we struggle as a people to have solidarity as it is. Yes they could use a bit more variety and more youth based programs, but the quality is suberb when compared to any other local production. Yes you see PLP faces because they are the government right now, but as an OBA supporter that will change in due time. You are correct in mentioning that Government needs to provide a practicle long term financial plan to get us out of the hole and curb its spending…but that CITV station is like 3 rooms…and produces above what is put in.

    • True Bermudian says:

      Paying over $1.5 million dollars a year just so less than 200 people a day can watch TV is not good financial governing.

      You know what that’s called? That’s called bad governing and a waste of tax payers money.

      You have people living in caves and tents because they can’t find jobs and homes to live in.

      You have peoples power getting cut off every day because they can’t afford to pay the bill because there is no work to be found.

      Children are starving.

      Children are shooting each other.

      Mothers and Fathers are stealing and taking risks they would never normally take to feed their families and to just exist.

      No pension money.

      The police are vastly underfunded and taken for granted.

      Crime rates soaring.

      Guns and drugs at all points of the Island.

      Paying 1.5 million dollars a year for less than 200 people a day to sit around and watch TV solves nothing, helps no one and is poor financial governance.

      It’s truly pathetic and a testament to how far out of whack the Governments financial priorities are.

      And on top of it all 1/3 of our population is deemed clinically obese.
      We don’t need people inside watching TV, we need them out being active so they will live longer healthier lives.

  3. 32n64w says:

    DCI needs seven people to run the public affairs department??
    Dwayne Caines
    Beverley J. Morfitt
    Nea Talbot
    Magnus Henagulph
    Robin Holder
    Helen A. Jardine
    Carla L Zuill

    Eight more to run creative services??
    Jackie Aubrey
    Keno Simmons
    Jamie McDowell
    DeLeon Lottimore
    Suzette Sailsman
    Stephen Raynor
    Ashley Lusher
    Michelle Dismont-Frazzoni

    Seven for CITV??
    Jannell Ford
    Al Seymour
    Robert Zuill
    Ryan Prevost
    Asha Ludwig
    Nick-Keymin Spence
    Travis Smith-Simons

    … and three admin people??
    Joulanda Brown Robinson
    Paulette Ball
    Carol Bascome

    This equates to a (minimum) total of people to run DCI and we’re not even considering the London or Washington offices?? Are you kidding??

    Who knew PLP spin was so demanding and Minsters were so incapable of doing anything for themselves.

    PLP – taking more and more leaving taxpayers with less and less since 1998.

  4. International Observer says:

    32N64W………Why do you equate the London Office and Washington Office with DCI?