City Of Hamilton Buys Court Street Lot

April 11, 2012

The City of Hamilton has purchased the property located at the stoplight on the corner of Dundonald and Court Streets, and will be launching a survey asking for input on how people would like to see the space used.

The Mayor said that the asking price was $635,000, but they were able to purchase the lot for less than the asking price, and that the Bank had advanced sufficient funds to enable a reasonable amount of necessary remedial work to be attended to now.

Mayor of Hamilton Charles Gosling said, “I am truly honored and pleased to stand before you today to announce a land purchase negotiated by the City of Hamilton with Butterfield Bank.

“On behalf of the Board Members of the City, I must thank Butterfield Bank for their foresight, community focus and flexibility in working with the City administration to make possible the purchase of this property on which we stand.

“It is only with Butterfield Bank’s generous support are we able to stand here today and ultimately share the property with the residents and businesses on Court and Dundonald Streets and our fellow city users.

Mayor Charles Gosling and CoH Secretary Ed Benevides standing by the For Sale sign:

“Three years ago, while the Council and myself were on a post election walkabout with the Uptown Market Association, we spied this property and felt it would be an excellent space to be acquired by the City.

“At that time Government had committed itself to purchase the property and while there were brief discussions on our taking over this commitment, nothing came of it. Recently the property was placed back on the market.

“Seeing that opportunity come about again, with the support of the council, I met with Brad Kopp the President and CEO of Butterfield Bank and we were quickly able to come to an agreement on the purchase.

“I believe this property has a great potential for this area. There have been a number of suggestions made about what we could do with this piece of undeveloped land.

“It was former Councillor, Mr. Carvel Van Putten, who told me several years ago, when we first started looking at this property and I was looking for feedback, that amongst the ideas he had was for a street art market particularly aimed at supporting our talented young adults who may be challenged to find other supporting venues.

Mr Van Putten explaining why the CoH purchase is important:

Major Gosling continued: “Yes, this would be an excellent use of the space and provides one idea of what can be achieved here. However, we would like to hear from the residents and business owners, workers and shoppers who frequent this area. What would you like to see this space become?

“We believe having an attractive and welcoming space, whatever it will be, will attract locals and tourists to the Court Street area, especially those who may not know of the retail, eating establishments, fashion and hair salon gems surrounding the land.

“We will launch a brief survey asking for input on how people would like to see the space used. The survey can be found on the City of Hamilton website at Comments can always be emailed to me at

“We look forward to developing the potential this space has. Some work will be quickly undertaken to remedy the undermining of the sidewalks and streets as well as basic clear out of trash and other cosmetic changes. We will keep everyone apprised of the decisions moving forward,” concluded Mayor Gosling.

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  1. YES MATE! says:

    Perfect location for a drug rehab facility.

  2. My two cents says:

    Please don’t put ANOTHER building on that green patch of land. Let it be just as it is next to the church, maybe a park with trees?

    • No building please says:

      I agree, an open green area would be great or a center of some sort.They could work WITH the church as it has been there for years and knows the area.

  3. Ha! says:

    Maybe they should put a police station there….

  4. coulda ,shoulda says:

    But they didn’t have any money to fix the fish pond ?

  5. ECS says:


  6. Cancer says:

    If the COH still has that much money in the kiddie maybe they should look at resurfacing the streets of Hamilton in a proper manner. Front Street and the bottom of Reid Street is one of the main streets leading into the city and it’s like a railroad track.

  7. I Think Mr. Carvell Van Putten has made great input to the future of what this property can become and I think because of alot of his hard work that has gone into the area and champion the cost for many years on behalf of the area,that he can now see and appreciate his hard labor and efforts have not gone in vain.
    With the Corporation seeing the Vision of a Visionary such as brother Carvell, I think they combine their findings with his idea, we can only have a win win situation going forward but it must be something that speaks to the fabric of our society and built on the foundation of our past to be able to appreciate the potential impact that it can have and leave an everlasting legacy for generations to come. I also hope that the name associated with it’s naming would consider Mr. Van Putten having his name considered, that is for historical purposes that many may not understand but he sinlge handedly took this on in more ways then we know or can understand.

    • Nice idea but says:

      I applaud the purchase of this land but we need to be realistic about this: IT IS IN A HORRIBLE LOCATION – AN UNSAFE LOCATION!!!! There are many wonderful ideas of parks and gardens and fountains, but at the risk of getting shot or exposed to thugs, drug dealers, vagrants, thieves? What kind of park or garden is that? Who wants their children to play in a park or garden like that? CONSIDER THE LOCATION WHEN BUILDING ANYTHING! Safety first. We’ll need to hire an armed guard or two.

  8. Adam says:

    “What would you like to see this space become?”
    A water fountain.

  9. letshaveit says:

    This is positive. Shows that the City still have hope for Court Street

  10. OBA!!! says:

    a parking lot maybe?!…. The church really should have purchased it tho.

    • My two cents says:

      No more parking lots and concrete please, we have enough.

