Bermuda Win More Carifta Medals, Two Golds

April 14, 2012

The second day of the 2012 Carifta Swimming Championships saw Bermuda pick up another three medals — including two golds — after Jesse Washington and Shannon Hassell continued their medal winning form.

The tremendous performance by these two 12-year-old swimmers has brought Bermuda’s medal total to six, as it follows after the three medals won by Washington and Hassell on the first day of competition.

Jesse Washington, National Swim Coach Ben Smith and Shannon Hassell:

Jesse Washington won the 11-12 Boys 200 Meter Freestyle Final to win his second gold medal of the Games after he touched the wall in a time of 2:07.95. Ten minutes later he returned to win his third gold medal, winning the 11-12 Boys 50 Meter Butterfly gold medal in a time of 28.92. Jesse has now collected four medals, including three golds.

Shannon Hassell won her second medal of the Games when she finished second in the 11-12 Girls 100 Meter Backstroke Final in a time of 1:13.72. She then finished 5th in the 11-12 Girls 200 Meter Freestyle Final after she clocked a time of 2:22.62.

The 2012 Carifta Swimming Games are being held from April 12th – 15th in Nassau, Bahamas and nine top Bermuda swimmers are representing the island; Nic Patterson, Katrina Beveridge, Benedict Parfict, Philip Hagen, Shannon Hassell, Aaron Rego, Jesse Washington, Madelyn Moore and Ashley Yearwood.

Full Bermuda Team Results below, click ‘Fullscreen’ for greater clarity:

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  1. Mbaya Avunaye says:

    Well done. It seems as if athlethics is where Gov’t should be investing funds and not cricket and football.

    • BTW says:

      You have a point there. Or perhaps we should invest in our youth athletic programmes, including cricket & football, to bring our young athletes up to the world standard.

      After attending the Kappa football tournament, I’m sure many of our young football players possess the passion and discipline required to compete successfully in international competition. I would assume (hopefully correctly) that the same could be said for our young cricket players. Let’s invest in our youth for a better tomorrow and let the undisciplined adult players fund their own efforts.

      • Kam says:

        i totally agree.

        Well done Team Bermuda!!!!

        • In Mark's Opinion says:

          I agree too. The youth are a better investment.

  2. Catherine DL says:

    Oh my gosh – this team is rocking – and so young!! Great work from all of you – keep at it!

  3. Haha says:

    1st again!!!!!!!! Great job Jesse!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Honestly says:

    Well done to our Carifta swimming athletes! So proud of your outstanding performances! Continue to represent Bermuda and yourselves in your winning strides to medal contention! Congratulations!!!!!

  5. BTW says:

    Congratulations Team Bermuda and Coach Smith! What excellent results by all of our youth. We are so proud of you!!

  6. Daisy says:

    You are phenomenal. What a achievement for you both. Bermuda should be so proud of their fine young swimmers, and take a long hard look @ our future generation.
    12 year olds aiming so high in their sport is beyond expectation (and in these times belief) and must be commended. Your dedication and passion to your sport reflects.
    This is just the beginning. Bermuda take note.

  7. GMO says:

    Too bad we will never be able to hold Carifta here and watch our athletes perform on home turf due to design flaws at the new aquatics centre at National Sports Centre??

    And how much is this flawed pool going to cost us??

  8. GMO says:

    BTW – Great job athletes it goes to prove winning a medal can be done via a 25M pool!!!

  9. Mountbatten says:

    Jesse Washington , Shannon Hassell , you two have definitely made Mountbattens chest puff up and eyes well up with tears of joy . God blessed Bermuda with two outstanding youngsters … I congratulate all of the team .