Video: BIU President On Privatisation

March 2, 2012

Bermuda Industrial President Chris Furbert held a press conference yesterday [Mar.1] and said the “union has always been against privatization.” Mr Furbert went on to say that, “In our experience with privatization, workers don’t get the fair end of the stick. And that’s happened not just in Bermuda, but all around the world.”

When asked out the effect it might have considering the present economic conditions, Mr Furbert said, “When you look at the amount of people unemployed – that is probably somewhere between 3,000 to 4,000 people out of work – and you talk about privatization of certain parts of Government to the private sector and as a result of that there are going to be more people out of work, I just think that’s a recipe for disaster.”

The BPSU also recently released a statement about privatization, saying the “BPSU will not stand for or allow privatization of services. We understand that privatization will have negative effects on our community.” The full statement from the BPSU is here [PDF].

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  1. Pierce says:


    “Hi, I’m Christ Furbert, and in addition to being utterly insane, I’m completely incoherent during public appearances! Ask me about my cognitive dissonance and willingness to sell our the very people who support my harebrained ideologies en masse!”

  2. The road to hell says:

    This man needs to join us all in the year 2012.

    Not the 1972 world he still believes we live in.

    Remember Mr. Furbert, you are meant to be providing a service for the public, not providing a service solely for your employees without consequence to the paying public who rely on services.

    Privatisation is EXACTLY what is needed to sort him out!

  3. Please!!!! says:

    I really think they (Whoever they are) should stop letting Chris Furbert talk to the press!!!! Please, because he reduces the IQ of the island by a point every time something he says is reported.

  4. Funny stuff says:

    Listening to him speak is pure comedy gold!

    When most organizations call a press conference, their comments are pre-planned and they don’t just let a crazy guy stand up and spew gibberish for 20+ minutes. This guy is a clown!

  5. Really?? says:

    Mr. Furbert I must come to the assumption that you have no idea what you are talking about, nor have no education or experience into matters involving the benefits of Privatiasation over Nationalisation.

    You keep banging on about the working class however in business the real king is customer. this is a global ideology. Without a free market there is no competition without competition people are ripped of and taking advantage of. And this includes your memebers and yourself unless you eat local fish and bananas day in day out. Because eventually even yourself has to go to a privatly run supermarket.

    Now lets just take an example if we went with your view that nationalizing industry creates jobs. Say all grocery stores were run by government; there would be nothing on the shelf because each morning workers would be sitting around doing nothing until a manager (probably foriegn) told them to do their job. This would then be viewed as a breach into workers rights and the manager would most likely be sacked.
    There would be strikes in the fresh produce sections and boycotts of the foreign import food sections. Only locally grown vegetables would be allowed to be sold which inturn would mean 70 percent of the island would have malnutrition problems.
    A worker would then be suspended for crashing shopping trolley into ailse, upon asking to provide a drug test the entire supermarket would go on strike and close the doors.

    Not before ofcourse you and your family had a meal on their table.

    You consider yourself a Robin hood character Mr. Furbert but in thruth you are the exact opposite.

    I put forward a question? why are private business’s on the island often seen making profit however all the govenrment can do is bury the island further down the rabbit whole?

    One day i see the breakdown of unions and the uprising of work based on good faith and productivity, and where will you be? JOBLESS because who in the hell will hire you in the private sector with your outdated racial rhetoric and undereducated decision making.

    Thank you for listening!

  6. MinorMatters says:

    …that the BPSU and BIU are not in favor of privatisation is akin to Turkeys unlikely to vote for Thanksgiving!

  7. smith says:

    PLEASE..PLEASE can Bernews post a written summary of his comments. I simply CANNOT listen to this man speak.

  8. Malachi says:

    Yeah Chris, I feel you man!

    That damn private sector is a real pain: first they want you to be on time every day and then, on top of that they make you work seven to eight hours a day – five days a week!

    I’d rather work for Government too!!

  9. Mad Dawg says:

    If you watch that video, that’s 23 precious minutes of your life you will never get back.

  10. Wow says:

    A total shortfall of 30million between the 3 services??? It takes a no-brainer to privatize them and save Bermuda and it’s ppl the burden of debt, no?!

  11. Just sayin says:

    So Furbert, More threats. Nothing new from you.

  12. Just sayin says:

    Furbert, did you take a pay cut??
    Probably not because you think you are a higher power.

  13. Oyeah says:

    One thing they can’t stop is privatization

  14. martin says:

    privatization can be good for larger countries that are not in Bermudas unique position ,.1.privatization will only be a way to limit libility to government for the mass lay offs that will surely that place.2.if the buses and ferries are running at a loss who would want them privately and if so would the government them also gives subsidies to such company in other to keep them running ?they will no longer be able to limit what can be charged imaging paying 5 dollars for a 3 stop bus ride it can happen ,. also has anyone notice several items sold in some bermuda markets are past due or no more than a week to go !I bought some salad dressings in the past and by the time i got home and opened them i checked the date and where expired, whent again to this southampton store to buy newer one a few days later told the clerk who in turn told the manager who said they will take them down but anyway most were out dated or days to be went back the next day and they were still on the shelves selling people out dated stuff so to cut it some privatazation is not always better,private companies will make a profit even it it means taking your home,.open the gates to world banks and allow competition why is it that law was passed to benefit a few open the doors to wal marts they will make a profit regardless, for what they buy and further more take away some requirements for dj’s I drive on front street and listen to garbage playing form the clubs that was garbage in my day bring in some some real money makers to bring in the crowd government yes stop with some of your promotions for tourist they are out dated at best so learning to have a balance between government and privatization is the only way to move forward .,

  15. Gambler says:

    There are some areas that you can privatize as I am a govt worker > I see so much waste its a shame biut we need to look at what departments would be best suited I ahve a few but will present them not here but to the appropriate people and place Once I get my facts and numbers together but yes privatization in some areas will be better .