  11. Limey says:

    How about Jubilee Park in honour of the 60th anniversary, surely the local residents would want that

  12. DL says:

    Good timing, this purchase is just in time for the upcoming election. If you listen to Mr. VanPutten, he gave credit to the N. Hamilton Business Association, Uptown Market and the EEZ – no mention of the Corporation contributing to North Hamilton. In other words, credit is not due there. Too little, too late Mayor!!

  13. Truth is killin' me... says:


  14. Joonya says:

    Strip club/casino. On the corner have Desmound Fountain do a sculpture of Dr.EB proclaiming victory in a “Sir George Somers-like” posture.

    • Joonya says:

      Oh and right next to a church. We’ll call it “Hypocrites Dance and Gamble”.

      • YES MATE! says:

        If they allow the church to have a corner in the casino for their bingo then they might agree. I guess we can call the strip club portion a pre-med anatomy lesson.

  15. Concerned About the Aged says:

    I say build REAL Low cost housing properties for independent seniors with 24 hr Secuirty,elevator, roof top garden/park

    • My two cents says:

      No more buildings/housing needed. We are in a housing glut. Only stupid people would be building right now.

  16. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Enough with the negative comments. I think this is great! We should be wanting exactly this – not only are they buying in an undesirable neighbourhood in hopes of improvements to the area but they are asking ALL OF US – the PUBLIC our opinion and input on this.

    I hope that everyone – especially those with businesses or homes in the area give some positive input to this so they can get exactly what they want in that space

    I agree with some other comments above – it would be great to have a park of some kind. Perhaps builing steps leading down the the area with foliage, park benches/tables or maybe even a swing set! :) As long as it is always monitored by CoH staff in regards to cleanliness I think it has a lot of potential for a place to sit and have lunch (from one of the many restaurants on Court St)

  17. Sandgrownan says:

    Shooting range?

  18. Sandgrownan says:

    Actually, I applaud this…keep it or make it a public space.

  19. for real says:

    a small park

  20. Um Um Like says:

    A needle park!

  21. Clare says:

    I think it’s wonderful, and a much better use of money than paving roads! It’s a part of Bermuda I really love, for its history and culture and architecture. And also the fish sandwiches, with hot sauce. Yum! I hope they can use the space creatively to benefit the community and bring a wide mix of people to the neighbourhood. Perhaps a nice shady park with a bench where I can enjoy a fish sandwich at lunchtime!

  22. Honestly says:

    There are some ignorant people in Bermuda who have no common sense but to say something silly. Take a hint:- say nothing!!!

    • Paula Cox's Orange Pippin says:

      Sir Richard Gozney Park, get Ewart, Larry Scott and Coco the Clown to open it.

  23. Ecolocal says:

    A community garden or a green playground (read grass and not concrete) for children. What better way to give the street a face lift then encouraging a positive outdoor environment for families. That and what family wouldn’t jump at the chance to get a small plot of land to lower their grocery bills and educate our youth on better eating?

    • Nice idea but says:

      That would be great, but consider the location: Do they make kiddie-sized kevlar vests??

  24. Ecolocal says:

    You can’t stub out Evil without infiltrating with positive messages

  25. D says:

    Rehab center and shooting range that is funny!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Curious says:

    As if the south shore “ocean bound” low cost housing condo mess wasn’t enough….. Here comes yet another gift compliments of BNTB arranged by none other than Mr. Kopp.

    What “a way” to build value for shareholders – give it “a-way”!

  27. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Glad the COH bought it!!! I had approached them to buy it for a Park and repair the broken fence on Court Street but the funds and land were not available.I believe the North Hamilton Empowerment Zone had first right of refusal on the property from the Bank of Butterfield..The land should be for a Park, as North Hamilton needs more parks. I believe that the idea was embraced by the North Hamilton Empowerment Zone. Mr. VanPutten has always been an advocate for the city and particular North Hamilton. It was tragic how the past COH treated him and his ideas^^

    • Joonya says:

      Yeah, turn it into another park where half the benches are taken up by the same losers drinking beer or sleeping everyday just like in Victoria Park…

  28. Hannah says:

    Hmmmm perhaps an outdoor stage kinda thing for performances? Or put a lunch cart there and some nice tables and chairs for outdoor dining, plus like a shady covering ? like a veranda. Some gardens in the area would be very nice.
    Another idea would be something for kids to keep them entertained.

  29. this Special island says:

    Does anyone know who may have previous owned this piece of land?

  30. Pastor Syl says:

    I vote for a park with a fountain…and a security guard, not to stop people sitting there but to monitor use and cleanliness. The more positive businesses and environments actively in use in that area, the better. Chewstick at the other end of the block appears to have been a great idea.

  31. star man says:

    The Art Park idea is an excellent one… it might even entice some visitors to venture up that way. If there is a way to close the park and lock it up at night I feel that might help keep vagrants & druggies out. And the artists working there during the day would add some real interest to the Court Street area. Well done Carvel!!